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13 November 3rd, 2010 VOTE Now for DAYS 45 Best Overall Performance by an Actress!

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In honor of Days of our Lives 45th anniversary celebration, On-Air On-Soaps continues it’s week long fan voting polls leading up to this coming Saturday’s November 6th, A DAYS OF DAYS event with the cast.  On-Air On-Soaps will be on hand at the annual press and fan fest taping video interviews with all your Salem favorites, and during our time with the stars we will announce to them and for the first time, the chosen winners as picked by you, their loyal viewing audience, in several fun categories. And yes, your picks will receive the DAYS 45/On-Air On-Soaps Gold Medal for a keepsake. Think of this as the voting Olympics for die-hard or even the most casual DAYS fan.

Here’s the rules and all you have to do. To clarify, you may only vote once in each category from the same computer. You can vote all the way up until Friday night, November 5th at 10PM PST when the polls close.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Today’s final category is for Best Overall Performance by an Actress.  And, it’s going to be quite the slugfest.  Many strong contenders.  So, who will come out of the rubble on top? It’s up to you!

About these nominations: Best Overall Performance by an Actress selections are based from the calendar year of November 1, 2009 to November 1, 2010 – in other words from DAYS 44th anniversary calendar year to their 45th.  It is for these actresses body of work during the eligibility period described above, not for one single performance in a storyline.  Remember, if you don’t agree with our nominees and suggestions in the categories, you have the option of entering “Other”.

If you haven’t cast your vote in the other DAYS 45 Voting Poll categories, make sure to view the polls for Favorite Flawed Heroine and Favorite duo by clicking here. Cast your vote for Favorite Hottie, Baddie and Hero by clicking here. And, cast your vote for Beloved Salem Favorite Female, Favorite Vixen, and Favorite Young Star by clicking here. Lastly, don’t forget to cast your vote for Best Overall Performance by an Actor, Favorite Doctor and Favorite Veteran Performer by clicking here.

Go to the On-Air On-Soaps DAYS 45 Poll for Best Overall Performance by an Actress below and make your vote count!

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  1. Michele S says:



  2. Carbo says:

    It’s no contest. Bringing Crystal Chappell back was the smartest thing they’ve done in a long time. It brought me back and as long as she remains so will I. Crystal Chappell gets my vote!


  3. Kim says:

    Hope they give Crystal a more interesting s/l soon other than being part of the Bo/Hope/Carly triangle. It seems like they brought her back on, but then aren’t sure what to do with her character.


  4. karine says:

    i voted melissa reeves but all the nominee are great


  5. Janet says:

    Allison Sweeny is one of my favs but Honestly I think Allison and Crystal both has brought to an emotional kevel,I havent seen in awhile watching Days..


  6. Steve says:

    All the ladies on this list are great actresses in my opinion. But when it comes to who brings it the most in every scene she’s in, whether it be poorly written or extremely meaty, I’m going to go with Crystal, Suzanne and Arianne.


  7. sarah says:

    I voted for Arianne!


  8. Kyla says:

    Kristian is the best!!!


  9. JustMe says:

    Definitely Crystal! I wish I could be at Day of Days to see these poll results announced. CC should win several of them.

    And what happened to the Other option on all the polls. They all say 0. What happened to the write-ins?


  10. Kathy says:

    Michael, you had really good intention gor doing these polls, and thank you for trying! However, once again mischevious spokes in the wheel have decided to spam another but for the sake of making sure their faves won for bragging rights! Many of us began to see it earlier and said what’s the point! It’s a shame that something that was meant in fun has once again turned into another case of cheating by those who know how! Next time if you need help, I have the program to keep this from happening which will give you “true and real” results! Hope to see you at other events but can’t support this one! However, A for effort!


  11. sweetpea says:

    I agree with Kathy post…the pool was of no significance when you have a fandom willing to do anything to get thier fave star on top!!


  12. Nikita says:

    FYI, it’s all about organization! CC has over 20,000 followers on twitter and 8,000 on FB. We love her and wanted her to get the recognition she deserves. So for some people to belittle this as spamming is just sour grapes. Her wins were legit! And while many of “you” were negative and said what’s the point? Many more of us were positive and said what’s the point? Our point was to make a statement. We know the odds are against us, but we will continue to fight and will not give up. We are up against “history”. We are up against “fate.” We will not be ignored. CC and Carbo are just too great.

    This was a concerted effort by hundreds of CC/Carbo fans. CC is smart. She engages with her fans and makes herself available to them. That’s why she has such a huge following. She appreciates that we appreciate her!

    Congratulations to Crystal and Peter on their awards. Brilliant!

    Thank you Michael for this this poll and sticking with it.

    We’re all about love and positivity in the Carbo camp!


  13. kim says:

    ALL i got to say is CC earned all these awards she is awesome.Carbo is a powerful couple with respect, love, friendship and a bond that has lasted many years. But yes CC has a huge following and her fans will support her that is why she won, we all took the time to vote maybe other fans did not take the time but hey its a done deal now. Way to go CC and kudos to her many fans for taking time out of thier day to support the best actress in daytime . imo


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