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6 September 14th, 2015 WATCH: Freddie Smith, Molly Burnett, Spencer Neville & Judi Evans In HIKER THE MOVIE Trailer!


Freddie Smith’s (Sonny) first project post Days of our Lives, the horror flick, Hiker The Movie has released it’s official trailer!

The project which stars Smith along with some former and current DAYS notables including:  Spencer Neville (Derrick), Molly Burnett (Melanie), Judi Evans (Adrienne), and Smith’s real life girlfriend, Alyssa Tabit  features some scary and heart-stopping moments to it while having a play on the horror film genre.  According to the trailer teaser line: “A group of college students go on a hike to film a new workout segment for Brett Fleischmann’s channel. But when the kids get off the beaten path, they are kidnapped by an odd family that lives in the woods.”

The film uses the Go Pro camera technique which allows the camera to be fastened to helmets and gear to give the point of view that it is happening to the person now, and a sense of heightened excitement to the action.

Watch Hiker The Movie the official trailer after the jump.  Then us know your initial reaction to it in the comment section below!

Hiker Official Trailer (2015) from Freddie Smith on Vimeo.

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  1. Mateo says:

    Four words: The Blair Witch Project. Hopefully the gimmick will work.


  2. blake says:

    I would like to see this. It’s great seeing Freddie and Molly again, and mostly for that hot Spencer Neville that was the fine bell boy on Days.


  3. mollie says:

    IDK…doesn’t appeal to me at all.


  4. Tom Jenkins says:

    The concept of the movie itself sounds inane to be honest.
    Would I watch it just to see Spencer Neville in something, yes I would.
    Days of Our Lives should have developed his character and offered him a
    generous contract and maybe had character be a confused bisexual to get
    more of an open performance out of him and spread him out further on the
    canvas. But no, no, they wouldn’t do that, that’s too revolutionary. Instead let’s
    do a story about Ben not being the real father to Abigail’s baby…..Yawn….zzzzz….
    like THAT hasn’t been done on soaps 10000 times.


  5. Gmbenet says:

    Not a very good trailer. Couldn’t understand what was going on. Director and/or writer failed to communicate the story as outlined in the writing on this page. Horor flicks are not my cup of tea anyway, but you really couldn’t tell this was a horor flick except for the person with the mask. Back to the drawing board for this one!


  6. Lyon Baker says:

    Trailer is HORRIBLE – looks like it should be rated POS (piece of____) -
    Freddie Smith left Days of our Lives to do THIS?? I don’t mind a suspenseful movie but I don’t like girls (or guys) being tied up and tortured, no thanks.
    I think it’s fine that actors, while they are of a certain young age, want to branch out and not get caught in that soap-to-soap merry go round that many actors latch on to. However, if you are going to “branch out” at least try to find a quality film to do.


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