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3 June 11th, 2010 VOTD: Family and friends return to Salem for Mrs. H!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Well,  kudos to the On-Air Promo department at NBC for bringing us to tears already, and the episodes haven’t even aired yet! Check out our Video of the Day on the On-Air On-Soaps homepage for the Days of our Lives preview for next week.

This week, already saw the return of the fantastic Melissa Reeves as Jennifer to Salem, but now here comes Laura, Bill, Melissa, Kayla and many more.  Who are you looking forward to seeing the most in the weeks to come as we all prepare to say goodbye to Alice Horton?   Let us know, and, for goodness sakes do not get near your TV sets or computers without a box of kleenex near by!

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  1. Lizzie says:

    To quote Nelson Bracco – “where are John and Marlena?”


  2. daysfan says:

    Jennifer was my ‘must have’ back character. Disappointed that Matt Ashford’s Jack could not be with her but he was doing a play at the time of taping.
    I’ll enjoy all of the returns and it looks like everyone is going to get a flashback!


  3. Anne Roney says:

    Not the same without Drake and Deidre/John and Marlena.


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