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8 April 30th, 2010 Victoria Rowell answers to being coined “difficult” in the soap industry!

As Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva is about to hit the bookstores, and on to soapers bookshelves beginning May 4th, Victoria Rowell (Ex- Dru, Y&R) discusses her novel and if it mirrors life on the number one CBS soap, and statements made by her peers and co-stars in part one of a revealing interview with TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco.  Here is an excerpt below when the actress was asked about being labeled “difficult”

Rowell on some of her peers sentiments: “Let’s examine the word difficult, shall we? The word difficult is often misconstrued — along with all the other “isms.” Apparently being desirous, fly, fearless, classy, intriguing, and having direction is synonymous with being difficult. When you personify these character traits and strengths, as I do, you are deemed difficult because I reflect what a lot of people lack. I’m a businessperson, and let’s remember that this is show business. When you reflect that you care about the whole production — not just your scenes, but that you care about an actor looking like yesterday’s news because there is no one to do their hair and their wig is on sideways, that you care enough to bring these issues to production, that you care enough to discuss equality even before your scenes begin, that other people are looking to you for leadership because of your tenure — apparently, that amounts to being difficult instead of being a team player. When those things are on my plate before the director yells, “5-4-3-2-1-action,” the easy answer, the easy aspersion is to label someone difficult because what else can you say to try to discredit the person who is doing things far beyond that person’s myopic imagination? If someone wants to deem me as difficult, I deem him or her as dizzy.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    What’s most interesting is her reveal that Bill Bell wrote loved to write for her and Drucilla, w/c obviously led to jealousy and petty rumor mongering from her “professional” cast members.

    How rude, crude and uncivilized for her colleague to refuse to do a line reading with her. I’m guessing it was Don Diamont. LOL!

    Also, she is very articulate as usual. She’s savvy.

    How biased of Barbara Bloom to take the sides of these cast members of hers on Y&R who did not want her to write for Y&R. Yet she was a WGA member and writing for Diagnosis Murder! Those evil Y&R bitches! Rowell showed that she wouldn’t be biased in her writing for Y&R since she allowed Dru vs. phyllis to continue even after the spitting incident.

    Although it’s odd for her to write that August Barringer Sr. had a rumored affair w/ Calysta Jeffries. Her book’s an art imitating life imitating art/spoof/skewering of Y&R. She’ll take creative liberties w/ storylines, but there will be many aspects of the book that I assume are insider info on what really went down at Y&R. So it’s strange for her to write that abt Augustus and Calysta. Perhaps Y&R’s petty cast members made up those rumors to besmirch her since they were jealous that Bill Bell favored Victoria Rowell!

    It’s too bad Rowell isn’t on daytime. She’s obviously an asset to the community. She shouldn’t return to such an unprofessional and noxious environment like Y&R full of petty people, racists and spitting. She should opt for other soaps, or go to Primetime and film.


  2. Jakestar says:

    yes bottomchef, lets make it about race


  3. bottomchef says:

    If the kish firing, Otalia not showing affection and the Nuke’s lack of kissing are made into a homophobia issue for some people, then why can’t race be one of the factors in Rowell’s situation?


  4. Jakestar says:

    Says the person who bashed both of them.


    bottomchef replied

    Says the person who can’t take criticism of nuke or kish.

    I feel so sad for their fans. Nothing pleases them and they have meltdowns when the actors or characters get criticized.

    Yet nuke or kish are not even the definitive queer characters of daytime. That distiniction will always be for AMC’s Bianca bec the writing of her coming out was great and Eden Reigel is fantastic. The kish and nuke actors are overshadowed by Reigel.


    Jakestar replied

    So it’s racism if Victoria Rowell is criticized, but it’s not homophobia if Kish or Nuke are treated poorly? Gotcha.

  5. bottomchef says:

    For Rowell’s situation, race could be a factor. I think race is a factor.

    For kish and nuke, I don’t think it’s homophobia. Kish got to have SEX on air and raised a baby. Nuke is still there and there’s now a triangle.

    If you think it’s not racism for Rowell and it’s homophobia for the fired kish actors, then that’s your opinion.

    People can disagree. It’s just that the kish fans are soooooooooo sensitive and never think logically. Why would homophobes target OLTL when higher rated primetime shows DH and Modern Family have same sex couples?

    MOVE ON Jakestar.

    Kish has been axed.


  6. Rob says:

    I think its reverse racism. I find Victoria Rowell to be very racist in her comments and demeanor.


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