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13 January 14th, 2012 “Viki” voted “The Character You Will Miss the Most from One Life to Live!”


On last night’s OLTL Finale Special – After the Show with Michael Fairman, Michael announced the results of our final poll for One Life to Live.  And that was, “What Character You Will You Miss the Most?” And, as expected the majority voted for Victoria Lord Lord Riley Burke Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson Banks, played by Erika Slezak.  Viki received 29% of the votes!

The runner-up was Natalie Buchanan played by Melissa Archer, followed-by (in third), Victor Jr. played by Trevor St. John. Fourth place in the voting went to Tea played by Florencia Lozano, and fifth place went to Todd played by Roger Howarth.  Take note that there were only a few vote difference in these spots, and very close.

Most notable was also the comments from fans in the write-in option who informed us that it is impossible to choose since all the characters of Llanview will be missed the most! Ain’t that the truth!

Let us know what you think of the top five picks as voted on by the fans of On-Air On-Soaps and OLTL?

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  1. Jan says:

    Really for me since Brandon Buddy left OLTL , the show lacked something really SPECIAL. The canvace was never the same without the cutest couple being together on daytime tv.
    Thought it was so sad when he couldn’t return, and of course this second time after really showing interest.
    I just wish ALL of them the best.


  2. Debbie Harris says:

    To me Vicki personified OLTL…when I thought of OLTL I thought of Vicki first. And Erika Slezak played her with poise and dignity for many years. What a wonderful actress playing a wonderful character. She and the show will be greatly missed!


    mary surdynski replied

    i can not believe how sad and upset i am .OLTL was and is FAMILY to me
    love and hugs to all of you


  3. Lucy Najjar says:

    Going to my My Roxy ….I just loved her on Ryan’s Hope and here as well……


  4. Lucy Najjar says:

    To all My children and One Life To live……

    You have been there for me in the good times and in the bad. I worked my jobs around your time slot and when I had no choice I had my Lunch along with all of us that loves you from the heart. All the while it was being recorded on my TV.
    We have long conversations in the Brake rooms and on the cashier lines. With our co workers and our customers. We cried we laughed and sometimes Shouted You Bastards! to the Villains and mostly when The News would brake for things like who’s who in Hollywood Now !!!! Woke to watch it at 3 :00 AM when it was to air what we missed . Thanks God ! I am insomniac!

    In between commercials washed the dishes . Vacuumed and dusted., prep dinner As well as Nursed All Of My Children.
    Learned to Dress to impress how to Decorate my House , Bought Crystal to Always Have a Wet Bar. Now Its a Coffee Bar. And Serve Coffee or Tea in a Fancy glass or your Best China …. Yup! I even Once owned a Sliver server set on top of my Coffee table for Years ! Now its replaced with an issue of People magazine Tribute to Soap Cast All My Children. Hands OFF! unless you are a TRUE SOAP FAN.
    I also learned to Never let guest go with out a nice something to enjoy,Learned to Wrap my gifts al la soap Styles .

    I Learned Many Fancy Words. And dainty ways of sitting and placing my napkin. I learned how to be Strong and Bold. Learned to Check my Breast and understand that Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder.

    Abstinence is best. And when you do. Make sure you don’t forget That if he Truly loves you he WILL take Care of You. But remember You are Nobody’s Fool….. As well as Its OK To Tell.

    I canceled many appointments Made sure when I had my surgery’s It was AFTER MY STORY’S!
    And Thanks God ! I had All My Baby’s Before Noon! so I can be up in time for All My Children ! And Yes I did Dress Fancy in my Hospital Bed ! Erica Dose !
    Always Went to bed Fancy For My Husband. Just like Dorian dose. I made sure All My Girls Know to always look your Best for Your Man. And Again Never forget Your Nobody’s Fool !

    I was in Every ones Wedding ! Up I stood up as If I WAS The Maid of Honer From Luke and Laura to Erica’s Man that Woman can give you Blisters on your Feet. From one to one!!!
    and now the last and forever Rex a Gigi’s……

    Now its 7 Minutes before Show time for The Last Time….. My Stomach is Rolling with Anticipation.
    Thank you All for tears laughter and sorrow…..

    1:00 O Clock It’s Show Time ….. Love You All ….
    Gone but not forgotten …. What keeps me alive is what I say to my self each and every day.
    Remember We Only Have One Life To Live For All My Children ……….
    (((((( Buddy Love Hugs & Glamorous Cheeky Cheek Kisses )))))))

    P. S. Yes This was proof read and posted during the Commercials…..


  5. Lisa Postles says:

    It is a great list. It was too hard to pick one. I would have liked to see Robin Strasser and Tuc Watkins on the list..


  6. Barb says:

    Viki will definitely be missed! I can only hope the Bucannons move to Port Charles too – why not, they fit in with the Quartermaines and afterall, Todd is going! Hoping they all do! Hope they take over Port Charles! I am going to miss them so much but very thankful we are at least getting a few of them – it’s better than nothing! OLTL is just my all time favorite Soap! So in love with OLTL and will never stop!


  7. Outlandt says:

    Victor LIVES!!! TNT LIVES and ROBOT GOES DOWN! Best ending EVER!!!!! Toooo Happy that we will see some of our OneLifers on GH! Toooooo Happy!


  8. barbara t says:

    this does not surprise me at all ,she was the backbone of one life to live,the heart and soul I love her,she always was ,is my favorite .and tomorrow at 2 ,the thought of not being able to go to landview, is very depressing.


  9. christy says:

    Well I will miss Viki and the rest of cast especially Natalie, Nora, Bo and Dorian. These are the few characters that stayed consistent which is what I loved. It feels really horrible and there is indeed a loss I feel today, which I wasn’t expecting as much or soon. I think our ES/Viki summed it up quite nicely so these stories /characters/actors have come to be a part of our everyday lives….. So yes there is a big void from losing so many people. My only hope is OLTL can still be saved. I only say that because with hope because I do believe of all other canceled soaps, this one left a impact on Network that soaps are still appreciated/love/wanted/desire. There was a large valuable fan viewership that was just tossed in the garbage. In this time with so many options yet we still tuned into ABC to view. How insulting but more importantly how foolish to cancel this show…. Thank you OLTL I didn’t like some of the storylines or the characters sometimes but I still hung in there with for I knew you would get back on track and you always did…….What a great ending…


  10. Marisa says:

    I just can’t pick one character. I will miss Bo so very much. He was not always given a lot of action, but he has so much heart. I thought Robert S. Woods gave the best performance of anyone on the last show. And if it wasn’t really a performance, if it was all coming naturally from the heart, so much the better. Tuc Watkins’ David was a delight. I will miss the character Brody. Besides being very good looking, when he was mentally fit he was just a good guy. Really it’s the interactions between the characters that makes the show so wonderful. One character I miss very much is Evangeline. Such a shame they killed her instead of keeping her in a coma, so maybe if the show continues in some way she can come back. How can we have John go off without Nataie and his son. And that baby has got to be the cutest boy i’ve ever seen. I love Sean, such a warm, softie, but no pushover. I could go on and on.


  11. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Posted by tllsmi at Wednesday, December 14 2011 04:54 AM on

    Trevor I think you did Todd the best!! You had the moves, facial expressions and I just think you played it perfect. I know the long die hard fans watched Roger back and he’s okay but he is certainly no Trevor St. John. Thank you for all the years you played such a wonderful Todd


  12. Brian Greene says:

    We Always Will Love Viki & OLTL Forever & Ever Here In Evanston, Illinois!! :D :D


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