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7 March 25th, 2013 VIDEO PREVIEW: GH’s Finola Hughes & Jason Thompson Play “Millionaire!”


As we have been talking about for months finally the episodes are here when we get to see stars of ABC”s General Hospital play Who Wants To Be A Mililonaire with host Meredith Vieira will help to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ABC’s daytime drama.  Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) and Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake) will be  contestants on Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2. The “Millionaire” episodes will coincide with General Hospital’s 50th anniversary on April 1st.

General Hospital superfans were able to sit in the studio audience for the “Millionaire” tapings and were treated to a surprise set visit by another Port Charles fan favorite.  Tune in on the Monday, April 1st installment to find out who dropped in to wish Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson good luck on the show!  Finola and Jason will play as a two-person team and will donate their winnings to The Art of Elysium (, a non-profit organization that works closely with actors, artists and musicians, encouraging them to volunteer their time and talent to children battling serious medical conditions.

Now after the jump, watch this ‘Millionaire’ Backstage pass clip with contains a preview of Finola and Jason playing “Millionaire” and a soap-inspired spoof vignette co-starring Vieira.   The scene will be broadcast in its entirety on Monday, April 1 on Who Wants To Be  A Millionaire.   Tune in to see Meredith Vieira show off her acting chops in a playful scene that involves negligees and martinis and ends with a dramatic slap across the face from one of the two GH contestants!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Oh, wow! What a great clip! I can’t wait to see the shows!

    Thank you so much for posting this preview, Michael!


    jim replied

    I totally agree!


  2. Bonnie says:

    I was in the audience-so much fun-been waiting so long for it to air!


    jim replied

    U were very lucky to c it in person…


  3. jim says:

    LOL…Now lets have a funny seen where Anna smacks Katie Couric! (she did almost replace our show)


  4. heidi says:

    Glad to see them doing so well!!!


  5. susan M. says:

    I will be watching.


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