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0 March 16th, 2010 VOTD: AMC’s Susan Lucci on Bianca’s coming out story!

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All My Children’s Susan Lucci is featured in our Video of the Day from On-Air On-Soaps recent set visit to their new home in Los Angeles.  During the chat, Susan discussed the new spacious studios, and one of her favorite all-time Erica Kane storylines; that of Bianca’s coming out story.  Here is what Lucci had to say about being a part of the very memorable television journey that was so important to so many viewers.

Lucci on Bianca’s coming out storyline: “I was first told about the story line by our executive producer at the time, Jean Burke. They told me they were thinking of Erica having a teenage daughter come out to her, and they wanted to explore that. She told me at the time that there were many teenagers in particular who committed suicide rather than risk coming out to their parents, because they were afraid they would not love them anymore. I sat there in her office and I cried and cried. I thought if I could be part of a story line that in any way could empower a person to be themselves and come out and feel lovable and strong enough, I wanted to do it. I mean, I couldn’t believe there were parents that would reject their children like that. I thought if I could be of service in any way to something like this, I would be proud, and I said that to Jean. And then I said to her, ‘I just hope whoever we are going to cast “gets it,”‘ and boy, did she. They cast Eden Riegel as the teenage Bianca. Eden is a smart, deeply lovely, deeply talented gal, who’s got it in spades. The two of us had an opportunity to play what I think is some of the most important material ever to play on daytime television and All My Children.”

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