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44 May 20th, 2014 WATCH: Outstanding Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy Nominee Reels! Who Should Win?

Today, NATAS posted the nominated performances for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series categoryThese five men will vie for the gold statuette at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards to be handed out on Sunday night, June 22nd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California!

Nominated for Outstanding Supporting actor are:  Eric Martsolf (Brady) Days of our Lives, Steve Burton (Dylan) The Young and the Restless, Scott Clifton (Liam) The Bold and the Beautiful,  Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) General Hospital, and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) of General Hospital.

Below read the synopsis for each of the nominated performances.  Following that, check out the video playlist below which contains all five of the actor’s Emmy reels! After you check them out back-to-back, share your thoughts and let us know who you think should win?

Eric Martsolf – Days of our Lives

As his addiction to drugs and alcohol steadily worsens, Brady Black finds himself confronted by his friends and family. Determined to blame everyone else in his life for his “habit”, he lashes out at the very loved ones dedicated to see him through his torturous and self-destructive lifestyle.”

Scott Clifton  – The Bold and the Beautiful

Heartbroken and anguished at the loss of his unborn child due to a tragic traffic accident, Liam turns to his father, the powerful Bill Spencer. Bill urges Liam to go ahead and let out all of his feelings, but not to his wife Steffy who is still in the hospital recovering. He urges Liam to say everything he wants to say to Steffy to him instead. In a heart-wrenching scene, Liam unleashes a torrent of emotion about his wife, his life, and the child he will never know, to his father. Later, Liam arrives at the hospital to take Steffy home.  Upon arriving at the cliff house, Liam warns Steffy that nursery items are still inside.  Wallowing in her own pain, Steffy turns to her husband and tells him to burn everything.

Bradford Anderson  – General Hospital

Damien Spinelli believed that his girlfriend, Ellie Trout decided to end their relationship on New Years’ Eve. Heartbroken and drunk, Spinelli turned to former lover/always a friend, Maxie Jones for a night of consolation sex. Spinelli soon learned that Ellie was involved in a terrible accident while on her way to see Spinelli. Spinelli & Maxie agreed to never speak of their indiscretion again. As Maxie’s surrogate pregnancy progressed, Ellie became suspicious of Maxie and soon learned Maxie’s secret. The day had come for Maxie to give birth to her best friend, Lulu Spencer & her husband, Dante Falconeri’s baby. Ellie knew that it was time that Spinelli learned the truth regarding Maxie & the baby!!

Dominic Zamprogna – General Hospital

2013 was to be a banner year for Dante Falconeri.  He & his wife, Lulu Spencer were expecting their first child via a surrogate, Maxie Jones.  But Lulu was kidnapped by psychopath, Stavros Cassadine.  Dante, along with Lulu’s parents, Luke and Laura rescued Lulu but quickly discovered that Lulu had amnesia! Dante wasn’t going to give up on his love and soon Lulu’s memory returned. Lulu & Dante welcomed their daughter, Connie into the world. Connie’s true maternity & paternity were revealed at Connie’s christening sending the Dante & Lulu into court to battle Maxie and Damien Spinelli for custody. Dante & Lulu lost the case and their daughter. Dante doesn’t know what will come next when it comes to his marriage and family with Lulu.

Steve Burton -The Young and the Restless

Dylan’s plans to leave town are shelved when one-night-stand Chelsea tells him she is carrying his baby. Virtual strangers at first, Chelsea and Dylan fall in love and marry, baby Connor is born, and the little family is blissfully happy until Chelsea is forced to confess the truth: Connor is really her ex-husband’s child, not Dylan’s, and she knew it all along. She tries to convince Dylan that nothing needs to change and pleads with him to stay – but will he listen?


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  1. su0000 says:

    I want;

    Bradford Anderson/Damien Spinelli .. GH

    Spinelli is not a replaceable character, Spin is onto his own..
    It is a difficult character to play and Bradford portrays Spinelli with perfection..

    I’d vote for Spinelli/Bradford !!


  2. code says:

    Eric martsolf and steve burton have the best reels. Don’t count out bradford anderson


  3. Calvin says:

    Bradford Anderson! I miss his character Spinelli. It was great to see him on the 20th on the show again.


    harry replied

    I concur. I miss him too—what a talent.


  4. aria says:

    as long as its not steve burton!


    Sand replied

    I totally agree! ….couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag


    scyren replied

    Did you even watch the clip but it’s very good.

  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Bradford is my first choice and Eric is my second…would be nice to see Dominic win…Dominic and Scott tie in 3rd…no to Steve, sorry Dullan…lol


  6. andrew hass says:

    I have nothing against the other 4 nominees in this category and i think they are all good actors but i want Bradford Anderson to win the Emmy.I think last year Bradford did his best work ever.


  7. Johnny says:

    I am torn. Eric Martsolf is one of the most underrated actors on soaps. He elevates the material he is given. I would like to see him win. But Bradford did some really outstanding work during the baby mess and really knocked everyone’s socks off. Either one would be good.


  8. Rodd says:

    Dominic Zamprogna for the win, followed by Bradford Anderson. Very strong performances on a constant basis.


  9. Lori says:

    Dominic Zamprogna – General Hospital should win for his stand out performances this year. If, I had another actor it would be hands down Michael Mulney.- ? for his role as Adam Newman on Y &R. Sadly, the events prevent him from qualifying.


    andrew hass replied

    If Michael Muhney had been eligible i think he would be in the Lead Actor category and not Supporting Actor.I hope Bradford Anderson wins but GH has a 40% chance the winner will come from their show.


  10. Michael says:

    Eric Martsolf most definitely


  11. Joel says:

    1. Bradford
    2. Eric
    3. Steve
    4. Scott
    5. Dominic


  12. dawnhaze says:

    I like Scott Clifton (Liam) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) but I hope Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) wins this award. He is such a delight to watch and I love his character.


  13. Derrick says:

    Don’t care for GH. Either Steve, Eric or Scott!!!!


  14. Michael says:

    Bradford should win this year.


  15. Dan says:

    Based on the scenes submitted, I would say Bradford Anderson should win. Loved his performance in that episode. That was really some of the best work he did during his entire run on GH. I thought Dominic Zamprogna could have submitted something better. That was kind of just a basic scene of a conversation between Dante and Sonny. Scott Clifton was also very good. Steve Burton and Eric Martsolf didn’t do much for me.


  16. Sand says:

    JASON THOMPSON (GH) Patrick should have been in this line up – he’s had an amazing year in front burner status – Steve Burton shouldn’t be in this line up at ALL!


    Sand replied

    OH…lol I forgot my choice would be Eric!! -


    Chris replied

    Jason Thompson is in the leading actor catagory


    Chris replied

    and my choice Eric as well

    andrew hass replied

    Jason Thompson is in the running for Lead Actor.Also someone can’t be nominated in 2 different categories in the same year.


    KansasGuest replied

    Jason Thompson is nominated in the Lead Actor category this year.


    Sand replied

    ohhhhhh ok I hadn’t seen the list for Lead Actor – Thanks everyone for filing me in – YIPPPEEEE! – Jason deserves it!!!!

  17. Beth CP says:

    In my perfect world it would be a tie between Dominic and Bradford. Both did excellent work with material that, for this viewer, was aggravating in terms of twisting characters to fit the plot put together by this particular headwriter. Kudos to both for their stellar efforts. At present, I miss Mr. Andersons’ presence on GH, but am glad that he is free from this mess of a show.


  18. Beth CP says:

    @ Sand-Jason Thompson is nominated in the Lead Actor category.


  19. Izabel says:

    MM.. Adam should have been nominated and would have won hands down- Yes, he respectivly pulled himself out but I really wanted to see him win.
    I still want to support Y&R so i’m gonna say Steve Burton for DYLAN ( Didn’t really follow him as Jason on GH but know he apparently did better?). Anyway, loving his song “you killed romeo”!


  20. Jeff says:

    Bradford Anderson for me.


  21. Mary SF says:

    Again using my tied and true method that the emmy goes to the best crier and or expression of anger I would have to say it is a toss up between Bradford and Steve. Dominic teared up but not much and he didn’t yell. Eric expressed his anger well, but he only had one tear– and it looked like the kind the makeup department gives you. Scott had that one scene that was outstanding for anger, but his tears weren’t as impressive as Bradford or Steve’s– so out my two leading choices I think this might be Bradford’s year. If he fails to get the nod, it won’t be because his performance was lacking, it will be because he was on the wrong show–he might get snubbed simply because GH has been snubbed in major areas.


  22. PatF says:

    Clifton…but he won last year.


  23. Sarah says:

    Bradford, Dom or Eric


  24. 4everDAYS says:

    I love this category because all the performances are rock solid!!! It is a very close competition!!! And the winner is…ERIC MARTSOLF!

    #2. Bradford Anderson
    #3. Scott Clifton
    #4. Steve Burton
    #5. Dominic Zamprogna

    I tried to be objective.


  25. Jules says:

    Blake Berris.

    Oh wait…..


    scyren replied

    God I love him.


  26. Nikki says:

    I’m still extremely sad that Blake Berris was not nominated in this category, he had one of the best performances in 2013.

    I’m rooting for Bradford. I’ve never been a particular fan of him or Spinelli, however, in the past year, I believe he earned this nod. He gave a very strong performance. Dominic turned in a great reel, as did Eric, though, albeitly, I think he had better moments to choose from, so I wouldn’t be surprised, nor sad, if they won.

    I’ve always loved Scott Clifton and I think he’s a great actor, but I believe that his reel was a bit overshadowed by Don and Jacqui. But it was still great, so who knows.

    I still do not understand why Steve Burton was nominated. I’m sorry. I know he has some very passionate fans and, obviously, he’s loved by JFP and his co-stars, but I don’t understand how his one-note performances are nominated against other’s who show a bit more range, versatility, and raw emotion. His acting is very forced to me, very mechanical.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Blake could still be nominated next year im certain…and im still hoping he returns to Days as his identical twin brother Rick Fallon!!!


  27. Tom says:

    A tie between Clifton and Anderson. I liked Burton as Jason QUARTERMAINE, but every time I try to watch Y&R, it’s just Dylan standing around looking dumb/confused/dazed.


  28. Patrick says:

    #1 Eric Martsolf : he just has not let up…. since his star turn with Eileen Davidson…. going from being in love…. to anger… to relapse…. and now funning it up with Theresa… and not giving a danged who in Salem…. crusades … love to see how he is so over the charades of do good… he can handle it….I have fun with him . I’m certain with Kristen coming home… fireworks, mayhem, charged amped up testosterone MANIA… YES… currently, I hope he goes back to Theresa… as this will only bring more drama… with Eve as well.

    #2 Bradford Anderson : I loved his scenes at the hospital, when he found at Georgia was his…. the betrayal of Maxie… and learning he’s a father… was terrific…. now that he’s not on the show… it kinda lessens my wanting him to win.

    #3 Dominic Zamprogna : I have been affected by his performance…. what person doesn’t want Dante, as husband material… ooh la la… more than that… all the pre-requisites… desired…. and he’s got it all.

    APB : all points bulletin… I’ve loved how much Dante has taken hold and fired up his being in Port Charles…. he really amps up Sonny’ part of the pie…. since the biggest blunder of letting go Kelly Sullivan…. by the current regime… it’s thanks to Dominic Zamprogna that he’s carrying a big part of GH. he’s a father… loving it

    #4 Scott Clifton : kudos to him for making a name for himself… the emmy panel seems to like him… he certainly splashed in GH. I don’t watch B&B. I don’t think he’s a wasted spot for more deserving… just should not win this year

    #5 Steve Burton : watching him on Y&R makes you realize… just how good he was on GH… by being their… and NOT talking…. his solid take on GH was worthwhile…. now he has to ply his craft and ACT…. I don’t see it…. he’s lucky he’s got Ray Wise for a dad.

    Pre-Nods who didn’t make the cut

    DAYS : Wally Kurth : Justin
    DAYS : Blake Berris : Nick
    DAYS : Greg Vaughan : Eric

    Lucas, Stefano, Victor should be mentioned… ALL the men on DAYS stir

    I have to give these three props… who made the pre-nom… LOVE their work

    I so want EM’ Brady to WIN…. I’d be just as celebratory if DZ’ Dante took it home.

    tough category


    daring sally replied

    Burton works with what he’s dealt. He is a darn good actor regardless of what anyone says. I love his cool laid back style. When it’s time for him to shoot for the rooftop he can do it. He’s a very versatile actor and I want him to win.


    scyren replied

    I agree with you.

  29. Omar says:

    Its finally Bradford time!!!! He should win!!

    He really had the best reel.

    Emmy blue panel judges are conservative ( or lazy) and always stick to the same formula, so it gives Clifton the edge.

    Martsolf has a good chance too!


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