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15 May 23rd, 2013 Watch 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Supporting Actor Nominee Performances – Who Should Win?


Today posted their next nominated performance category reels for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards to be broadcast live on HLN on June 16th!

Now you can see what the blue-ribbon panel voted on in scenes from the selected episode submitted by Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nominees: Jeff Branson and Billy Miller of The Young and the Restless, Bradford Anderson of General Hospital, and Scott Clifton of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Watch their work after the jump and then let us know which performance do you think should win the gold next month?

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  1. Rob says:

    Killer Miller.


  2. Ces says:

    Love Bradford Anderson!


    jimh replied

    The Spin man is my favorite to win here! Loving gh this week!


    Ces replied

    me too!

  3. Blake says:

    Jeff Branson


  4. Julia says:

    Always Billy Miller. Such a phenomenal actor who does comedy to perfection!


  5. Mary says:

    Billy Miller


  6. RICKIE says:

    All outstanding reels. It’s a toss-up between Anderson, Clifton & Miller (sorry, Jeff Branson). Anderson goes the distance with his stern yet soft-spoken Spinelli; Clifton’s scene with Don Diamont was dynamite; but Billy Miller’s measured, focused performance with all his scene partners in his reel was the standout. (Amazing how many Y&R nominees so far had the good sense to include Michelle Stafford scenes in their reels.)


  7. Michael says:

    Having watched all four reels, I too am going to say it is between Anderson, Clifton, and Miller. Jeff Branson’s reel was good but not good enough to outshine the other three. If I have to give the edge to someone, it’s gonna be Billy Miller, with a very slight edge over Bradford Anderson. The dark horse to pull an upset would be Scott Clifton. If Jeff Branson wins, that will be a huge upset.


  8. mo says:

    Billy is great.


  9. janet says:

    Billy of course. he is great, so understated, he can play hurt without tears or screaming. Scott also has certainly improved since GH. have fun voters. I really think who is in the scenes with them helps, D.Diamond and Jack forgot the actors name certainly gave them plenty to play off of. Bradford Anderson is OK now,now that Spin is speaking Normally ,but .I disliked Spin for so long I have trouble seeing him a winner.


  10. heidi says:

    For me there are two stand out performances… Bradford and Billy!!! Bradford and GH are my faves. Both were very good and had incredible depth and range. I am so invested in Spixie and will always be rooting for them to find their way back together again… but Spinelli had every right to those feelings about Maxie and Bradford made those scenes sing as painful as they may have been. What stands out for me with his performance compared with the others is that… he did most of the heavy lifting and I am sorry to say… did it without the strong partners performances that the other guys had. Isn’t it great that so many of these Emmy award winning performances are with Michelle Stafford. Bradford did that performance with such depth and with such quiet emotion. This has to be his year!!! Would also be happy to see Billy win… but will be hoping that Bradford gets this one!!!

    All of them should be very proud of their performances and it is incredible to be nominated! I can’t wait to see who wins and I will be over the moon and probably crying with joy if Bradford gets this one!!! Spixie forever!!! Well done Bradford!!! Best of luck to all!


  11. PatF says:

    Billy Miller…great scenes opposite PB.


  12. karen.c says:

    Bradford Anderson should win


  13. cr says:

    Billy Miller is who ill pick, but Scott Clifton shows a lot range in is reel. This catergory was not my favorite, lot of snubs in this one.


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