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2 March 14th, 2010 OLTL’s Scott Evans Red Carpet moment at GLAAD Media Awards!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Last night, One Life to Live took home the prize for Outstanding Daily Drama Series as recognized by GLAAD. Scott Evans (Oliver), who was a pivotal part of the victory, attended the ceremonies with Brett Claywell (Kyle) and One Life’s head writer, Ron Carlivati.  Evans was asked on the red carpet what was next for his career, and his feelings on the news handed down this week that the gay-storyline involving his character is being written out of the series in April.  

Since the video is very hard to hear, On-Air On-Soaps transcribed Evan’s comments.  “I think we told a fantastic story. Of course we feel like there’s always more places it could go. We told an incredible story. It got a lot of great reactions, maybe one or two not so great ones from people who are closed-minded. Now we’re done and moving on and I’m excited to see what’s next in store for me.” 

Watch the clip below!

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Scott Evans is claiming that only closeminded (therefore homophobic) people didn’t like Kish. He’s acting as closeminded as the homophobes he’s critiquing. Evans should realize that not everyone who doesn’t like Kish is automatically closeminded (which is his word for homophobic).

    I’m a queer male fan of soaps since my childhood, I thought Evans delivered unconvincing, awful portrayals on a consistent basis. I thought Nuke and Otalia had good moments, I really liked Bianca’s coming out on AMC since the writing was great and Reigel brought a sensitivity to the role. Reigel was great with Lucci, and she would have won an Emmy earlier had it not been for B&B’s Jennifer Finnigan.

    Scott Evans needs to realize that some people who were open to the storyline of Kish got turned off by the political overtones, Carlivati’s writing and Evans’s goofy, distracting acting. Also OLTL should not have won for glaad, but GL should have won bec of Chappell’s acting in Otalia. GL had its same sex couple til it got canceled, but OLTL wrote out Kish. Chappell even created Venice for her Otalia fanbase. But I’m guessing glaad gave OLTL the award bec it would create a story in the media that would generate a lot of buzz. Here’s glaad awarding a show that just axed its same sex couple. Like glaad would award GL when Ellen Wheeler, GL’s much maligned EP, is Mormon. And of course Ron Carlivati being the only openly gay Headwriter on Daytime was a factor in glaad awarding OLTL.


  2. steve says:

    i feel ron & frank are back stabbers axing scott & brett both being openly gay ron
    standing with scott & brett at the gladd awards march 13th. i hope gladd protest
    outside the studio at oltl untill they change their minds/ come to their senses.
    i feel the show will lose its viewers altogether this is bad tell our story and ax
    the great acting dio of scott evans & brett claywell what comes around goes
    around . i hope frank & ron feel the ax soon .
    steve h.- in alabama


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