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15 December 2nd, 2015 Wally Kurth Reassures DAYS Fans That: “I’m Still In Salem. Still The DA. Still Working …”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The multi-talented Wally Kurth (Justin, DAYS) took to his Twitter account to reassure fans who saw the report yesterday via that related that Kurth and his longtime scene partner, Judi Evans (Adrienne) were taken off contract, but put on recurring status with the NBC soap opera.

Kurth related:  “News sure travels fast these days. I just heard yesterday afternoon @ my Days status. Woke up and heard it again on Twitter.”  He continued to instill viewers to keep watching for Justin:  “I’m still in Salem. Still the DA. Still working. The show is really good and I’m still having fun. Remember, it’s called showBusiness.”

Recently, viewers have seen Kurth having a new on-screen flame in Kassie DePaiva’s Eve Donovan, while we know that Justin and Adrienne are never truly out of each others lives.  And then there is the matter of Killer Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) being caught and brought to justice.  Will DA Kiriakis help put this criminal behind bars?  Stay tuned.

So, what do you think about the sentiments shared by Wally? Glad to understand he is still working away in Salem?  Comment below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Thats showbiz!…lol


    su0000 replied

    It is a good thing- recurring..
    It gives the actors opportunities to do other projects and still be employed with the soap and still guaranteed a certain amounts episodes, usually 2-3 a week, and even more a week if they are involved in an upfront story….
    and! the bonus / Wally can now do GH episodes, guest thing as before :) ..

    the only ones who prosper from a solid contract are the big stars, they get a flat rate no matter if in a story or not..(millions?)


  2. Kaylie15 says:

    Remember how Will’s death was supposed to give story to those who loved him? Well, Sonny abandoned his daughter to be raised by straights, Lucas is backburned, Sami doesn’t mention Will and is obsessed with EJ and Justin and Adrienne are off contract and have no story. No, I don’t think the naked, homophobic pandering was about good story for the characters left in the aftermath. We’ve got the Rafe of Our Lives – and a slew of new faces created by Tweedle Death And Tweedle Dumb (Griffith and Higley) who thought that by destroying the gay, the Westboro Baptist Church crowd would come back to embrace the Hernandez clan. Sorry, Charlie. Deaths of Our Lives ain’t working. The smart money is on cancelation, as people turn away from a show run by bullies with the presumption of hatred by their audience.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Dynamite analysis, Kaylie15!


    M.M. replied

    I thought the show would stop being so cruel after they were done obliterating Will and the gay family unit, but that was just the hateful warm up. It seems we’ve go plenty more mean-spirited and nasty stories ahead. At least Wally will get a few lines as DA but damn this show has turned dark.


    Dishy replied

    Will’s daughter is being raised by her MOTHER


    CeeCee replied

    What a beautifully written eye-opener, Kaylie.


  3. Brian says:

    I am glad that he is still there but now maybe he can play both Justin and Ned again! I think Days messed up and they should have went ahead and put him with Eve instead of letting Kassie DPV go. Wally has chemistry with about every lady they put him with IMO.


    James R. Poissant replied

    I thought the same thing as far as Wally playing both characters. I do love it when he spends a day or so at GH. I will always think of him as Ned.


  4. Ray says:

    I have not felt chemistry Justin has had the same chemistry with Adrienne since he came back to Salem. I think DOOL is missing a huge opportunity to have a great couple by pairing him with Kate. I am not feeling any chemistry with her and Eduardo. Justin and Phillip need to be the next generation of Kiriakis. I also think the show is missing the boat by not having a triangle with Justin/Kate/Eve.


  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    That’s good to hear, but I’ve always known an actor can be recurring and still be featured alot. Wally just doesn’t have a guarantee. Now he has a chance to go back and forth between DAYS and GH or be contracted to GH.

    John Aniston (Victor) has chosen to be recurring for many years and we have the honor of his presence quite often!


  6. Charday says:

    Hope to see him back on GH as Ned–this might give me a reason to watch GH regularly again!!


  7. K. K. says:

    We’re we promised a good story for Justin and Adrienne? No mind, I’m sure everyone will love the slew of new faces being brought on board by the new writers. Because look what happened to all the ones brought on by the previous writers – so it will be totally worth getting invested in the show. It’s full of light and joy and happy endings.


  8. kiki says:

    Wally is so sweet to defend Deaths of Our Lives this way. I’m sure there will be a lot for the DA to do with the next round of killing and death and misery.


  9. Elite Advisors says:

    “HELLO NED…OH GH…nice to hear from you…..” :)


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