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10 October 26th, 2016 Victoria Rowell To Be Special Guest Star On THE BAY!

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Looks like Victoria Rowell (Ex-Drucilla, The Young and the Restless) is making her way back to the soap world, but this time with the Daytime Emmy Award-winning online series, The Bay!

According to Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens, Rowell is set to play Iris Hopkins, a no-nonsense judge presiding over Sara Garrett’s (Mary Beth Evans) murder trial. The fan favorite will have guest-star status during her run with the series.

In a statement Rowell related: “I’m thrilled to be joining the cast and heading back to the soap-a-licious world of soap opera by way of Emmy-winning digital drama series The Bay.”

Series creator, Gregori J. Martin expressed on the Rowell casting acquistion to his show: “Victoria is a classic and a wonderful addition to the cast. I can’t wait to see her bring her magic to the screen!”

Rowell will join former GH iconic executive producer, Wendy Riche of two of the biggest additions to the series in its history. 

The Bay will begin shooting new episodes this December, with the next season premiering in Apri 2017  on Amazon Prime and Amazon Video.

So, what do you think of Victoria joining the cast of The Bay? Comment below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Good for her.


  2. Lou piikes says:

    You go girl !!!


  3. damien says:

    vic rowell is back…time for her to redeem herself as a soap actress…
    now that real brass is back at y n r its time for cbs to suck it up and victoria to sit down and make amends and bring drucilla back!!!!…..
    dru vs hillary would be wild!… cut dead silly weight like cane and lily to make it happen…. pointless sub plots like cane working overtime and lily sulking are embaressing . i dont mind lily but cane acts like a frat boy and his turn from outback bartender to corporate mogul is a stretch.
    mayb get rid of cane and the kids and bring the better lily davetta sherwood back as drus adopted daughter while dru was away with amnesia! sibling rivalry between current lily vs new lily wld also be wild


    Celia replied

    You read my mind, damien. I can tolerate Lilly. But Cane? Ugh.
    Love Victoria…loooove Drucilla. But, I don’t think she needs redeeming. Her acting has not waned, don’t you agree?
    Love your ideas.


    Patrick replied

    Yeah, I’d turn her in

    Patrick replied

    this will be my ultimatum

    getting a chance to appraise her once again.

    I’ve always wanted CBS to just move on with her, back in Genoa City she goes

    will this ring any bells ? it should… Neil, Devon, and Lily have never been the same.

    what’s not to like about fine tuning this show with all they’ve got

  4. Mo says:

    I would like to see her back on Y&R. I did not watch when she was on, but did enjoy her on “Diagnosis Murder”. I think the main thing would be backstage drama and making sure she didn’t bring any.


  5. mark says:

    She’s ok but that’s all


  6. penny says:

    Ok so now I have to start watching The Bay! Congrats lovely lady.


  7. kevin says:

    I thought Victoria was great on Y&R…I would like to see her and Tonya Lee Williams come back as Olivia.


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