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8 February 26th, 2010 VOTD: DAYS Carly reveals Dr. Daniel is Melanie’s father!

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On yesterday’s episode of Days of our Lives, the big moment finally arrived when Carly blurted out to Dr. Daniel, that he is indeed the biological father of Melanie Layton, who lay in a life-threatening medical condition due to Carly’s accidentally shooting her own daughter.  So now that the cat is out of the bag, what do you think of Dr. Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Carly’s ( Crystal Chappell) tryst from years ago? Let us know.

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  1. daysfan says:

    I was watching Days when Crystal’s first started on the show and enjoyed Bo and Carly’s pairing back in the day. I am thrilled she has a chance to reprise the role and she is bringing a lot to Salem.

    As for Daniel and Carly’s tryst story….well they are tying her to a few characters already on the show, so that is a good sign she is going to stay. I can just go with the flow of the story. They would have to do a convoluted story to make this happen. Ok, it’s not a romantic match up…oh well. I will just go with whatever DRAMA this will bring for Crystal/Carly and the show.


  2. RC says:

    I think Daniel being the father is boring. No one really cares except perhaps Chloe and of course Melanie. If they turn this into a Dan/Carly/Chloe triangle, I will be so disgusted. It seems that’s all Days knows how to do nowadays are triangles. How trite. The only couple I’m enjoying right now is Bo and Carly and I’m sure they’ll mess that up soon enough in order to orchestrate a Bo/Hope reunion which is a complete snoozefest. The supercouple Days are over. Please let it end. Bo and Hope have nothing left. Watching them is like watching paint dry.

    I don’t like Daniel and him being Mel’s father doesn’t interest me in the least. It would have been more exciting if they could have somehow made Bo the father. I would have even bought Lawrence as the daddy because either one of these options could have brought plenty of angst and the people of Salem would be more involved with the outcome. Daniel being daddy = no angst. Salem involvement = none. Again, who cares. I’ve enjoyed watching Carly struggle with telling him the truth but that’s about it. Days needs to get better with the writing. I missed the old Days. If you can make Marlena possessed and bring people back from the dead no matter how they were killed then I think they could do better with a baby daddy for Melanie.


  3. olddoolfan says:

    What do I think? Surely there are twists and turns around the corner? You don’t waste the opportunity of gettings Crystal Chappell back in this role after 17 years opposite many of the actors who were around during the magic of Carly 1.0 on this large dose of ‘who cares’. Why would fans and more importantly who in Salem would care that Carly and Daniel had a child? Melanie’s father needs to be one of only two characters, Lawrence or Bo. Perhaps once Lawrence is revealed to be ‘undead’ (you know it’s coming), we will get a soapful and unsafe twist from DOOL.


    DefyGravity36 replied

    I totally agree. Daniel as the daddy was predictable and boring. snooze. He is not a major character and his being Melanie’s father will not have that big of an impact. I mean really can’t the writers come up with anything better? We at Team Delusional have come up with better story ideas than the Days writers have. Apparently the higher-ups didn’t let the writers know they needed to step up their game for someone as extra-ordinarily talented as the beautiful Crystal Chappell. Come on Days get creative. Give us a twist. Bo or Lawrence would be much more interesting. but of course that is just my humble opinion.


  4. MissMonroe says:

    Could this reveal have been anymore anti-climactic OR predictable? Let me provide a little tip. Soap audiences are much smarter in general than writers tend to give credit. Daniel was hardly “unexpected” It was clear from Carly & Daniel’s first interaction, something of their past would be revealed down the line. I am still wishing for the real soapy twist, a Bo or Lawrence daddy reveal. Now THAT has story potential and riveting excitement that would pack dramatic punch, while changing the fabric of DAYS, forever!


  5. olddoolfan says:

    Perhaps I could have been more concise last time. Daniel Daddy from left field is weak and safe.

    I sure hope TPTB have further tricks up their sleeves.


  6. Lee says:

    Why again do I care that Daniel is Baby Daddy? Oh right…because Carly and Daniel have only managed to share a handful of screen time together since October of 2009. zzzzzz…If DAYS wanted to capitalize on Carly’s history in Salem, Baby Daddy should have been Bo or Lawrence…heck, I would have accepted Justin or Victor. At least with Victor, we’d understand why he hated Carly, the homewrecker.


    RC aka Storm replied

    Wow Lee, did you just say Victor as baby daddy? Ick!! LOL I thought about Justin too as Mel’s father. Either way, anyone is better than Daniel because like you said no one really cares. I know I don’t.


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