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46 February 2nd, 2017 WATCH: All My Children Touching In-Memorium Segment From Home And Family!

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On Thursday, Home and Family aired their very special All My Children reunion featuring special co-host this week, Susan Lucci.

The reunion gathered together so many Pine Valley favorites including: Peter Bergman, Kathleen Noone, Kim Delaney, Jill Larson, Michael E. Knight, Taylor Miller, Eden Riegel. Eva LaRue, Cameron Mathison and more.

During the episode, Home and Family hosts Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos surprised Susan and the AMC cast with a touching and yet heartbreaking tribute of their former castmates who have passed away including: Frances Heflin, Ruth Warrick, Louis Edmonds, James Mitchell, Larkin Malloy, Mary Fickett, Elizabeth Lawrence, David Canary, Matthew Cowles and Eileen Herlie.

During the In-Memorium, the cameras caught Susan Lucci, Peter Bergman, and others in tears as the segment brought back so many heartfelt memories.

In case you missed the entire episode, Hallmark will be running the show again tomorrow at 12pmE/11C.

Watch the All My Children Home and Family In-Memorium Tribute after the jump.  Then let us know if you needed the hankies like we did seeing all of these wonderful familiar faces from this iconic series. . Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Alan says:

    So many classic characters portrayed by beloved actors — Agnes Nixon was a creative genius.


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I just watched the show and saw the segment. My tears flowed very freely. They are tears of sorrow and loss; but, also tears of joy and gratitude for having witnessed those wonderful performance and been a part of the amazing journey that is All My Children.


    Addison replied

    Beautifully put. They were family to many of us.


  3. vinman says:



    Denise Wolfgram replied

    I watched this yesterday and laughed, cried, and reminiced. Watching the Memorium brought years also. I hated some of the characters, but loved the actors who portrayed them. RIP wonderful talents. You are sorely missed.


    Celia replied

    Yeah, vinman….soooo bittersweet. Can’t stop crying.


    Shay replied

    Very bittersweet, CeeCeeGirl! And to think, the majority of those memorialized were already considered senior citizens when I first “met” them, yet, because they were such well-written, interesting individuals and gargantuan talents, I never recall that they seemed any less riveting to me than the younger breed of classic AMC characters….most of these actors—many of whom had silver screen and Broadway experience—had a genuine purpose in Pine Valley, whether it was as comic relief, parental/moral centers or even highly relevant participants in a particularly dramatic storyline….none of these players needed to prove their necessity by trying to appear cool, immature or in any way far less than their years to appeal or relate to the junior demographics…they were there to represent their respective generation(s) and proudly did so with dignity, grace and great aplomb, and that was more than enough to make us love them like our own! There was also an admirable number of them simultaneously found on the AMC canvas during the show’s heyday….my, how times have changed! We now have precious few real adults to speak of, let alone, truly exemplary ones…..most are often more unhinged and unmoored than even their own children….quite tragic really. To illustrate that observation, I can only add that any day would I again choose to watch AMC’s Ruth Warrick’s take as Phoebe Tyler, the hilariously tipsy, tart-tongued society lush—who could strike the fear in family, friends and foes alike with her epic dressing-downs—over the shambolic, wine-sozzled trainwreck that is GH’s modern-day resident boozebabe, Alexis…”Phoebs” was an absolute laugh riot who still preached propriety even whilst under the influence, but Ms. Davis is just a pathetic, disgusting drunk. Moreover, as much as Palmer and Daisy were once a “combustible couple,” I could not imagine them wearing out the rugs at Courtlandt Manor with the same sort of aggressive rutting that was par for the course from the aforementioned Alexis and her boytoy, Julian. Yeah, times really have changed…and not necessarily for the better….

  4. loveafternoon says:

    Simply beautiful, Susan Lucci is a class act and such a wonderful spokeperson for AMC. To see such greats all together for Agnes’s forthcoming book…and with ABC regaining the rights to AMC, can we hope for more?! But this moment was lovely and thank you for featuring it, Michael.


  5. Barbara Weaver says:

    I will miss all my children’s actors and actresses that past on.


  6. Joanne Cecere says:

    Wow…This had me in tears…….such wonderful memories. I watched from the first day and they were my family too. How I miss this show, it was special. Afternoon are not the same for me. Thanks for posting, I have it on my DVR so I can watch again and again.


  7. Howie says:

    Thank you to all those involved in getting this reunion together. Loved the memories that it brought back of my teenage years.


  8. Tivette says:

    The very BEST of many fond and unforgettable memories this entire week on the Hallmark Home and Family focus on AMC and the immensely gifted actors we have had the years of pleasure to enjoy!


  9. su0000 says:

    ohh geez..
    My soap guru grandma neighbor ;
    she doesn’t have a computer. So when something good is shown, as this, I ask her over to watch on my uuuge big screen tv, she likes that..
    So– I ran this for her and she cried..
    I felt so bad I made her cry…. I didn’t know what to and simply gave her toilet paper (had no Kleenex) made her tea ..
    We talked, well she did about that time and the characters, she likes to do that..

    She became better, herself again, and she asked to see it again. I actually played it 2 more times for her..
    One of her comments; ”I outlived them, wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back”
    ((she is 80 something))


  10. vinman says:

    Just noticed … mention of Larry Keith…who played Nick Davis.


    Rose replied

    I saw the first episode and watched for years and years. I enjoyed the Home shows w/ Susan and especially the last one w/ the look back. How sad that 1/2 of my first super couple, Richard Hatch/Phillip Brent died days after this and wasn’t included. I cried during the in memorium, for the characters because they were family/friends. But Susan and the other cast members were all wiping tears for their friends. That’s how the “stories” aka soaps were for us. I also noticed, Larry/Nick was missing and was shocked. He was a key character in the lives of the Tylers, Cains, Brent’s, but especially in Erica’s life. A twitter friend and I talked about it and I shared this youtube tribute to Larry Keith..


    vinman replied

    Rose…thank you for sharing ; that’s when soaps were “stories”.Nick Davis….bringing back fond memories of the Kanes,Tylers,Brents and all the residents of Pine Valley, PA.❤

  11. Rodd says:

    A Lovely segment.


  12. Beth says:

    I was emotional but holding it together until David Canary showed up in the clips. Then I cried like a baby. I miss that show so much. One positive thought, though, is that so many of these actors had left AMC for greener pastures and weren’t even there when the lights went out on ABC, and still they are loyal to the show and understand its legacy, and why us fans still love the show.


  13. James R. Poissant says:

    I loved seeing Matthew Cowles in character as Billy Clyde Toggle brandishing a gun. He was so good being a slime that you had to love him.


    Sherri replied

    I watched AMC until the very end and it was just wonderful to see everyone. It was also sad to see the ones that passed on loved the entire episode..


    dmr replied

    I remember when Billy Clyde returned in the 90′s and it was so exciting to have the character back!


    Delores Jenkins replied

    Yes I agree, I don’t think anyone else could’ve pulled it off
    He was one of a kind, And he will definitely be missed.


    Nancy replied

    I loved Billy Clyde,. He was so fun to watch. Matthew was a terrific actor.


  14. Kyle says:

    Lovely, touching, and warm reunion for AMC (in between distracting lip pumping, scrapbooking, and cooking segments). So fun to see everybody, even Silver Kane! Beautiful tribute to AMC actors who have passed (thank you to Kim Delaney who mentioned Anne Meara). I wish the reunion ended on a happier note but all in all it was beautifully done and I’m thankful for it. So touching to revisit Agnes Nixon’s hospital scene with Susan Lucci.


  15. Carla Rodriguez says:

    So glad my mom had me watch All My Children with her as a child. I passed it on to my kids. I am just hoping ABC will use the iconic residents of Pine Valley in some form or fashion. US devoted fans will be sure to watch.


  16. Lisa says:

    Shedding tears……beautiful !


  17. Ray says:

    There are not many days that I do not think about this show. There seems to be a hole in the TV lineup at 1:00 on ABC. I still miss Erica, Jack, Adam, Brooke, Kendall, Bianca, Opal, Krystal, JR, Tad and Dixie. I loved it most when Babe/JR/Jamie were on it. Brooke and Erica’s catfights were always entertaining. I loved the Michael Cambias storyline, although the rape scene with Bianca was tough to watch. There are so many good stories and memories and I, like all of the others, wish this show could be brought back, along with OLTL.


  18. John Gordon says:

    All very touching, but what is REALLY annoying is ABC’s lack of understanding about what this show truly MEANT to people and how iconic it was – and that, while they could have trimmed it down, they didn’t even CONSIDER that, just screamed CANCEL – they didn’t think about experimenting with another model of the show or combining it with One Life to Live in a new presentation. I know that Prospect Park tried, and failed to really capture the heart of the original show – and maybe they were ahead of things in doing an on-line presentation – but ABC now has the rights back to the characters and could certainly do a shortened re-launch if they wanted to, but probably won’t -


  19. Lew S. says:

    Great show! I still miss AMC.


  20. Lou piikes says:

    I don’t get the Hallmark channel. Where can I go to view the whole reunion special online?


  21. Darren says:

    It was good to see Taylor Miller ex Nina, she is still a pretty lady. I loved Nina and Cliff.


  22. boes says:

    That’s amazing, so touching. I’ve wanted AMC back since it left and this makes me want it that much more.


  23. Claudio says:

    I love Susan Lucci,. She is a very talented actress. I want Susan Lucci, to come back to Daytime. Y&R need to call Susan and hire her. She can have an affair with Victor Newman. Imagine the scenes with Victor, and have a big cat fight with Nikki.


    O replied

    Or put her with Jack Abbott


  24. Carmen says:

    Man I miss AMC, bring it back for 30 minutes.


  25. dmr says:

    I loved watching All My Children as a child in the ’80′s. My favorites were Jenny and Greg. I thought Jenny was so beautiful and I remember her jet skiing accident and dying in the hospital. I also loved Cliff and Nina. Such great memories of a classic time in daytime history. I remember Opal, the Glamour-rama (sp), Myrtle and her boutique, the Gold Post, and so many classic, heart touching storylines.


  26. Ricardo says:

    OLTL and AMC should not have been cancelled,. ABC made a huge mistake in cancelling OLTL and AMC. I hope ABC choke on it. They will never admit there mistake.


  27. Still a fan says:

    What a wonderful reunion for the fans is All My Children. To be able to turn on the television and see all of these wonderful actors all in the same place was just great. To be reminded of the stories that were told and to hear how much it meant to the actors that told the story was great. This is how you do a reunion. I remember almost all of the clips that were shown. There is nothing that compares to daytime drama. I started watching in the summer of 1978. Started with The Edge of Night and watched the ABC lineup. And Search for Tomorrow in and never stopped watching. Still watch 3 of the remaining soaps. Thank you Hallmark for bringing this reunion. Would love to see more.


  28. Kimberly Heid says:

    I miss everyone so much. It’s much like my real family. The Grama’s and grandpas that held the family together are all gone.


  29. Valerie B says:

    I miss AMC and OLTL everyday. It was part of my life like the charactors were. I cried when I saw this clip, so many actors from the show that passed away. Heres a thought-If you can’t bring AMC back on TV, how about releasing all the episodes on DVD? I would watch this show from beginning to end all over again!!! Great memories from a great show…


  30. June Hallman says:

    I wish they would release the tapes from the original air dates till now I WOULD BUY THEM ALL AND i AM SURE MANY OTHERS WOULD TOO.


    darlene replied

    I would buy them too! What a huge mistake ABC made cancelling this show.


  31. Donna says:

    REALLY enjoyed seeing Susan Lucci all week as a guest host but the reunion was the BEST – I watched AMC from the beginning and the characters Agnes created were so very entertaining – I really miss the show and would love to see it released on DVD


  32. Gia says:

    I agree, please release this show on DVD.


  33. ScoobyDum says:

    Other sites are speculating on a new run on Netflix. I think if they kept it to 12 episodes at a time like their other shows, focused on quality of the writing (social issues stories, family dynamics, and romance…what AMC did best in its hey day with Nixon), and got enough fan favorite vets to come back, they would definitely be able to find an audience. And no swearing or explicit sex scenes so as not to offend older, conservative viewers.


  34. John Gordon says:

    Yes there are rumors that NETFLIX could possibly do a re-launch of ALL MY CHILDREN, but nothing has been confirmed. Why couldn’t they do it as a weekly show? Times have changed and it doesn’t have to be a daily serial – I think the fans would accept a new model of the show, intermingling exisiting characters with new faces – why not?


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