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1 August 18th, 2011 Walt Willey on WGN today says, “Prospect Park gave actors proposal!”


All My Children’s, Walt Willey ( Jackson Montgomery) appeared today on WGN Chicago’s newscast as he in in Chi-town this weekend performing his comedy show at Zanies! During the interview, the hosts and Walt discussed AMC’s upcoming exit from ABC and the new online venture from Prospect Park which will move Pine Valley to the Internet and perhaps a new cable network home.

Willey gave this update of key interest to fans of  AMC and OLTL during his segment:  He confirmed that Prospect Park gave the actors from both shows a proposal for airing the series online and on cable. Walt said they received the proposal two nights ago and that they’ve asked the actors to review it and for their input.

This sounds very affirming that things are moving in a very forward direction. Watch the segment with Willey after the jump from WGN Chicago!


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  1. ethel says:

    walt is the most debonair male soap star ever!!!


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