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1 March 28th, 2010 Victoria Rowell’s new video for “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva”!

Victoria Rowell (Ex- Drucilla, The Young and the Restless) has just released another video as Calysta Jeffries, her alter-ego, in her upcoming book release, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva. Check out all the innuendos that any fan of Y&R will appreciate.  You can pre-order Victoria’s book now.  It’s set for release on May 4th.  Watch the video below!

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  1. bottomchef says:

    “What’s the line again?” LOL! She is an excellent comedienne and a fierce (yes it’s cliched in the lgbtq community, and I rarely use it bec it can be annoying when gay guys and Tyra Banks use it, but there’s no apt word) dramatic actress.

    The sad part is that her acting in this clip is better than all of the crap that Frantz, Rikaart, O’Brien, Leblanc, Muhney, the Beastmaster, the guy that portrays Chance, Khalil, Hendrickson and Ford act out on Y&R.

    She also looks gorgeous and frozen in time in a natural way. LOL! If Y&R can’t even prenom Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden, there’s no way they’d rehire Rowell, unless there are major changes among TPTB on Y&R.

    Rowell’s best bet is to join B&B as Drucilla. Reveal that Justin Barber secretly rescued a comatose Dru and is keeping her in his house in LA, w/c has never been aired on B&B, so all the more would that be logical to the arc. Then have Dru wake up, return to Y&R to wrap things up there for a week, and bring Dru to Jackie M as the head of their cosmetics line. Let Dru get involved w/ Thorne and a recasted Rick.

    However, I read that Sony was very upset w/ B&B when they cast Eileen Davidson to keep her in the Bell soaps, w/c is why Sony ordered Dru and Nick be “killed off” when Rowell left since she was against LML and when Morrow was in negotiations, so they couldn’t jump over to B&B. I found that reporting to be odd since B&B and Y&R have let their actors be on both shows either long term or short term. Sheila, Lauren, Brad, Eric, Brooke, Victor, Ashley, Amber, Felicia, Cricket, etc have all appeared on both shows, so what’s the big deal if Nick or Dru jump to B&B?

    But if that is true of Sony, then all B&B needs to do is create a new role for Rowell. Brad mentioned in an interview here on Michael fairman that he likes to incorporate the actual personalities or background of his actors into the parts, so Rowell would be freaking perfect on B&B. Bell should create a black diva character who is a fashion maven/author who is returning from a global book tour abt fashion. Heck he can even name her Calysta to promote Rowell’s book, and it’s a cool soap name anyways. Have her become Eye on Fashion’s newest Editrix since Spencer Publications is in full swing. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Katie/Victoria, Bill/Brad and Dru/Calysta would all be in 1 scene, winking at the audience and referencing their Genoa City past? They shouldn’t make her Daytime’s Wilhelmina Slater since that would be too obviously a knockoff and Vanessa Williams is an overwhelming act to follow. So B&B should go a diff route. B&B has never had an ice cold, bitchy fashionista, so have Calysta not be in your face, but more like a Devil Wears Prada Miranda Priestly/Anna Wintour type. Impeccably dressed and dismissive in a condescending, subtley bitchy way.

    If Rowell doesn’t land on soaps, she should go to Primetime. She has the talent, looks and moxie so she can do it. Desperate Housewives is looking for a vixen to fill the Edie void, so Rowell would be perfection there, and they need a black housewife again! Too bad Mehcad Brooks’s character was killed off. He is sexy and those CK advertisements are the sexiest ever!


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