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7 November 14th, 2014 Watch the Replay: Peter Bergman & Eileen Davidson CBS Connect Chat Kicking Off Peter’s Silver Anniversary With Y&R!


Daytime Emmy winner and fan favorite Peter Bergman is celebrating this month his 25th anniversary with The Young and the Restless playing the one and only Jack Abbott!

To kick-off the festivities, CBS Connect hosted a live event chat this week where fans on Twitter using the hashtag #AskYR posed questions to Bergman and his long time scene partner and on-screen sister, Eileen Davidson (Ashley)! During the chat, Peter revealed what he remembers of his very first day on the set, and then both he and Davidson reveal their most challenging or difficult storylines.  Peter revealed it was the “Keemo” storyline where it seemed odd talking about Jack’s years in the Vietnam war, while balancing him being in the boardroom and in corporate business at Jabot!

Eileen said one of the more difficult stories for her was Y&R creator Bill Bell’s classic storyline where Ashley has a miscarriage and then follows it up with a nervous breakdown.

One of the fun moments of the chat happened when a fan asked Peter when he will get a Twitter account, as right now the Newmans have a higher Twitter count than the Abbotts! To which Bergman replied, “As soon as hell freezes over I’m getting my Twitter account!”

Watch the entire video replay featuring Eileen and Peter after the jump! Then let us know …  do you agree with Eileen and Peter’s selection of the stories that they liked the least?  What is your favorite moment from their chat? Comment below!

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  1. Monica says:

    Wow, 25 years?! I remember when he was Cliff on AMC.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    So do I. I loved him in that role. I love him is Jack too.


  2. Kim Huck says:

    Sharon, Ashley, Jack, Michael and Kevin are all my Y&R favorites for yrs :)


  3. Claudio says:

    I love peter Bergman, he is a wonderful actor. Peter is still very good looking for his age, he is 61 years old. Eye candy lol.


  4. Mark says:

    Ayy Eileen! What are you wearing? Love the flag but that shirt has to go! Kristen not Ashley wouldn’t be caught dead in that! Maybe Susan.


  5. richard says:

    Peter Bergman does not age. Hence, he’s one of the best looking men on daytime tv. Sexy doesn’t always mean shirtless. He has such a charisma about him. Hard to believe he’s in his 60′s!! He’s sexy as hell!! I would date him and i’m 30!!!


  6. Ghlover says:

    In 9months kristen will be back


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