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1 April 1st, 2010 Video of the Day: Y&R’s Masquerade Ball Begins!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Today on the The Young and the Restless many of the citizens who have motivations for revenge all converge with masks to a Masquerade Ball.   This promo in our Video of the Day on our homepage, gave us a chuckle.  We felt like perhaps, we were watching a clip from “Rosemary’s Baby”, and the masks were really not hiding the faces and personas of the characters very well…wouldn’t you say?  Can you guess who’s who? We wont’ spoil the rest of the story for you, but needless to say, we needed some Excedrin PM after viewing the promo.

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  1. Mandel says:

    What happened to Jana? Is she still in the crate? How is she getting air and food?


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