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10 January 19th, 2015 WATCH Jason Thompson Do His “Nancy Lee Grahn” Impersonation For GH NOW!


If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the comedic talents of Mr. Jason Thompson, (Dr. Patrick Drake) of General Hospital, you are in for a real treat thanks to this video ditty from the Nancy Lee Grahn hosted digital series, GH Now!

Nancy called attention to this fun spoof of Jason doing Nancy as she prepares to go on set to tape a scene for General Hospital!  As you might expect … some political talk is involved!  The Daytime Emmy winner tweeted at her castmates,  “How well does Jason Thompson know me?”

Several of Nancy and Jason’s responded to the impersonation by tweeting their thoughts!  Kirsten Storms (Maxie) commented,“Watch This Perfection!” and Finola Hughes  (Anna) chimed in with “Hahahaha!! That’s perfect!!”

Watch Jason doing Nancy after the jump! Then let us know, did he have her down …  or what?

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  1. su0000 says:

    I notice how the cast members of GH really have fun..
    They are a happy cast, no doubt of that..
    GH– has a fun cast, fun writers, and that shows and makes it fun to watch..
    ((no melodrama behind the screens and everyone respects and likes everyone, it doesn’t get any better than that..
    and most all have other projects they also love to do, and that is a good thing ..
    I suspect that is a reason Billy Miller and Michelle came over, it is a huge thing to the actors to be able to do other projects, and that makes everyone happy campers!

    At the moment Roger and Michelle are off script doing thier other things, as is Ava..
    When they return they will be highlighted in their upfront stories while the others have their time off to do their things.. Very cool..

    One thing I absolutely love about GH–
    the same 11 or 9 people are not on screen every day, day after day, month after month, year after year, the same top 9 people upfront in my face everyday=boring ….
    GH rotates so I never get sick and tired of anyone, they switch on upfront stories, and i look forward to to whoever is off to come back!!
    Now, I am excited for Franco and Nina to return..


    KansasGuest replied

    I agree with everything you said. I think the reason I stopped watching so many years ago was that nothing would happen for a whole week with the same people on screen for 5 days. B-O-R-I-N-G!!! My preference is indeed faster pacing, multiple interweaving storylines, and characters that rotate in importance every 4-6 weeks. I LOVE Ava. But, what’s happening on-screen is still interesting. So I really don’t miss her right now. I also like how the other characters have been updating what happens off-screen, like Lucas talking about Morgan being aimless & lost without his big brother. That feels true & lets viewers know that just because characters are off-screen doesn’t mean they are permanently gone.


    CeeCee replied

    Great post, Su…very informative and well said. Later.


  2. Rebecca1 says:

    Very cute!


  3. Vimoda! says:

    I really get what you are saying, and as far as Roger H. is concerned, I hope you are right, really love him. I just want to know where is my Sabrina??? So bored with all of the characters right now, haven’t really watched in a couple of months…really sad don’t connect with but maybe four of the characters, but this too shall pass!!!


    Rebecca1 replied

    There were rumors that Sabrina would be gone…but Michael just told Lucas that she would be working at his clinic. So we shall see…


  4. Christy Boyle says:

    Jason, you did Nancy perfect!!!! Hope hope they match you back up with Robin. It’s too weird with Sam. You’re better with Robin and that adorable littlle girl that plays your daughter.


  5. Shirley MacDonald says:

    Sorry, I spelled William’s last name wrong should of been deVry


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