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8 July 11th, 2011 Walt Willey speaks on news of AMC heading to the web!

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All My Children’s, Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) spoke with The Times over the weekend while in Ottawa prepping for a production of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite! Willey offered up his thoughts and concerns on the news that AMC will be soon moving to the web. Willey stated, “Everyone I’ve spoken to, in terms of actors, not a soul has been contacted.” The actor is speaking of Prospect Park, the entity who bought the rights to AMC & OLTL.

A longtime veteran of AMC, Willey believes that few All My Children fans are Internet-savvy, and is skeptical about how some might be able to see new episodes.  “It’s an interesting choice. The fans have worked very hard on our behalf, but this could be a hollow victory for them.

According to the The Times, All My Children is on a production hiatus, with shooting to resume Monday, July 25, and wrap prior to Labor Day weekend. The final ABC episode is due to air Friday, Sept. 23.

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  1. Andrea Dawson says:

    we are a lot more savvy than you thing Walt! : )


  2. dr.ivankipling says:

    I second Andrea Dawson’s sentiment. Many of us are pretty darn savvy Mr.Willey!


  3. Rob says:

    Whats going to be REAL interesting is to see which stars opt out because of pay cuts, I guess we will see who really wants the show to go on!!


  4. Brian T says:

    So basically when they come back to work on July 25th the show will talk to them about coming over to online (or not). I am sure not all the cast will be asked to stay. What on earth will they do with Jesse since Angie (Debbie Morgan) isn’t staying?


  5. Amanda G says:

    Well from my experience working with the elderly. I watched 2 people go through the nursing home with a computer in my 10 years of working there. One of them was a 40 year old that had a stroke. Anyways this way does leave many fans behind especially the ones that was told they don’t count basically because they wasn’t in the 18-49 demographic. Less than 50% of the 65+ demographic is online and I feel that the ones who watched these shows since soaps came into existence are once again being disrespected and forgotten. This coming from a 27 year old that still respects my elders=)


  6. brian says:

    Come everyone, the soaps could very well be the “thing” needed to get all the last hold outs online. I certainly do not want to advertise in this forum, but Walmat has one of the first knock of “pad” devices for $188.00 cdn, so cost should no longer be an issue, think how all the seniors and others who will benefit by having the soaps online and getting they first device connecting them to the web, and yes, it does an output for a larger screen.


  7. leslie says:

    I don’t know. Everyone had to get new TV sets when the conversion happened a few years ago. People wanted to see TV so they got the new equipment. If people want to see soaps, they will get the new equipment.


  8. Jane says:

    You must be kidding Walt. Give us a little credit. I found this post didn’t I? Besides I am a 57 year old Grandma who could network your computers anyday!


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