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49 May 24th, 2014 WATCH: Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy Nominee Reels! Who Should Win?

In a year when some of the finest performances were in the Lead Actress category, it;s down to four women who will vie for the gold at the upcoming 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Award to be handed out on Sunday night, June 22nd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

NATAS released the nominated reels and performances of this year’s competitors for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category which include: The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Days of our Lives Eileen Davidson (Kristen) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole).

Read the official synopsis of the ladies submissions that landed them in the final spots and then at the end of the post watch a video playlist of the four nominated performances! Then let us know, who do you think should win the Emmy?

Heather Tom  – The Bold and the Beautiful

Dollar Bill Spencer has been having a love affair with his wife Katie’s sister, Brooke Logan.  When the affair began, it was complicated. Katie had postpartum depression and hoped that Bill would have a chance at love even if it was not with her. But home now and well again, Katie never in a million years would have thought that her sister and her husband would betray her in the way that they did.  And then, to keep the secret from her all this time.  You know what they say; Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Now that the secret is out, Bill attempts to restore Katie’s faith in their relationship but Katie worries about Brooke’s feelings for Bill getting in the way. When Brooke arrives at the house, Katie’s anger gets the best of her. She becomes unable to control her emotions as she presses Bill and Brooke for answers about their adulterous affair. Ultimately, not able to stand it anymore, she does the unthinkable and cuts both her sister and her husband out of her life forever.

Katherine Kelly Lang  – The Bold and the Beautiful

Original cast member Katherine Kelly Lang portrays Brooke Logan, the oldest Logan sister who finds herself once again having done something wrong for the right reason.   Brooke fought her feelings for the powerful Bill Spencer, because she knew that he was her sister Katie’s husband. But Katie, in the throes of postpartum depression, did everything she could to bring Brooke and Bill together to find happiness for themselves and to create a home for her young son, Will.  When Katie recovered, Brooke urged Bill and Katie to reunite, which they did until Katie learned of their affair. Then, Katie left Bill and took his company leaving Brooke and Bill to revel in their newfound love. Now, after a fateful turn of events during a trip to Aspen, Colorado, Bill tells Brooke that he has had an epiphany and must do the right thing.

Eileen Davidson  – Days of our Lives

Kristen Blake is mad. Marlena has caused not one but two of Kristen’s weddings to implode. The first husband to be was John Black 14 years prior. He is now Marlena’s husband. The second, and Kristen’s true love, was Brady Black. Yep, John Black’s son. Granted, Kristen had a bad track record of doing somewhat unconscionable things to people. However, her love for Brady was real and had changed her for the better. Unfortunately, Marlena told Brady about one of Kristen’s schemes that she had put into motion before she fell in love with Brady.  Shortly before their wedding, Brady cruelly rejects and abandons Kristen, leaving her on her knees much like John Black had done 14 years before. Marlena comes back to see Kristen to rub salt in the wound. Kristen does not take it well.

Arianne Zucker  – Days of our Lives

Nicole’s first love Eric Brady comes back to town as a priest and Nicole finds she is still in love with him.  Eric is drugged and raped by Kristen Dimera and when his memory of the assault begins to return, he remembers a blonde.  He accuses Nicole of the sexual assault and she is devastated by his accusations and beliefs. When the truth comes out, he tries to apologize but Nicole does not have forgiveness in her heart.

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  1. andrew hass says:

    I think all 4 actresses are great but i want Eileen Davidson to win.


    Tommy Moss replied

    Sharon Case should of made this cut she is amazing


    TT replied

    I want Sharon to win YR she always gets snubbed . Booooo Not watching this year now


    Kim Huck replied

    Surprised Sharon Case did not get nominated after all she went through with the bipolar and lost her daughter again


    Mama replied

    Enough with discussing SHARON CASE in every nominee reel thread. She hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy in 11 years.

    I love her too but it’s time to face facts: the Emmy panel doesn’t care for her much these days. She’s had her day, won her Emmy, let’s move on.

    Terry replied

    Either one of the two from Bold and the beautiful will win.


  2. Cathy Borruso says:

    Finola or that’s right she didn’t get nominated then Eileen Davidson Days


  3. Jeanne says:

    Don’t know any of them. The only soap I watch is General Hospital! :-)


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Arianne(Nicole) or Eileen(Kristen) id love to see win but Heather Tom is also good…by the way why is Bold and Beautiful next to Eileens name which talks about her role on Days?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I see its been corrected…thanks Micheal!!!


  5. Jerrica says:

    EILEEN FOR THE WIN!! Superb acting she was giving us in that reel w/ all different ranges and moods. Her winning an Emmy is long overdue . #LeadActress #BowDownB**ches (in Beyoncé voice


  6. tskyent says:

    I’m amazed on how they over looked General Hospital!


    code replied

    Yes the fifth nominee should have been maura west or finola hughes.


    4everDAYS replied

    They need to change the rules so all soaps can be celebrated.


  7. code says:

    I pulling for Elieen davidson and arianne zucker go team days


  8. Becky says:

    Anyone but KKL. There was one line she didn’t whisper and it was better than her usual; not enough to win an emmy. I thought Eileen Davidson’s reel was very good (don’t watch the soap). Heather Tom is always wonderful.


  9. 4everDAYS says:

    I’m a DAYS fan, but I still think it’s BS that only two soaps are honored/celebrated here. It’s time for a change in more ways than one. And the winner is…EILEEN DAVIDSON!

    #2. Arianne Zucker
    #3. Heather Tom
    #4. Katherine Kelly Lang

    I’m very disappointed that there is not representation of all six soaps in this category! I hope to see all four soaps equally represented in all categories next year!!!


    andrew hass replied

    In a perfect world every soap should have at least one nominee in each category but life is not perfect.However the Emmy could limit a soap can only have 2 nominees in a category and not more than that.Plus this year some categories have 4 nominees and others have 5.Also maybe the Emmys can stipulate that each category from now on must have the same amount of nominees each year.


  10. Mary SF says:

    I know Heather was won it many times before but based on these reels if she doesn’t win it again I would be shocked. This is just the kind of scene that emmy panel loves– and she did it brilliantly. Her only obstacle is her previous wins. The emmy panel might think she deserves it, but won’t give it to her again just on principle.

    The next on the list if Heather is passed over due to her other wins is ED– a dramatic scene with just right about of tears and shouting to display a good range of emotions.

    KKL was okay but the scene wasn’t the kind drama the emmy panels go for. As for AZ, I love her, but if she didn’t win last year with her miscarriage scenes this scene with Eric ain’t going get her any gold.


  11. Al says:

    Eileen Davidson For The Win!!!!!!!


  12. lynn says:

    Arianne all the way. I felt the emotion in the scene and I like how Nicole stood up to Eric. She even made him cry in the scene!


  13. Joel says:

    It’s gonna be a close race! Davidson over Lang by a thread…

    1. Davidson
    2. Lang
    3. Tom
    4. Zucker


  14. Nikki says:

    Hands down, Eileen Davidson. It’s not even a question. The other three actresses are great (although, personally, I don’t understand the fuss over Heather Tom), but they can’t hold a candle to, not only her reel, but her entire year. She dominated Days of Our Lives, without making it stale or annoying. Kristen could’ve easily been a cartoon, but Eileen presents such raw emotion and flawless range, that there were moments where you loved her, hated her, loved to hate her, and hated to love her. I’m not sure that can be said of the other performances.

    I will say that I am still deeply disappointed by the women of General Hospital being completely overlooked. Several turned out incredible, breathtaking performances that should have granted one of them a nod. Maura West and Laura Wright both had fantastic moments, but the omission of Finola Hughes isn’t only sad, but it’s criminal. I think she would have actually been REAL competition for Eileen and I’ll never understand how these other three actresses gained a nod over her.

    On a slightly unrelated note, I ADORE Arianne and think she’s been overlooked far too long in the past, but I always considered her more of a Supporting Actress. I find it odd that she submitted, and got nominated, in the Lead category.


  15. Jimmy says:

    My first choice would be Eileen Davidson but Heather Tom’s reel was amazing, yes she’s one two years in a row now but this reel is her strongest and she was on fire! I think Eileen deserves it more though.


    Joel replied

    She’s actually won three years in a row. Won in supporting the year before going to lead. It’s time for another fine actress to get the gold.


  16. Jules says:

    It’s a clear race between Eileen and Heather. I’m pulling for Eileen! DAYS first Lead Actress win and hardware recognition to the best actress of 2013.


    Jules replied

    ….My mistake. First Lead Actress win since Susan Flannery in 1975!


    Patrick replied

    isn’t that something : 1975 – 2014 : 39 years later

    from Susan Flannery
    to Eileen Davidson

    in between ALL this

    Days of OUR Lives swimmingly surpassed eclipsed reigns and supremes ALL others…

    I daresay… this year should include a WIN for two years in a row…. best show

    I am continually bowled over… at the seamless execution… of DAYS production… a cohesive knit gelling feather in their cap…. accolades


    my “DAYS” in Salem

    Loving it

  17. su0000 says:

    I do feel any of the 4 nominated are all that good..
    there has much better by others in the soaps, for the year..
    There are many opinions of who should win..
    everybody has their likes and dislikes, as do the Judges..

    The judges will pick who they like better, not necessarily who is the best :)
    As the people here, liking this one over that one, so will the judges..
    It is a win by personal opinions ..


  18. Omar says:

    I so want the ladies from DOOL to win so bad but that reel from Heather Tom is awesome..Based on reels, she will be once again the emmy winner..Everywhere she goes, she is awesome.

    Hope Eileen get enough votes from the veteran voters and win a much deserved Emmy.


    Jules replied

    I know I shouldn’t hope for such a thing, but hopefully her Days and Y&R friends voted for her.


    Patrick replied

    Eileen Davidson is the consummate professional

    even after being fired/let go.. from Y&R… she remained

    what a person… to go back and forth and ream multitudes of … and new generations of : legions of FANS

    isn’t it so like her… to put aside… step aside… and just deliver … HER product… her range of acting choices… that continually resonate… almost dependable… and taken for granted….

    a true tour de force acting bonanza… a steely inner resolve that comes to show… meets her mark… she sparks… makes alive… what you will…

    i’m in satiated mode… feasted… beaming… OK… she’s the best in the business… has been

    standing ovation for this lady

    @Jules… I know what you mean… what with CBS having 2 shows to block… and steal a win

    I don’t get the fascination… of Heather Tom… after she’s done crying… and pained out…

    what’s she about?

    Eileen Davidson for the record

    k/kay replied

    @Patrick I think this could go three ways ED because she had a good reel never won before, HT because we like over kill think Erika Slezak, Tony Geary, Justin Deas & Kim Zimmer. Or KKL if Brad Bell called in all his markers! Lol

  19. Jay says:

    Most definitely Eileen Davidson! She displayed more than ONE emotion out of all the reels in this category. Not only was she great in this scene but GREAT all year on Days.


  20. Jeff says:

    Eileen Davidson from this list, but where is Laura Wright??


  21. aria says:

    the expression when hell freezes over is so true in the case of katherine kelly lang, a raszberrie award yes, an emmy? heather tom, will probably submit something were she will be crying alot, an for some reason they call that acting, i prefer to a toss to either of the dool ladies, over bb. but overall worse group of nominees i’ve seen in a while.


  22. Laurie says:

    I watch Days and love both Eileen and Arianne…but Eileen deserves this one all the way!!


  23. Fran says:

    They are all really good but I’d love to see Katherine Kelly Lang win. She’s been nominated many times and never won. I’d also like to see Doug Davidson win. He’s never won before either. I’d like to see some of the ones that have won so many times before take their name out of the pot and give others a chance to win. It seems that the same ones win over and over. JMO


    Jules replied

    KKL was only nominated twice- once last year, where she lost, and this year.

    DD won last year for Lead Actor.


  24. janet says:

    Arianne Zucker. I don’t watch any of the shows nominated but watching these. She deserved it. She was the most natural actor and even to get her point across she didn’t chew the scenery. I have watched her on days and she has the talent.


  25. Travis T Thomas says:

    As an actor, Im gonna through my opinion in. And before anyone yells at me, Im just stating my opinion. I watch these shows year round, and definitely agree it should go to ED based on her performance all year. But panel voters only judge on the reels, and I must say as much as I LOVE ED, HT’s reel is an actors dream. Maybe Im losing my mind, but I remember another scene that ED and DH shared that was mesmerizing. It took place in the living room as well. I remember Kristen pulling on her hair in the mirror as if she was going bananas. Now that scene was fire. She went from yelling at Marlena to weeping for what she lost. Maybe that was after the video tape fiasco. Anyway, I can see this going to HT based solely on the reel. Not every panel voter watches all year like we do.


  26. Rj says:

    Would love to see Arianne Zucker win. She has been consistently strong in portraying all the different sides of Nicole. She can display a variety of emotions so naturally – she can be vulnerable, mean, tough, angry,, sweet, manipulative, untruthful, compassionate, sensitive, loving, and she is believeable in all roles.

    Eileen Davidson is excellent too, she has done a great job portraying the evil, manipulative, vengeful Kristen, but Arianne has been portraying Nicole for a long time , and she has shown a wide range of emotions and character personality.


  27. Jay says:

    Heather Tom just own her 3rd Lead Actress Emmy. Flawless reel.


  28. Patrick says:

    Heather Tom accolades her red carpet

    “My post partum was ugly and brutal.. but that did not force you in to bed with each other”

    Histrionics… not emmy work. “ruined, my life”

    “if you dare” as she tells Bill … Leave my house

    I listen to my heart beating… her bun pulled back too severe rote volumes… step down

    collect your treasures.. those 5 emmys and skip real

    you didn’t have it

    Joan Crawford did better

    dollar Bill and Brooke actually let her acting anguish and deal loss

    she’s not parlaying any thing in the history books… by winning… her 6th emmy
    she doesnt deserve it this year


  29. Patrick says:

    “the rest of your putrid little life”

    as Kristen gold digs saint Marlena

    He was all over me

    his pants weren’t down to his ankles.. but… he acted with

    he salivated his extra part and come hithered his cro-magnon

    the writing… for DAYS which as stated goes hand in hand… the ante that the actors produce WITH: production

    is STELLAR

    standing ovation… what an opportune time.. it IS to be a Salem’ite.

    beyond expectation

    Eileen Davidson : did this with: cast , crew, and writing team… BRAVO



    she wins

    as she always does



  30. Gmbenet says:

    I want a two-way tie between Arianne and Eileen.


  31. Deborah Walden says:

    Nichole Waker/ Ms. Zucker. Very intense scenes difficult life decisions that are so dramatic because of the
    Demeanor of this brilliant actress.


  32. Patricia Gill says:

    Days of Our Lives is the BEST daytime drama ever! Their actors are all so talented. Nicole Walker (Ms. Zucker) is one of the best actresses I have ever seen. I liked her best when she is bubbly and funny but she really can show deep emotion like know one I’ve ever seen before. I hope the writers keep up their great work. Everyone deserves an Emmy on that show!!!!!


  33. VIKKYE says:



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