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30 December 28th, 2012 Vincent Irizarry Signs On With Prospect Park’s All My Children Reboot!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Here is some exciting news!  Fan favorite and Daytime Emmy winner, Vincent Irizarry has reached an agreement with Prospect Park to become part of the All My Children reboot!  As has been reported, the series is headed for a return in 2013, thus bringing the Martin’s worst nightmare, Dr. David Hayward, back to the fold!

Irizarry announced the news to his excited fans on his facebook page today stating: “Happy to share that I just signed on with Prospect Park for the  All My Children reboot! Excited to bring dastardly Dr. David back to life, as he did for so many others, and to see my dear friends in Pine Valley once again. A great, big thank you to all the fans for your tenacity in keeping the hope alive. You’re awesome!!! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed together that it becomes a reality.”

On-Air On-Soaps recently chatted with Irizarry and other cast members of All My Children in our “Martin Family Holiday Reunion Video Interview” in which Vincent, along with Michael Knight, Bobbie Eakes, Jill Larson, Lee Meriwether, and Amanda Baker, shared their thoughts on the unresolved ending of the ABC All My Children network finale and the shows future with Prospect Park.  To check it out click here!

So soapers, what do you think of the news of Vincent signing on to Prospect Park’s All My Children? Let us know!

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  1. Becky Cloutier says:

    I cannot wait!!!!!!


    Marcia White replied

    Yippee! This is incredible news. If they are putting contracts before our favorites like Vincent, I do believe this is a go!!


  2. Mary Fergen says:

    This is potentially great news! I’m still waiting for some kind of definite confirmation from Prospect Park, or at least ABC/D. Why the silence?


    Nancy replied



    lipstickcat replied

    Yeah! They should be shouting it from the rooftops if it’s a go so why aren’t they? I don’t trust them!

  3. MBmomof3 says:

    woo freakin’ hoo! Vincent Irizarry is certainly one of THE best of AMC! Great news and very exciting to think this might actually happen this time around!

    As always, thanks, Michael for keeping us informed. I know I’m watching any PP news with great anticipation.

    Now when they announce Erika Slezak signs on for OLTL you’ll probably hear me yell “Woo Hoo” from my home :-D


  4. Franny says:

    This is wonderful news if the show does indeed become reality this time. With Lindsay Hartley signed on also, I would love to see David & Cara together again with their baby! I hope Prospect Park can make a go of this.


  5. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    Yes! I love Vincent Irizarry. What an amazing actor. Prospect Park is very lucky to have him.


  6. Lisa Jaworski says:

    Seems like every day you keep bringing us great news Michael! Keep it up!


  7. Elhu says:

    This is all very hopeful, so I am cautiously optimistic. I will certainly look forward to seeing Dr. David again, as he is a great character, and played so very well by Vincent Irizarry, as only he can do!!! My fingers are soooooo crossed for both shows to come to fruition on the internet !!!!!


  8. Amy C says:

    FANTASTIC!! When in 2013?? Give already!


  9. Robert Lee says:

    Happy happy, joy joy!


  10. Carolyn Sullivan says:

    I think ABC was short sighted and showed how little regard they have for the fans by cancelling AMC & OLTL. I have not watched any of the replacement shows, nor will I. Which means I don’t see any of their commercials for their nighttime shows nor those of their sponsors. Because I don’t know what shows are on ABC everything I watch is either on CBS, TNT, USA, PBS, & NBC.

    It would be interesting to see their daytime and nighttime numbers and see if others have also turned them off.


  11. margie says:

    Our friends will have jobs. Wonderful knocking on wood!


  12. Lynn says:

    I’m being cautious on this news, I hope they pull it off but it won’t be the same..I’m hoping eventually if they do get it up and running they can get it on cable….also what happens to the Characters like John, Todd, Starr on GH? I want them back on OLTL but I understand the actors now have contracts with GH/ABC how does this work? Things there are messed up….this time around its going to be easier to get AMC up and running instead of OLTL< that ending wasnt messed with, RC totally messed up Jolie and Tea/Victor etc


  13. louisa says:

    This is sounding so REAL! Very excited.


  14. k/kay says:

    I am not too sure someone did not hack into his account and pulling your leg!


  15. mcbam says:




  16. Val says:

    I’m still cautious about PP, but hopeful I’ll see David and Cara again and their adorable baby for the first time, all growing into love together! :)


  17. Linda says:

    I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but we have heard this same news before in July 2011. There has to be an official joint statement from PP and ABC/D before I believe this!


  18. Brian Tripp says:

    I’m so freaking excited! I love VI!


  19. SZima says:

    I would much rather hear the news that Vincent has signed with GH. That would be a “sure thing” that we’d actually get to see him on our screens again.

    I still don’t trust PP to pull this off, and really, I doubt if I would bother going to my computer every day to watch a much-shortened program. PP is making all the right noises right now, but they also did that when they first bought the rights to the shows, and look how well that turned out. It only tied up some actors and prevented them from going to any other soap. This does not bode well for anyone who signs with them…unless they are smart and give PP a limited time to make this happen.


    BTripp replied

    I would have loved him on GH also but they are pretty full up over there now. I think with all the news of producers and a few actors that I have faith they got their stuff together. I’m keeping a positive outlook until I hear differently :-) Keep the faith people. We need these shows back for the actors and crew.


    Robynne replied

    Actually PP hasn’t said anything…


  20. susan M. says:

    Great news! I didn’t hear yet if any OLTL characters have signed yet with PP.


  21. Stacy Mirkovich says:

    Just Very Wonderful About Wonderful Vincent Signing This Wonderful Contract! I Just Love Wonderful Vincent Very Much!


  22. Janice Schwartz says:



  23. sandie says:

    I am doing a happy dance as we speak!!! I soooo miss AMC !!! I pray that this time it is a GO!!!
    Sending positive vibes to all the actors and actresses coming back HOME!!!!


  24. David says:

    Exciting news. Two great actors! What a great start! Sign up Debbie Morgan! Susan, even though is an icon, she can be recurring — her storylines were inane, unless her character is tweeked; her spunk can remain but do something. Bring back the Martins — Tad and newbies as his chidren. Bianca and newbies as her children! And Kendal and newbies as her teen sons! Can I have Dixie too! And another twister can hit town and Ryan and another suitor can come back to save the day!


  25. Mart says:

    Great news!! Vincent is the villan you love to hate, and love. He brings so much to the show.


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