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14 August 30th, 2010 Victoria Rowell Interview Interuptus on Y&R’s St. John & McCrary!

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Oh, what a mess! The Young and the Restless’, Winter’s brothers, Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Darius McCrary (Malcolm), where guests on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Jamie Foxx’s The Foxhole last Friday.  During the actors interview,  former Y&R star, Victoria Rowell (Ex-Drucilla), called in and shocked St. John, McCrary, and the host, with her banter and calling-out St. John on certain behind-the-scenes situations, and bringing to the forefront again, how disgruntled she is with Y&R’s decisions and politics to not to have had her work behind the camera, and more on her problems with her former cast mates, and the lack of African-Americans on daytime.

On YouTube the audio of the interview was posted in two parts, so you can listen for yourself to this very uncomfortable, informative, and controversial situation!    Listen to the segment after the jump!

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  1. Charles says:

    I listened to the entire interview. Sad, on many levels.

    To begin with, Darius was out of control. His repeated use of the “N” word was offensive, and he appeared to make light of the entire issue. Even if he did not agree with Victoria, or have knowledge of the incidents she spoke of, he should have had the good sense to recognize the serious nature of her allegations and behaved more professional and appropriate. Period. He revealed his true colors. Color me UNIMPRESSED. The same could be said of my opinion of his acting abiolities — unimpressed.

    Victoria. It is obvious she has an axe to grind. I believe there has to be at leat a kernal of truth to some of what she is saying. I do not, however, agree with her manner of combatting Young and the Restless. It comes off as sour grapes and it is hard to fathom she still says she would like to return to Y & R. Why return if treatment were so bad? Why were these issues not addressed upon her leaving? She admitted she left of her own volition! And why must she handle this in such a public forum if there is truly merit to her accusations? Her twitter history does not make her look that great, more sour grapes than anything.

    Sorry that Kristoff was dragged into this. Sounds like he is working and trying to provide for his family and I hope this interview does not have negative consequences for him. I think Victoria was out of line and inconsiderate in pressing Kristoff to back up some of her claims in such a public forum.It was almost like he was ambushed, and Victoria did not give thought to how this could affect HIS livelihood.

    I think that Y&R would be wise to sit Darius down, make him listen to the interview and explain his actions and words. It is very shocking that in the same interview Victoria uses to promote African American presence on the soap, Darius presents such an unfortunate portrait of himself as an African American ON the soap with his poor choice of words and ignorance. I would love to hear what Victoria had to say about him AFTER that interview.


    Kim replied

    Please, if you do not stand up for injustice, you have no right EVER TO COMPLAIN OF IT. If half of what she spoke of was going on, all the black folk should have stood up as a groups and said “no more”. There are no excuses regardless of whether folks had families or not. You want to play BS, then let BS play you. Weak MFERs. You always want someone to stand up for you, but never stand up for anyone else. That is why black folk never progress. You reap what you sew.


    Robin replied

    The thing is, she has been making these claims for years. She is angry that she was not allowed to direct shows because Susan Flannery, a woman who has been in daytime since the 60′s directs occassionally for their sister show. The fact is, they hired Victoria as an actress. They had no obligation to allow her to direct. There are also two sides to this story. I have heard that she was a complete diva and quite difficult to work with. At any rate, we will all get to see just who she really is when she becomes a part of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

  2. Toscanti says:

    I could not agree more. You are 100% right on target with this one. Who could blame Y&R for not wanting VR back. Her behavior is ridiculous. I think they should bring Drucilla back with another actress and then talk to VR. Just a thought.


  3. Kasey says:

    Why is she complaining now if she quit the show so long ago? She should have addressed it then, if that is why she left.

    McCrary should be ashamed for himself. He did nothing positive for the African American community in that interviw, only made us look foolish and ghetto. He sounds ignorant and like he could care less, like the only thing he wants is the paycheck.


    Margo replied

    Oooh…Renee Goldsberry would make a great Drucilla! I would luv to see her back on a soap. Now that One Life has killed her off, she should go to Y&R.


  4. Robin says:

    When she first started making claims of what goes on behind the scenes, I was angry. After years of books, tweets and interviews, however, she lacks credibility. Apparently she has no concern for what others may think and is no friend of Kristoff even after years of working with him. The fact that she chose to ambush him and drag him into her fight, while he is still working on the show, tells me she is a self-centered, narcissistic person. Where is her husband, mothers, sisters, girlfriends? Someone love her enough to tell her that she needs to let this go. She left the show and the character is now dead. If they do resurrect Drucilla, please let it be a recast. I will pray for you, Victoria.


  5. lew says:

    Victoria – You are a reallly good actress and your talents will be appreciated elsewhere. BUT, you need to let this go!!! Years have past and there are other roles to play. Y&R is not the only game in town. Release this from your heart.


    ethel replied

    i am totally embarrassed my the in entire interview…………….


  6. ty says:

    i don’t know if this will make it on here since i’ve tried to post several times but the moderators remove my post. michael, what do you think and what does maria bell say about everything? i also cam across some music you put out, love it. when will you release more?


  7. mommi says:

    Let’s stop the talk and blaming her for the way they acted, and walk the walk, Please sign the Victoria Rowell petitiion :


  8. e-trim says:

    I think Vicki is a fabulous actress who is ireplacable as drucilla, thats why I feel like she needs to drop the knife on this, she claime she cares about what the audience want, but what the audience want is both Vicki and Dru back. The more she keeps this war going on the more determine the show is to not let her back and then no one is happy!


  9. Debbie says:

    It’s too bad this discussion took place in forum that apparently could not appreciate Victoria’s points. What I heard was as much effort among the host and other guests to discount her arguments and discredit her as she has probably encountered among the white Hollywood establishment she has been battling. Whites who have no intention of recognizing their own racial prejudice, discriminatory practice, or hatred never have to self-examine or self-correct and need never lift a finger to keep black people down so long as we continue to do it to ourselves– by beating each other down, accepting less than we deserve, and continuing to subscribe to a mentality that says “stay in your place.” So what Victoria was hired initially as an actress? Acting is the stepping stone to directing. She KNOWS that. She has SEEN that. She WANTED that. That’s what Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, and Mel Gibson have been able to do with great success. Why shouldn’t Victoria aspire to the same? Rather than allow this episode of the Foxhole to become an intelligent exchange, it became a minstrel show. And rather than transition into sober discourse, it became an attack on an individual, Victoria, who though not perfect in her strategy, nonetheless had a significant, viable issue! If Kristoff didn’t want to join the fight with the same weapons Victoria was using, so be it. He fought with what he felt he had, and she is using what she’s got. Each of us stands at a different place on the battlefield and has access to different weapons, talents, and tools. Our choices determine whether we get wounded, destroyed, martyred, or elevated to victory. So I do not scorn Kristoff, and I scorn not Victoria either. But I can’t help shaking my head at people like the host of the show or whoever it was who kept using the N-word. People like that are unenlightened and are perhaps evidence that ignorance truly is bliss. To those who have seen the light, do not berate Victoria for exposing the truth. Help her! If her strategy is flawed, recommend an alternative rather than folding your arms and sitting back just because your belly is full. Don’t tear her down.


  10. Connie says:

    She sounds like an obsessed, crazy beeotch. I truly doubt if Ms. Stafford spit on her.


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