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6 October 17th, 2016 WATCH: Michelle Stafford Welcomes DAYS Galen Gering To SINGLE MOM A GO GO!


On the latest edition of Michelle Stafford’a (Nina, GH) vodcast, Single Mom A Go Go, she welcomes her very good friend and Days of our Lives star, Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) for some off the cuff banter!

From marriage, relationships, cupcakes, breaking down a script, how they handle it if they don’t like the story they are given to tell on their respective soaps and more, Stafford and Gering have plenty topics to mull over, and often times hilarity ensues! For the vodcast, Gering had requested that Michelle wear the white dress she wore at the Daytime Emmys, and she complied, and Galen wore a white shirt as well.  Galen also talks about the origin of his first name and how he broke into modeling at the start of his career.

Watch Single Mom A Go Go with Michelle and Galen after the jump.  Then let us know what you thought of the episode?

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  1. Ts Tasha Jones says:

    I love this show & Michelle. It is nice to be taken out of the soap world and get to know her and her guests more on who they are away from the soap world. I loved her other show as well. Congrats Michelle for keeping it real!


  2. Timmm says:

    I love Michelle and I bet she reads this site. Michelle, I stated before and I will state this again, you need clip on mics! Its 2016! You and your guests holding mics is annoying and the sound fades in and out! What is the this, “The Donny and Marie Show!” Luv ya!


    Patrick replied

    YES… thank you

    hands free for a more intimate setting… and a comfortable flow

    like singers use… the mic is right in front of their mouth…. easy , yah ?


    Timmm replied

    I love her and she is so talented and her guests are the best I just dont want to have to struggle to enjoy. Like I said Patrick, its 2016!

  3. Patrick says:

    I was taken aback… at the nonsense cussing… and lame converse…. ation

    I’ve only watched 2 eps… that being… the wonderful… bestie Kassie DePaiva

    what a lady and a treasure… and I thoroughly enjoyed these two ladies

    what a turn.. it was pottie mouth NONSENSE… what gives ?

    because she’s with a man… and he’s doggone handsome to boot? so she had to get cutesy cutesy

    she mentioned several times… how she wants the show to be honest ? at what ?

    I don’t know.. is it because these actors are contracted to networks.. that they have to completely watch what they say for for job safety ? I’m certain it is

    so… the topics of conversation went no where

    ie: since this show can be found on youtube… I was in complete agreement … with posters on that site

    there was no reason for the immature antics . the end.

    that being said… I agree with Michelle Stafford that she and Galen Gerring are alike and they were with their male / female counterpart. have to watch to agree.

    I was completely taken … as I am want… “Rafe’alicious” Galen Gerring… having never heard him speak… outside of press for DAYS and what posts I’ve read on this blog

    I have likened him to the current day ; get it ; Cary Grant

    dang it… he’s so fine… the camera is in love

    he has surefire presence… so different from Rafe. Galen is a self assured guy.. and that’s no small thing… right on !

    I’ve read a lot of press… and all his castmates agree he’s a funny guy. he is

    he’s disarming… and I love his take on how his character Rafe reels.

    I still don’t think Rafe needs to be saddled with Hope… to this day… he continues to give Hope leeway… as she always has a heavy load to bear. poo poo… yeah.. over
    he needs a woman he can start a family with; bear him children; Carrie ! right ?

    I’m upset that it seems like DAYS is writing Aiden in to a corner… with the blackmailing of Hope / Rafe / Roman… of Stefano death… hopefully Aiden… prior to his downfall… WHICH I CLEARLY do not want to happen… as Daniel Cosgrove is his OWN LEAD’ing man perhaps let’s Andre in on what’s going on… with the phoenix

    I hope DAYS finds a way to keep Christie Clark… and just start a Rafe / Carrie romance. with Anna DiMera back… why not feature a new family… with core character connect.

    perhaps Michelle Stafford.. needs to show her and guest out and about in LA eating somewhere and taking walks… running in to fans … for more reaction… or at the very least take phone calls.


  4. Rebecca1 says:

    Sooooo glad she took the advice to calm down and let her guests talk. I think she needs a do-over with Will DeVry; he was cut off so many times it could be turned into a contest…”Guess What He Was About To Say..” lol. My other suggestion would be a line I’m lifting from a show…”Don’t try so hard to be interesting.” Meaning…you don’t have to say fukk, penis and vagina, LOL, to be relevant. It’s like a guy I dated who thought it was so cool to wear sunglasses at night or indoors. If you have to try so hard to be cool…lose the glasses!


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