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4 July 18th, 2013 Veronica Mars Movie Mystery Solved! Jerry O’Donnell to Play Sheriff Lamb With A Twist!

Photo Credit: Jerry O'Connell

Well, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas promised a reveal just as Comic-Con got started in San Diego this week as to the little teaser of a photo that was out to the press of the name “Sheriff Lamb” on the set of the trailer of the new Veronica Mars movie that is being filmed thanks to a 2 million dollar kickstarter funding campaign made possible by fans of the original television series.

As noted, The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney who now plays the one and only Adam Newman on the CBS soap was the original Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars, only his character was killed-off, leading to speculation, could he be secretly returning or what was going on.

All was resolved andrevealed today by this viral video on You Tube in which Jerry O’Connell admits he is playing the role of Daniel Lamb, Sheriff Lamb’s brother in the new motion picture and how top secret it was!

Watch it after the jump and then let us know what you think about O’Donnell being cast as Muhney’s brother in the Veronica Mars movie!

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  1. Brenda says:

    Very disappointed that MM will not be in the movie, He was amazing in the series.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Me too. I was hoping they’d bring back MM as the twin brother “Daniel Lamb”. I like Jerry O’Connell, but Michael Muhney was awesome on VM.

    Still excited about the movie. I LOVED this show!


  2. Sandy says:

    Love Michael Muhney, sorry for Veronica Mars but loving him staying on Y&R.


  3. Jen says:

    MM would have been a huge reason to watch this movie, they missed the boat.


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