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7 March 21st, 2010 VIDEO: So who do you want DAYS Brady Black with?

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Looks like this week on Days of our Lives things will be heating up for the triangle of Arianna/Brady/Nicole.  Now with Arianne Zuker (Nicole) back on the soap from her maternity leaves looks like Nicole’s got her sight’s set on Brady, and when Nicole goes after something…watch out!   So who do you want Brady with; Arianna or Nicole? Watch below and let us know!

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  1. Cindy says:

    NICOLE!!! I have been a fan of the Nicole-Brady pairing for years, ever since Kyle Lowder played Brady and he rescued her from being locked up by Victor. They are a couple that is meant to be together!!! Ari is fine, but not for Brady. She is just a distraction to keep him busy until he can get back with Nicole.


  2. Deborah Kallus says:

    I would rather see Brady with Arianna and Nicole stay in Santo Domingo forever alone.


  3. Lisa says:

    Nicole and Brady have a chemistry, and their story has more potential. The Ari story is over and boring.


  4. Pam says:

    Neither!! Nicole looks older than Brady & is evil. Brady is supposed to be one of the good guys -Just can’t see them together. If I had to choose between the two it would be Arianna. Still wish they had paired Brady back with Chloe -I think they would be incredible together.


    CM replied

    Well, I think the character of Nicole *is* older than Brady (though since Eric Martsolf is so much older than Kyle Lowder, I think the actors are probably around the same age, Martsolf might even be older than Arianne Zucker) but that’s not a big deal… Bo was older than Hope, Jack was older than Jennifer, Steve was older than Kayla. There’s age differences sometimes, and I think Brady’s occasional naivete versus Nicole’s jaded cynicism works for the characters.

    But I think Brady and Nicole have a lot of chemistry. I never liked Brady the first time around, mainly because I hated Broe and their random breaking into song, but I’ve really enjoyed him since his return and think the pairing with Nicole adds something to him and fleshes him out in a way that he hadn’t been fleshed out when he was just in this idyllic musical “our-love-cures-cancer” love story with Chloe who, in turn, was better with her more complicated relationship with Philip.


  5. Dmitri says:

    I know this thread is old, but I hated Arianna. She was such a bitch, and she had no chemistry with Brady. While I think Nicole should ultimately wind up with EJ or Rafe, I think her relationship with Brady was better.


  6. Dmitri says:

    Also, I think Brady and Nicole are the same age.


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