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46 February 15th, 2017 Vincent Irizarry Done At DAYS?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Looks like Daytime Emmy winning star, Vincent Irizarry’s time with Days of our Lives may have come to an end. ¬†However, the news is unconfirmed by the NBC sudser itself.

According to a report from Soap Central, they are hearing that multiple sources that Irizarry has wrapped up turn as evil Deimos Kiriakis.

But as DAYS fans know, since the show tapes much in advance, Vincent will be seen on-air through the middle of 2017, if the actor had left the show.

Irizarry first aired on Days of our Lives back in January 0f 2016, and has been major in story throughout his entire time with the soap.

So, would you be sad to learn that Vincent is done at DAYS? Comment below!

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  1. julie carnovsky says:

    yes he’s done good part of days, I really want nicole to have holly she never been a mom and I miss Daniel for his sake give holly to whom would truly a wonderful mom bye bye chole.. as for device jenn and ladies break it. chad and abby please gabby is there at the wrong time .hope chad comes to sences for abby
    they have a baby they were getting along sooo good tell they gabby and chad got kidnap.


    Anne replied

    It appears that Nicole is not going to have Holly. Chloe has been awarded custody of Nicole’s biological child and will be moving to New York. I hope Chloe rots in hell for what she has done.


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He would had made a better Dimera than a K…son of Andre?….he probably will end up next on GH…they will make room for him…he will play Dr. Nico Cassidy-who is an unknown son of Mikkos Cassidine…Nico Cassidy=Nikkos Cassidine-lol


    Celia replied

    Ahhh, well, Jimmy. If that’s the case with David and Finn’s wife, then the ‘disease’ does not stop there.
    David did have an affair with Erica Kane. Golly gee….think of all the ‘players’ who may have been, potentially, infected. Can you think of anyone else? LOL.


  3. Newmanwins says:

    Wishful GH casting: Howarth OUT as Franco and Irizarry IN as David.


    Violet Lemm replied

    Oh please! Can not stand what they have done to Roger Howarth. Just the way he looks these days, like a vagrant is sickening, seeing him close to Elizabeth. He looks worse the the bomb planter guy, Buzz, and he’s supposed to be homeless!


    JK replied

    totally agree………hard to watch………

    James R. Poissant replied

    i want Roger to stay but back in his best role Todd Manning. It would be cool to bring Vincent to GH as David Hayward.


    Steve replied

    Yes, keep Howarth but as Todd. If rumors are true DeVry is out as Julian. Use his salary savings to bring on DI. In addition to his history with Anna, he brings a dynamic doctor to the hospital.

    peg replied

    Absolutely!!! David Hayward has history with Anna.

    blake replied

    I agree, Roger needs to be Todd Manning again instead of Franco.


  4. Newmanwins says:

    David and Anna reunion in the end….after a red hot quad with Valentin and Nina.


    Celia replied

    Interesting, Newmanwins. I’ll take Vincent in any role.


    Claudio replied

    Amen to that Celia, Vincent is a wonderful actor.

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I forgot about David-he could be behind Finn’s illness after having an affair with Finns wife!!!

    Celia replied

    Absolutely, my friend. Vincent is the kind of one in a million actors who falls into any role effortlessly and makes it his own in an instant. Love him.

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Deimos is angering so many…i bet he will be killed off and we will have a who killed Deimos plotline?

  5. Eric Buchanan says:

    Sorry, but his character is SO unlikeable. The one reason I turn off DAYS. DAYS doesn’t need GH Sonny or Y&R Victor.


    Jimmy replied

    DAYS already has a Y&R Victor – his name is also Victor.


    Vicki replied

    Amen to that. The character has been written way to over the top. Hence the writing change. Good riddens and don’t bring him to GH the cast is too top heavy as it is.

    Celia replied

    Hey, Jimmy.
    Probably. But, I wonder how many people will care if Deimos dies, except for Nicole.

  6. Sandy says:

    This can’t be the end of seeing this superb actor. Hope another soap catches him up. Good fit for GH. Used to watch him on AMC and he hasn’t missed a beat in joining Days. Hopefully will hear he has landed another role soon. One can only hope!


  7. Tomas Torquemada says:

    I like the actor so much. He really brought energy to a rudderless listless show.

    Unfortunately the writers never figured out who the character was. Villain who attacked Maggie? Redeemed good guy? Mobster, Business Titan or convict of three decades?

    The folks who complain about the show being too dark have a point in that the writing is dragging the show down. Not only is it dark it’s confused and lumbering.

    This character should have been a gift. Instead it’s just another misfire and waste of a talented actor. It’s a shame he won’t be around when Ron C steps in. I bet he’d know how to fix the character.


    Boop replied

    I agree Tomas; whenever Deimos is in a scene, it’s great. Ron would know what to do.


  8. Beth says:

    VI is such a good actor, but he was given lousy material and a character who didn’t fit into Days’ history, so they had to rewrite it for him. That’s a big no-no in my book. Too often, I saw Deimos twirl his mustache like a cartoon villain. VI deserved better and while I liked him alot on AMC, I saw him as a square peg trying to fit into a round hole on Days. I wish him well, but Days was not the right fit for him.


  9. mark says:

    He is always Lujack to me!! And nick! God I miss Guiding Light!


    davlestev1 replied

    God I wish they had stuck with Ellen Wheeler’s version and the resulting realistic and utterly enjoyable version of the show. CBS pulled the plug on a future ratings goldmine and an inevitable change to the daytime drama canvas.


    Frank replied

    Ellen Wheeler is a soap killer,, just like Jill Phelps. I hope we never see them again in Daytime.

    nancy dillingham replied

    Yeah, always Lujack!


  10. Michelle says:

    I like Vincent and I wish him well. But I will not miss Deimos Kiriakis.


  11. Mo says:

    Wow! Really? Surprised because he’s on the screen so much and it seemed like they were grooming his character to be the next Victor.

    I do think he has been used too much. He’s been okay. I have never found VI attractive, but he’s a good actor and I don’t hate him on Days. I just don’t want to see Deimos so much.

    I guess the new writer has new plans.


  12. Dr Helen Ruth says:

    Days seems to ruin every character. The only reason I’ve stayed with them to this point is Vincent Irizarry. These soaps seem to not realize what a gem he is.

    While we’re on the subject, why is Days so noisy? Now they seem to be banging pans loudly while the actors speak softly. It’s an impossible combination. Not to mention the high-pitched violin screeching (and I’m a violin fan). Why can’t we be allowed to hear the dialogue?


  13. jacque says:

    Great Actor. I have enjoyed him on his various soaps. Will miss him.


  14. diane says:

    He was so wasted when he was on Y&R years ago as Nikki’s con artist husband!!


    diane replied

    I don’t mean wasted as in drunk, but his


    4ever DAYS replied

    Yes, diane, we all know Niki was the “wasted” one, LOL!

  15. Mister Media says:

    And the revolving door that is Days spins on. I look forward to the next breathless feature expressing regret for the show’s direction and proclaiming the “big changes” to come.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    ROFL. It’s like the movie Groundhog Daily, only Corday went cheap and got a bad PR back.

    Yes, this time will be different.

    It’s painful. So few shows left… I want each and every one to thrive for their fans.


  16. Jimmy says:

    Vincent Irizarry is an amazing actor. I still remember his days on Y&R (where he was woefully wasted, just like Maura West and Debbi Morgan were), as well as AMC. But on DAYS, he wasn’t only tasked with bringing on a previously unheard of character in a major family to the show; he also had to turn lemons into lemonade with the awful material he was given. Deimos was never going to be a character that lasted long after the terrible things he did and how many people hated him. Stefano DiMera, he was not. But Vincent will be truly missed. His talents brought Deimos to life, but didn’t make him any more likable.

    Hopefully he will reprise the role of David Hayward on GH, and the show will keep him around long term, on contract. The hospital could use more doctors, and the chemistry he and Finola have is phenomenal. He was also great on Y&R when paired in scenes with Michelle Stafford, so I’m looking forward to seeing GH make magic with Vincent.


    Max Daddee replied

    I agree, Vincent is an awesome actor. He brings strength and energy to his roles; wishy-washy is not his style. I’d love to see him join GH as Dr. Hayward. They need some more hospital staff with significant roles. Monica doesn’t have much presence anymore, Griffin is good but young, the psychiatrist who was dating Jordan…nice guy role but not much action in his scripts…time for some new blood. And he’d be great in scenes with Anna and Dr. Looney-Criminal-Obrecht.


    Violet Lemm replied

    Amen to everything you said Jimmy, but I would rather see him paired with Finolla/ Anna . Michelle Stafford , whether on Y&R or GH never seems to have that depth of character. To me she always shows a frivilolous behavior.


    Violet Lemm replied

    Boy, I sure messed up the word frivilous. No way to edit here!

  17. jaybird369 says:

    I’m sorry…but…as much as I like VI as an actor, his time at DOOL IS UP!!!!! Hey…I STILL CAN’T get past what that DIRTBALL Deimos did to poor Maggie…drugging her…which (if I remember correctly) put her in a wheelchair. N-o-p-e.



  18. Maya Lani says:

    I will love see him on General Hospital !!!!


  19. Amber Sinclair says:

    We need to bring Vincent Irizarry over to GH and reunite him with Anna Devane. General Hospital also needs a cardiologist on board and Dr. David Hayward is the best! Anna Devane and David Hayward connected the minute Anna began investigating David for being a drug lord named Proteus. Turns out David’s father was the original Proteus and then it was passed down to David’s deranged mother who actually kills both herself and David’s half-brother Leo. A little info on them, Anna married David to keep him out of jail, and no he didn’t pressure her into it. She actually fell in love with David after they married. They tried to have a baby and Anna soon found out she was pregnant. In 2003 Anna and David found out that their baby while Anna was still pregnant, had a heart problem and needed surgery while “in utero”, she flew out to Switzerland to see a specialist but couldn’t stand being away from David so she flew back to Pine Valley and brought the specialist with her. Well, right before the procedure, the specialist has a stroke and there is nobody else who can fly in on time to do it and it had to happen that day or the baby didn’t stand a chance of survival so Dr. Jake Martin and Dr. Joe Martin told David to perform the surgery on his own wife and child (talk about pressure). The surgery was a success even after a few complications. While Anna was recovering at the hospital she goes into early labor at 8 months pregnant and has a C-section and baby Leora Hayward (named after Leo Du Pres, David’s half-brother) is born. David and Anna soon find out that Leora is still having heart issues and needs a pacemaker, but David being a cardiologist thinks it’s too risky because she was a premie and was still recovering after having surgery while “in utero” so they waited. Due to the stress of all that David and Anna were going g through, their marriage began to fall apart. Finally David after putting his foot down on surgery agreed to it. While in surgery having a pacemaker put in, baby Leora died. David blamed Dr. Joe Martin and Tad Martin for him not being allowed to perform the surgery himself and David soon had a mental breakdown. They managed to recover and Anna decided to leave Pine Valley. David and Anna said goodbye to each other and hugged each other, I would definitely say they left on good terms. Their relationship was dangerous, spontaneous, magical, sexy and devious. So again let’s bring Vincent Irizarry to GH as Dr. David Hayward!!!


  20. Tivette says:

    Love, love, LOVE Irizarry and hope he could sign on to do a Doctor gig, YES!


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