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36 January 16th, 2015 Victoria’s Plan To Help Victor Get The Upper Hand Against Jabot Revealed In Y&R’s Latest Script Tease!


The clever minds doing some fun outreach on social media behind the scenes at CBS The Young and the Restless …  have been having some fun with their viewers and followers with their “Script Tease” posts! After giving some clues, and upon reaching a certain number of re-tweets, they reveal the answer to their clues which involves an upcoming plot point!

This week, Y&R posted a picture of Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and tweeted:  “RT 200 times to see what Victoria’s plan is to help Victor get the upper hand against Jabot!”   After the action was done by followers, it was revealed that it has to do with the long MIA company cosmetics brand … Brash & Sassy!

In the reveal of the script tease the tweet said: “The Y&R  Script Tease has been unlocked! Watch Victoria put her plan into motion on 1/19/15! #BrashNSassy

Brash & Sassy was the cosmetics line that was run by Daddy Newman’s (Eric Braeden) little girl, Victoria in the past, and now it looks like a retooled version is on the way to go against the Jabot Cosmetics gang!

So, what do you think about Brash & Sassy making a return in story? Are you enjoying the Y&R Script Teases? Comment below!

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  1. robert says:

    I love the return of Brash & Sassy. Brings back lots of memories.


  2. Mike says:

    Encouraging move by Y&R. Between revisiting Brass & Sassy vs. Jabot plus Jill, Colin, and Cane plotting to take Chancellor back from Victor, it reminds me of the kind of stories that made Y&R the #1 soap. Hopefully Mr. Pratt’s writing will be up to the task.


    richard replied

    One thing Pratt wrote well when he wrote for Melrose Place was the corporate battle for DnD advertising, I am confident that Pratt can write this particular story well. He just needs to remember that his over-the-top plots he wrote on MP worked well for primetime and this is daytime, don’t sacrifice character for plot. He wrecked AMC, imo.


    jaybird369 replied

    Richard…so true. When Chuck Pratt wrote for Melrose Place in the 1990′s, that D&D Advertising corporate stuff (in my opinion) was such AWESOME STORYTELLING!!!!! With that, Pratt knew WHAT THE HELL he was doing!!!!! Other stuff on other shows over the years…not so much. Nope.

  3. Bill says:



    CeeCee replied

    We shall see, Bill. I am leaning towards agreeing with you, but I am such a loyal fan of Y&R, I want to ‘get into’ the storylines. Here we go again…recycled stories. Isn’t it time for Victor to go to Florida for the winter, wear his bermudas, pack some vodka for Nikki, and do some birdwatching?
    Then, there is this silly, infantile storyline ….you know, the love triangle between Jack, Phyl and whats-her-name. How old are these people?! Lordy Lord; they could be grandparents! Seriously, does anyone care about that idiotic wig? Or to whom it belongs? Or who’s the mean High Schooler, and who is behind the infantile shenanigans? If this is the way TPTB want to go, then come up with a mystery with substance….challenge us. Do not have two immature grannies play peek-a-boo with a wig. All for Jack? Yuck….


    Patrick replied

    “…Isn’t it time for Victor to go to Florida for the winter, wear his bermudas, pack some vodka for Nikki, ”

    you are giving them a sense of humor

    stop it


    as much as i’d love to see Y&R
    i’m a non-watcher devotee

    cajole and whet are not part of the newman mix.. unless it’s to see Victoria meld her presence and realize her own family… forget about your immediate family already… align with the Abbott and forego Newman crest… i’d laugh out loud press scream soapbox the wicked witch is dead manly egotistical got it up further than we’d ever dream for

    snore Eric

    I blame you : the Newman falter, abysmal, lacks, spiritless,with no passion

    spiral with no control

    the end

    Sharice replied

    I second that YAWN!


    Nanci replied

    I take the Phyllis/Kelly baloney even a step
    further back…to me, it seems more like junior
    high school. So ridiculous, not to mention
    I do not care a fig about that wig.
    Now when I see that trio of juveniles (Jack, too, really),
    I just FF.

  4. Lou Piikes says:

    Amelia Heinle is not a brass and sassy actress. TPTB need to cut their losses with AH and recast the role.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Amelia Heinle was OK on AMC where she had a supporting role. I’m really not much of a fan of her take on Victoria Newman. If they recast the role with someone better I would be onboard with that. I agree she’s not Brash & Sassy, she’s more like Mopey & Snoozey.


    madluv4u replied

    I have felt this way for years. Ugggghhhh…..


  5. Beacon says:

    Amelia Heinle is not convincing as a businesswoman brains. Heather Tom was the reason the original Brash & Sassy storyline seemed authentic.


  6. MBmomof3 says:

    I love the use of history in soaps, and the corporate intrigue is what interested me in Y&R in the first place. So while I like the concept, the “Brash & Sassy” brand name seems very outdated to me. I do like the fact that Y&R is returning to the corporate-based storylines. For awhile there it seemed like every character was in the food service/hospitality industry, which to me isn’t as exciting or glamorous as the cosmetics & fashion industry. JMO.

    Y&R has really improved lately. Keep it up!


  7. k/kay says:

    I could be on board with this so if this is Chuck Pratt’s doing I like it let’s stop making women just baby makers. Victoria was always a strong independent woman until LML started her reign of terror with this show. We have had two writing regimes have her in a storyline with who is the Daddy enough already.


  8. Jacqui says:

    Amelia heinle can not pull this off. Ugh!


    Lou Piikes replied

    That is my problem with this actress. She can play a weepy housewife, but a female executive with ballz, NOT.


    k/kay replied

    How do you know? She has not been given material to work with! Don’t get me wrong Heather Tom was a great Victoria but she is not coming back let’s give AH a chance. I for one thought she deserved her emmy last year lets see what she can do let’s give her a chance! She just might surprise us

    Patrick replied

    I concur… WHAT is the Y&R production TEAM doing ?

    that is a ridiculous picture of a woman in her prime…. it’s laughable… and arguably a disservice to the actress to be photoed as such

    which reminds me of when… the nuBilly started on the show… the behind the scenes tried to have Victoria fix her hair so youngish… in braid fashion… LOL

    she belongs with Stitch… and should be bestie BFF with Ashley… and mature interests…. she is after all… sharing her daughter with billy… Ashley needs to get over herself… and just share with Victoria… and they in turn need to bond and get rid of Victor, Nikki, and Nikolas….


    CeeCee replied

    I am an advocate of giving second chances. But, I must agree with you Lou. I do like Amelia immensely ……however, not in a business suit, per se.
    She has been playing Victoria for ten years. She is no newbie deserving a second chance. How many chances does she need in the span of ten years? I liked her best with Billy a Miller, albeit she was a bit of a Debbie Downer….but she was ok.
    I do not, however, want a replacent. We know what we have in Amelia as Victoria; with a recast, we might get someone worse.

  9. Jeri says:

    Loving this and glad they are focusing more on business storys. I hope they revisit Glo by Jabot sometime soon too. Glad Amelia didnt leave show.


  10. richard says:

    I LOVE revisiting YR’s history, Brash and Sassy brings back fond memories and this is a hopeful sign of the new headwriter. However, heather tom had this role nailed with this company and story in particular and AH does not embody “brash” or “sassy” by ANY means!!! She needs to run a comb through her hair first!!! HT will ALWAYS be Victoria Newman Howard!!!!!!


  11. su0000 says:

    Amelia / Victoria is Nun not a playar..
    Victoria was horrible in her kidnapping story lol..(can only imagine this one aaha)
    She sat on the floor by the door and later had lunch with her kidnapper and when a the gun was fired she looked like she was having tea..

    Fact is; Victoria is at her best being a Y&R homebound ornament ..
    The only thing that would get Victoria up and going is;
    Stitch chasing her around the house with a pig poker / that would get her jumping/moving!!


    Patrick replied


    if Stitch was chasing me with any thing… i’d relent respond trigger and give back

    men are easy
    men respond
    men blank up stairs and puff up their best and well…


  12. Mary SF says:

    It would make sense if there was a strong youth presence on the show like there was when Brash and Sassy first came onto the scene– but Vicky is hardly Brash or Sassy anymore – but most of the cast isn’t Young or Restless either so why not– I like blasts from the past; If they really want to make my day they should have Katie Logan from B&B be involved in crossover for the relaunch of the line (aka Heather Tom) that would be a hoot — I would love to hear say a line like “Oh yeah Brash and Sassy, I used wear that brand when I was a teenager.” Oh well a girl can dream can’t she?


    su0000 replied

    AARP has people of 50 as senior citizens and they get discounts and stuff as that..
    Y&R has many senior citizens (not a lot of young and restless peoples) or some are approaching that half century mark..
    People to be considered ”young” in business and advertisers etc etc is under 40 (over 39 is the youth/young killer)
    Y&R tries to keep the old appearing as being young..
    EB/Victor seems to be one and only who is natural..
    Perhaps Y&R needs a name/title change.. lol

    All the facelifts, botox, wigs and hair extensions will keep them young as they were 20 or 30 ago when they first came on screen as actually Young ‘ and restless…


    daring sally replied

    Don’t knock the older generation. They deserve respect. Soaps are the one genre that does not discriminate against the older generation. I look forward to seeing the older crowd doing their thing day in and day out because I belong to that generation. I have been watcing Y&R since I was a teenager. I also know that the daytime actors seem to live longer doing what they do and they look great doing it. There was once a time when they were not considered as real actors. Some of our highest paid actors on the big screen today started out in soaps.

    CeeCee replied

    I do not think you are knocking the ‘older generation’, su. I do not want to speak for you, or put words in your mouth, but I understand what you are saying. Yes, we need all ages, all genres on soaps…it’s what makes the world go ’round. However, these ‘older’ people should be given roles appropriate for their ages. As you try to point out, Su, no amount of Botox or hair extensions is going to change the fact that they are aging…..and, most look gorgeous….with or without the ‘artificial aid”.
    For instance, Kelly/Cady looks ridiculous in those tight and I’ll-fitting dresses. She is way too voluptuous…..makes her look cheap. I’m with you, pal….if these actresses/actors want respect, then TPTB should dress them accordingly and give them appropriate roles.

  13. Harry says:

    Brash and Sassy?
    More like Corroded and Rusty.


  14. Patrick says:

    the headline alone… just rankles and riles the nerve endings

    who gives a hoot ( blankety blank expletive ) what Victor wants any more?

    it’s ad nauseam passed the point of does not belong

    Eric Braeden

    so much retread… for Victoria and Nikolas

    Nikolas has lost his manhood
    Nikki pines for nothing more than distilled imbibe… can’t see passed her lost life
    Victor makes you cringe in embarrass… fade near the exit

    Victoria , the one Newman… with humane affect stirs her own


  15. Nat9 says:

    Nothing Brash or Sassy about AH’s Victoria Newman. This storyline only worked because of HT. Not a fan of this recycled storyline. It will only pale in stark comparison to the original.


    su0000 replied

    Y&R focused on a rivalry between two or more people or families in romance or business. It uses stock themes like a cinderella (who is a rival of the male protagonist’s evil girlfriend), two brothers after one woman (or two sisters after one man) or mistaken/unknown parentage. Typically, the hero is known a month in advance..
    Y&R stories most always pit one against another= boring..
    As now with Kelly and Phyllis.. Jack will be made a fool of and Phyllis will be proven right.
    Never any intrigue..


  16. Louella Ricardo says:

    I love y&r. They just drag too long with their episodes. I miss the old Billy, Lily, Heather, Adam, Phillis and Victoria. Where is Maxs, Tyler, Brock, Sophia, JT, Chile and Jack , Daniel and Jack son?


  17. janet hurst says:

    Yes can’t wait until Victoria brings Brash&Sassy back. They done really well with that cosmetic!!!!!!!!


    Lou Piikes replied

    Yeah Right!!!! Snorboria bringing Brash & Sassy back is like Ford Motor Co. reintroducing the Edsel.


  18. daring sally says:

    I am glad to see Y&R bringing back real llife events such as Michael’s cancer. My only problem with this storyline is that Michael would sacrifice his life for the sake of not being able to please his wife in bed. True love and devotion goes beyond the bedroom. It’s all or nothting. They make these two out to be the ultimate couple but as soon as there’s a heavy trial such as this prostate cancer he throws the other half of the relationship out of the window. I thought marraige involved two. I thought you became one whole person when you took that sacred oath to Jehovah our loving father. Oh! I forgot! That’s not the way of the world anymore. As soon as the going gets tough the tough gets going, Let me never forget that again.


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