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11 October 27th, 2014 WATCH: GH’s Ryan Paevey Becomes EXTRA TV Correspondent & Interviews His Castmates and EP Frank Valentini!


When you’re in demand, you’re in demand, or as they say, “When you’re hot, you’re hot!”

General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey is doing double duty these days! First, as Detective Nathan West in Port Charles, and second, as an EXTRA TV correspondent!

Ryan got to chat it up with his GH co-stars who were visiting the Big Apple last week, and find out what’s in store for Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), Julian (William deVry), and Lucy (Lynn Herring) come November Sweeps!

But later in his EXTRA hosting segment, Ryan played the GH Plot Quiz Game with none other than GH executive producer, Frank Valentini, and cast member Jason Thompson (Patrick)! Check the video out to see how the game unfolds!  And later, Ryan is made the focus when the EXTRA anchors ask him about his love life, and his crazy relationship with his on-screen family!

After the jump, watch Ryan’s segment.  Let us know what you think of his hosting talents!

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  1. rebecca1 says:

    At the risk of being redundant…SA MOKIN’!


  2. su0000 says:

    General Hospital has the most diverse cast of all the soaps..
    Most all the talent/actors have other projects, and that is good for them..
    And- that is one reason GH has the best stars/actors of all the soaps, they are able to pursue!!
    GH is doing wonderful well, a big happy family, no backstage drama, as another soap we know has lol ..


  3. Stefano says:

    Ryan is one hot hot man, I love him so much as Nathan on GH. His acting is terrific and eye candy LOL. I do have a boyfriend, who is hot too, but I can still watch my Nathan on GH, with his shirt off.


    CeeCee replied

    That’s what I say. Stefano! I’m married, but I can still admire other men…..or beautiful people, in general. I equate it to admiring a piece of art….such as da Vinci’s LA GIOCONDA, Michelangelo’s DAVIDE or one of his Madonnas, for instance.
    The only problem I have, I forbade my husband from looking at other women….I know, I’m not very fair…LOL.
    And I do agree, contrary to popular opinion, Ryan can act. His remarkable good looks just enhance his craft…and, those who naysay his talent are just jealous…LOL


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    R.P.(Nathan) is slowly improving as an actor…i remember when the young actor who plays Morgan didnt start off too well and now he is doing a fine job…i think RP will be there in about another year!!!


    dmr replied

    Bryan Craig (Morgan) has certainly improved his acting chops! I used to refer to Morgan and Kiki as “the village idiots.” As a character, Morgan has show maturity and I do enjoy Morgan’s scenes with Ava. I think now that Ryan has more lines to say and scenes to play in-other than his existence having to be all about Nina-that he has shown growth, as well.


    CeeCee replied

    I agree., dmr, I am not a fan of Morgan…..but, I thoroughly enjoyed his antagonistic behavior towards Sonny….Morgan was a man today when he stood up to Sonny.
    He saw right through his father’s lies.
    Yes, I think Ava and Morgan are perfect match, however, the age difference will eventually get in the way…be an obstacle later.

    KansasGuest replied

    Paevey has always been better in more personal scenes than the detective ones IMO. He seemed more comfortable playing the good son to Donna Mills, & talking to Lulu in the bar when he first started than the detective-with-a-chip-on-his-shoulder grilling Silas & Sam. I think the writers found his strength & are playing to it – which is portraying a decent, upstanding, classy guy without being boring. That’s harder to do than most people think


  5. richard says:

    Morgan has def improved in his acting game!! As has Ryan aka Nathan. Knowing FV, i’m sure he hired Ryan, personally!!! Haha. ;)


  6. Isabel L. McManus says:

    Ryan Paevey is the most beautiful man I have ever seen and I’ve seen beauty. OMG General hospital BRAVO!


  7. Isabel L. McManus says:

    Small follow-up. First time I heard Ryan’s DEEP voice, I said from a distance who is that? I was in the kitchen. I ran in to see that unfamiliar voice was I honestly Froze, sat down and said OMG…What a – beautiful man. And OMG that voice. Hotter to me than Brad Pitt and those gorgeous Hemsworth brothers. (Still love them). Ryan stole my heart. I hope he stops in Brooklyn one day. I’d like to see him up close. Nice to see him everyday!


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