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30 April 19th, 2017 WATCH: 44th Daytime Emmys Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series Nominated Performances!

The hotly contested race for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at this year;’s 44th Annual Daytime Emmys, is a race filled with already lauded previous Daytime Emmy winners, and some of the best younger leading men male talent out there. In contention for the gold come Emmy night on April 30th are Days of our Lives, Billy Flynn (Chad) and Vincent Irizarry (Ex-Deimos), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton (Liam) and The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack) and Kristoff St. John (Neil).

Of special note … a win in this category by either St. John or Clifton would make either man the first actor to win Younger Actor, Supporting Actor, and Lead Actor in their daytime careers.  Only The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie)  has won the trifecta!  Could it be one of these gents year?

Watch after the jump, the nominated reels of this year’s Outstanding Lead Actor finalists.

Then let us know … who you think should take home the statuette in the comment section below.

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  1. su0000 says:

    I don’t know of any of these guys but Peter..
    So, I liked this one. He is the most handsome- Vincent Irizarry (Ex-Deimos)

    ((I’m probably no worse than the judges, I pick who is the most handsome lol))


  2. tony says:

    Peter Bergman! Billy Flynn has so much promise but it’s not his year and his chosen scenes will not convince the panel. next year Billy should submit the marriage falling apart scenes with Abby. God know, Peter won’t have worthy scenes based on Sally’s stories. Scott Clifton’s material was sub par, a bad Brad Bell story line. But he’s first rate. Nobody beats Peter this year.


  3. Patricio says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Mr. Irizarry finally got his EMMY for so many years of great work across the soap world!


    Jules replied

    He has an Emmy in the Supporting Category with AMC. He tied that year with someone who was on GL (and later Y&R).


    Patricio replied

    I humbly stand corrected. Thanks for letting me know, great news!

    Jules replied

    No harm!
    He is a tremendous actor. He really lives in his characters.


  4. Mo says:

    Billy Flynn.

    If not, Peter.


  5. Celia says:

    No ifs, ands and buts….Billy Flynn, all the way. He, as nuChad, came in unassumingly, yet fiercely, and conquered the role with éclat. His acting is effortless; his panache gives him an air of belonging… if the role were tailored just for him.

    Peter Bergman’s Jack feeds the viewer the same fare over and over again. Steak and potatoes; which is a great meal, but, tedious and monotonous…..sometimes too chewey, LOL. Jack seemed to have turned the corner, somewhat; gain some integrity. But, acting like a hurt schoolboy over his wife’s cheating should not a monster make, at this stage in his life….especially knowing Phyllis’ iffy marital fidelity. Nothing new here.

    I am not too familiar with Scott Clifton—just a little bit with his short stint on OLTL.

    Vincent Irizzary is one of my favorite actors—admire how he can play both good guy, bad guy, at a snap. Deimos’ chameleon-like nonchelance adds mystery to his every move. ….soooo enigmatic.
    He is a close contender as the winner with Billy. Yet, I still pick Billy.

    As far as Kristoff…yeah, the scene with his mother on her deathbed was a tear-jerker, but Nichelle stole the show, not he.


    rebecca1 replied

    Wow! I didn’t even remember Scott was on OLTL! I watch B&B now and I love it but I had to get used to him as Liam since I had strong memories of him as the original Dillon Quartermaine!


  6. Joel says:



  7. dmr says:

    Billy Flynn, hands down, and I don’t even watch Days of Our Lives on a daily basis. However, when I do tune in, Billy brings his “A-Game” to Chad Dimera in every scene. I was really happy when TPTB recast the character, as the last actor was dreadful. Kudos to Billy and best of luck to him!


    conniemac replied

    Totally agree. I don’t care what kind of material they give him, no one can even come close to approaching his talent. Way to go Billy.


  8. k/kay says:

    Flynn new face good reel!,


  9. Libby says:

    Kristoff St John has deserved it for years. Awesome reel this year.

    Runner Up goes to Vincent Irizarry. He did wonders with crazy on/off material at DAYS. Shame on DAYS for not utilizing Vincent as the stellar actor he is. He brought it even when it wasnt on the page.

    If there is a fairness GH will cast Vincent as Dr David Harward in Genoa City.


    Connor (AvidSoapFan) replied

    You mean Port Charles (not Genoa City), right? lol


  10. Libby says:

    Billy Flynn – At. best Flynn should have been in supporting category.


  11. James R. Poissant says:

    I like all these guys but I have to go with Billy Flynn. There’s something about him when he is on the screen that makes me take notice. His acting chops are raw and he goes for the jugular with every performance he gives in front of the camera—he really is that good!!!


  12. Patrick says:

    I, am ecstatic… and thrilled nonetheless…. DRUM ROLL

    Maurice Benard – DID NOT – make the finale

    I couldn’t believe when the nominations came out… all that lLaura Wright could muster

    is how …. “flawless” her co-worker REELS

    there is so much not right… w/ GH. and the blame is entirely

    on Jean, Shelley, and Frank Valentini.. that these three , are in fact the REAL dullard

    WHAT ??? do these three … see in : Sonny, Carly, Jason, Sam, Finn, Hayden, and Michael.

    they are the most, BORING characters… and that’s mild. they kill this show

    I will cry tears of joy should BIlly Flynn take home the GOLD… what an affirmation of TALENT

    this guy… is well on his way for greater things… very much in the same vein , context, and just oozes appeal … think, Justin Hartley and Michael Muhney.

    Billy Flynn is carrying DAYS… what a DiMera


  13. Patrick says:

    I really do not have , great , things, to say about any of the other nominees

    Peter Bergman – the show is over

    I haven’t watched since Sussman and Young have re-invented the wheel… as it were. last I know… you are a lost “man” who no longer befits a true Abbott. the writers have written you in to a corner. from what I’ve not read on this blog.. is neither excitement or appreciation of how challenging it is to be Jack Abbott. have you risen past the doppelganger ? are you leading the pack … where the true talent and focus should be… on Tracy and Ashley. not your fault Mr. Bergman… writers .. may have great imagination… pen to paper , right ?

    Scott Clifton – have you really paid your dues… 2 time emmy winner you are. I thought it so funny that he should put himself in another “actors” shoes as he states that he would be the first male actor… alongside Heather Tom.. to WIN .. in every category. younger actor, supporting, and Lead. I admit… to enjoying your presence… whatever the case… you do not deserve to win in this category… that belongs to John McCook. outside of the cloying syrupy triangles… you need to bring more to the table.

    Kristoff St. John – I have hardly thought of you at all… since the firing and / or letting go of Victoria Rowell. even you know… you have not been the same. I love it when… OK… when you are a drunk… when you step outside yourself and LIVE. who’s not tired of the upstanding beacon of righteous behavior(s). once again… the writing has stalled your potential.. but then again… the show never takes the time to find you a real leading lady. as the token actor of color…. lets go.

    Vincent Irizzary – will forever be a colossal image forever cemented in all our mindset. what marquee value. once again… RUINED BY THE WRITERS

    he was – ALL , over the place – in Salem… and just didn’t make an impact. other than seeing one of the best in this genre. truly what piqued my interest… was hoping he would summon back… from the greek iles… Xander… so hoped that Xander was his son. OR as posts have shared.. he should have been a DiMera. once again.. I truly blame Ken Corday. even yet… wanted him to be a doctor… when Caroline fainted in Horton Square… and he worked his magic… it’s not like he’s stereotyped… stuck as Dr. Hayward. we just wished his bedside manner was still ON. drool… DAYS LOSS

    the stars have aligned on this one… Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera. I still dream


  14. Cat says:

    Billy Flynn all the way I enjoyed all the reels but his had all kinds of moods n phases n I just loved it. Reminds me if when James Scott should have won some odd years back but I digress. The scene where he finds out about Abby’s death broke me down. Great work Billy u deserve it.


    k/kay replied

    Days has been and always will be the stepchild who does not get invited to the party no I have not watched in over a decade not watching any of tm these days except catch y&r on occasion ! I just want to see a new face


    k/kay replied

    So go Billy flynn

  15. Dan says:

    Maurice Benard


  16. Newmanwins says:

    This list of nominees is sorta weak compared to recent years…none of these reels did much of anything for me…compared to the powerhouse performances in the lead and supporting actress categories this year…or even last year’s lead actor field…and it is still ridiculous that Benard, Braeden and McCook were all snubbed after the years they had as lead actors…moving on to these just okay clips…btw why is St. John not in the supporting category?

    1. Vincent

    2. Bergman

    3. Clifton

    4. St. John

    5. Flynn

    Geary, Christopher, Hartley and Le Blanc all had way better reels last year.


    KansasGuest replied

    Agree. This year’s lineup makes…*yawn*….me….*yawn*…..*thud.*


    k/kay replied

    Unfortunately St John has not had a decent story since Rowell left yes I know she is a handful but the lady can act watching Diagnosis Murder reruns she has a presence that is sorely missed.


  17. Timmm says:

    I guess Maurice is the Donald Trump of daytime. We know though. Good job!


  18. Nikki says:

    I think all of them we’re good but by far I think Peter Bergman was the best 2nd. to that would have to be Billy Flynn.


  19. kimmy says:

    i think all of them we’re good I think Scott Clifton was the best and 2nd to would be Peter Bergman they both are amazing actors .


  20. janet says:

    Billy Flynn. His chad is helping to make me never miss Days. At least until the new writer comes on to completely ruin the show.


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