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19 July 18th, 2015 VIDEO: Disney Legend Susan Lucci Says Farewell To General Hospital Legend Tony Geary!


Susan Lucci spent four decades on ABC’s All My Children before its cancellation back in 2011. While with ABC Daytime she along with GH’s Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) and OLTL’s Erika Slezak (Viki) were the iconic faces of the network’s soap line-up.

Now with fans gearing up to see Geary’s final performance in the role of Luke Spencer on the July 27th episode of General Hospital, it’s Susan’s turn to honor and pay tribute to Tony in this recently posted #FarewellTony video from the folks at GH.

As for Susan, the current Devious Maids star was just named a Disney Legend this past week! The honor for The Disney Legends Awards pay tribute to individuals whose work has made a significant contribution to The Walt Disney Company, and Susan certainly made Erica Kane a household name! Lucci, along with George Lucas, Disney Animator Andreas Deja, and composer Danny Elfman will receive their honors at the upcoming D23 Expo in Anaheim on August 14th.

But for now from one icon to another, watch Susan share her sentiments for Tony Geary after the jump! Then let us know what you thought of it! It’s hard to imagine that there is no Lucci,  no Slezak, and soon no Geary on our daytime drama television screens.

Farewell Tony: Susan LucciSoap opera royalty and Disney Legend honoree Susan Lucci shares her #FarewellTony message! What’s your message?

Posted by General Hospital on Friday, July 17, 2015

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  1. su0000 says:

    ahh dear sweet Susan.
    The Diva Queen of Camp..

    It was a nice farewell from Susan..
    Tony will be greatly missed.. :(


  2. Ces says:

    Attention seeker. Never cared for her.


  3. Sandy says:

    Tony and Susan, such great legends. I have enjoyed many, many years watching them on AMC and GH. Wishing the best for both of you.


  4. Robert Seganti says:

    Phony.Like everything else about her.


    Harry replied

    I don’t understand why you and Ces would respond so negatively.
    By all accounts, Susan Lucci is a gracious, generous and lovely person. It was said that back in AMC’s hey day, Lucci stressed that AMC is an ensemble show and that no it does not, should not, revolve around Erica Kane.
    I think this tribute to Tony is very genuine, and no, she’s not making it all about her.


    kelly replied

    Robert have you met Susan Lucci? Well I have several times. Susan is gracious, generous and kind. And every inch the professional. There is nothing phone about Susan. Spend some time with people who worked with her on AMC as I have then you would know.


    Harry replied

    Thank you, Kelly–good to hear a first account of someone’s impressions of Susan Lucci.

    Robert Seganti replied

    Yes I have met Susan Lucci on numerous occasions and found her to charming and lovely.My complaint is about the phoniness of this whole thing of The View and the Chew sending congratulations when they know nothing about what Tony Geary,Susan Lucci an the whole daytime DRAMA community mean to those who love and respect the soap opera genre.Susan Lucci’s private persona I love-her public persona seems a bit insincere that’s all.As for referring to her as Disney legend galls me when it is moronic,incompetent Disney executives who damaged ,destroyed and finally killed her much loved show and One Life to Live.

    Ces replied

    I agree!! LA Lucci is so phony right down to her annoying Emmy win speech!! Tony is a class act.


    Harry replied

    Okay, Robert. That makes sense–thank you for explaining. I agree with you on that score.

    k/kay replied

    @Harry Ms. Luckily successful marriage, great kids, loyal to the role that made her famous and if you have not seen her on Devious Maids watch it she is a scream great at comedy. She was sincere even Lynda Hirsch said the woman always stays positive that is the people I want to be around.

    k/kay replied


  5. Timmm says:

    Soap stars and country music stars seem to be the kindness, most generous people in the entertainment business.


    su0000 replied

    heyy Timmm :)
    how many do you personally know??
    sometimes the outside world we are meant to see and their inside world don’t't match up.. LOL
    I don’t know any so I dunno.. Who cares lol :)


    Timmm replied

    I’ve met a few from each genre. They seem to appreciate more than others where they came from and what they are now blessed with. I realize to the Divas can be born!

    Harry replied

    While Susan is a diva she never acted like one.
    I met James Mitchell (Palmer Courltand from AMC) and he was so kind, so affable and down to earth. Peter Bergman is great too.

  6. Lellingw says:

    Nice. Great little video.


  7. Kathy says:

    that was a very heartfelt good bye to a fellow soap star thought she did it very well


  8. Tom Jenkins says:

    Whomever does her cosmetic “work” (if I’m allowed to even suggest that) does great, subtle work. She doesn’t have that “overdone” botox injected look at all. I’m sure she’s had her share of procedures here and there but the results are natural looking, she doesn’t look like a Claymation character that some actresses turn themselves into.
    Also, have to get my dig in against the so called brain surgeon executives at ABC-TV who, while recognizing Susan Lucci’s worth, could not even experiment with two abridged or shortened versions of either All My Children nor OLTL or even combine them into one show – they could have at LEAST considered salvaging the shows in this manner rather than abandoning them leaving viewers hopelessly adrift (and some actors as well). We never seem to get News about how the Prospect Park case vs. ABC-TV is even progressing -


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