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11 April 16th, 2017 WATCH: 44th Daytime Emmys Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series Nominated Performances!

In a hotly contested race at this year’s 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, five men,  two who have been previous winners in this category, vie for this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

The five finalists include: Days of our Lives icon, John Aniston (Victor), who after decades has landed his first ever Daytime Emmy nomination. Aniston faces stiff competition from his DAYS castmate James Reynolds (Abe), General Hospital’s Chad Duell (Michael) and Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Ex-Carlos/Joe Rivera) and former Y&R star, Steve Burton (Ex-Dylan).

From Steve Burton’s performance when Dylan learns that baby Sully is not his, to Chad Duell’s reel where Michael loses both the love of his life and his brother in the same year, to Parise’s tour de force as a hit man trying to stay alive and out for revenge, and then playing the bad boy’s brother, the voters had their work cut out for them.

Watch their nominated work after the jump.  Then let us know who you think should win the Outstanding Supporting Actor prize on April 30th when the ceremonies are live-streamed in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    ”Parise’s tour de force as a hit man trying to stay alive and out for revenge, and then playing the bad boy’s brother, the voters had their work cut out for them.”

    ^^^ .. My pick .. the winner ..


  2. tony says:

    John Aniston will be robbed if he doesn’t get it. But Steve and Jeffrey rocked the house too. John deserves it this year.


  3. Mo says:

    John Aniston!


  4. Soaphound says:

    Sorry, Chad seems like a likeable fellow, but this just wasn’t a strong enough year for him to warrant a nomination. I’d love to see Jeffrey Vincent Parise take the statue this year. He was delightfully devilish as Carlos Rivera. He may have been a hit man but certainly a complex one, thanks to a perfectly shaded performance. He was funny, sexy, scary, often at the same time. Plus I’d like the “powers that be” to see how foolish they were to let his character bite the dust, however beautifully he did it.


  5. Phil says:

    I only watch DAYS and GH, but shoot after watching these scenes I am convinced that I was right before watching them… this Emmy totally belongs to Chas Duell! Still think he is under appreciated, but always rises to th occasion!


  6. JasonLovesGH says:

    Steve Burton…in a landslide!


  7. Libby says:

    My Vote goes to John Aniston. Victor K. Has kept mebtuned into a terrible regime. HE MADE SO MUCH OF WHAT WAS GIVEN. He hasvwell n deserved a nomination and win since 1985.

    I do think Steve Burton made one (if not his best) of his best performance ever (YR or GH) . Dylan was a forced character on YR ovrerall. MISS HIM LIKE CRAZY AS s Jason Quartermsine or Jason Morgan alongside Billy Miller as Jake Morgan. REGARDLESS , super reel , Steve!


  8. jeanine girard says:

    A tough category, for sure! Of course, how can you not love JVP?!?! Please let Y & R snap him up or he sure would bring the charisma to mostly-dull-right-now B & B. Still blown away that GH couldn’t find a way to work him back in somehow! Heck, if they can revive the Olivia Jerome character and all the incarnations of various Cassidines …
    Re: Steve Burton. For the first time he commanded the screen and really impressed me with his performances in his final weeks! Why did we not receive this kind of character when he first came on board?! I’m sure the Emmy will go to one of these two gents.


  9. Newmanwins says:

    And the winner is….Chadwick Duell.


  10. Celia says:

    John Aniston is a true entertainer. He makes me laugh. I get his dry/ insulting humor; LOL. Cracks me up each and every time he puts someone down; yet , not meaning to be funny. It is that trait that makes him stand apart from the rest. It’s his amusing charm! I find myself in sync with him, no matter the situation. Love him!!
    I am truly disappointed that he’s never won. He deserves the Emmy and more.
    Please, not “Abe”.

    I can’t question Chad’s performance, as Michael, a couple or so years past; but, I do not see anything in this actor deserving an Emmy, since I’ve been watching. He is a somnambulist. Not his fault, considering his insignificant role. He is used as a-go-between and the idea of him calling Sonny, “Dad”, turns me right off.

    I have always thought of Vincent’s Carlos as elusive…..a monster in his own way. I think he did well ….not as crazy, but he’s sort of the male version of Olivia Jerome ( chimera).

    I was never into Steve’s Dylan, but, boy, oh boy, did he ever ‘sock-it to me” at the end of his tenure on Y&R. He floored me! The sadness and tears got to me. He is great when he shows emotion, shedding his robocop countenance. But, I still want John to win. LOL.


  11. k/kay says:

    Burton and Anniston tie ! Do it!!


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