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1 April 16th, 2010 Victoria Rowell’s new video as “Diva” Emmy Abernathy!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Another video gem from the former Drucilla of The Young and the Restless, Victoria Rowell, hit the internet today, and is our featured Video of the Day on the On-Air On-Soaps homepage. The video clips features Secrets of  a Soap Opera Diva perennial Sudsy winner Emmy Abernathy, and her nemesis Calysta Jeffries (Rowell plays duel roles in the video).  The video was shot during  a photo shoot with photographer, Derek Blanks,  for the cover of Rowell’s upcoming novel release, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva, due out May 4th!

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Someone cast Rowell on a daytime or primetime soap already!

    Her acting in these promo clips for her book puts most acting on Daytime to shame! She’s hilarious and dramatic at the same time. Poor Christian Leblanc, he’s hilarious in his dramatic scenes, but for the wrong reasons. CLB can’t compare to Rowell.

    It’s really sad that white actresses like Kim Zimmer and Robin Strasser can be so outspoken abt the state of their shows or what they’re unhappy abt, yet still be able to return to them. Strasser had a freaking hotline where she would bash OLTL repeatedly before one of her many diva quitting moments. Yet she’s always back on OLTL no matter how much she trashes them.

    While Rowell, who was fighting for equality, gets no support from her costars or the soap media.

    It’s funny how there’s all this support from the soap media for the kish actors and how everything is blamed on homophobia, but since it’s a race issue for Rowell, the soap media are not blaming racism or not defending her or not defending her as passionately as the kish brats were defended.

    How many openly or known to be gay headwriters have worked in Daytime? Carlivati, Reilly, Marland, Mulcahey, etc. How many racial minority headwriters have worked in Daytime: 1!

    Kish is written out, Nuke gets a kiss ban and Otalia doesn’t be affectionate: the whole soap media is up in arms complaining about discrimination. Rowell complains abt the unequal treatment of black actors on Y&R, no racial minority writers on Daytime, AMC’s Erica Kane’s only black male love interest gets written out, no racial minority core families on ATWT, B&B, GH: where’s the soap media screaming discrimination?

    Now who could Emmy Abernathy be? It’s quite obvious. LOL!


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