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20 May 21st, 2013 Watch The Younger Actor Daytime Emmy Nominated Performances! Who Should Win?


As On-Air On-Soaps first reported yesterday, is getting you ready for the 40th annual Daytime Emmy telecast on June 16th which airs on HLN!

Throughout the next two weeks, the website is posting the nominated performance reels for the first time! Now, you can watch the reels just as the blue-ribbon panels who voted did! Today, they have posted the reels in the Outstanding Younger Actor Category!


Watch after the jump, Days of our Lives nominees: Chandler Massey (Will) and Freddie Smith (Sonny), and The Young and the Restless nominees, Max Ehrich (Fenmore) and Bryton James (Devon).

Then, let us know who you would pick as the winner from the performances?


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  1. Ces says:

    No one is better than Chandler Massey! Hands down!


  2. jimh says:

    And the winner is: CHANDLER MASSEY!!!


  3. mo says:


    He’s gotten some great material and done wonders with it. His acting is so nuanced.


  4. Blake says:

    Chandler Massey for sure.


  5. Patrick says:

    “…and the Emmy goes to” – Chandler Massey.

    geez! I miss his scenes with Grandma. it takes your breath away to see him then and now… blossomed… full grown almost. about to be a parent.

    Sonny – it’s nice to see him being acknowledged for one of DAYS BEST stories in such a long time. has to be a complete set to pull this all off.

    not having seen Fenmore…. He surprised me… where is all this cold chilly demeanor coming from…. I was watching this offspring of Michael and Lauren … and, he surprised me.

    Bryant – eh! uninteresting… till the end, when he was genuinely smiling and Neil, had that father/son hug.


    Ces replied

    I LOVE Sonny & Will!!! My favorite couple on this show :)


  6. su0000 says:

    Everyone will want their favorite to win, no matter who is better than the other it comes down to who loves whom ..
    that is how the emmies have always been.. it goes by peoples favorite tastes, likes and dislikes, not the actual acting qualities. etc..


  7. Marie says:

    My vote goes to Bryton James though he won’t win.


  8. Dmitri says:

    I can’t decide between Freddie and Chandler! Both are so talented!


  9. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Chandler Massey has this one this year. His scenes opposite Deidre Hall were some of my favourite during the re-boot. And I miss them interacting. And her home? Miss that, too!


  10. IowaMan says:

    no question: Chandler Massey


  11. Derrick says:

    It looks like Chandler Massey has this one!


  12. Caitie says:

    It’s great to see so much young talent in soaps – all are credible performances. However, one actor really stands out in this group – and that is Chandler Massey – definitely my pick in this category for the Emmy win.


  13. RICKIE says:

    Judging the scenes by themselves, this one is hard to call. Chandler Massey cries well; Bryton James captured the elation beautifully, but missed out when expressing worry; and Max Ehrich shows potential, but these scenes were just too Disney Channel. I’d have to go with Freddie Smith. The scene, though simple, was straight-forwardly played and the actor’s approach was a mix of honesty and delicate trepidation.


    Patrick replied

    Nice call -

    great take on Freddie Smith.

    Honestly, i’m torn between Chandler and Freddie…

    and… given how long these two have been on DAYS… and are “real”ing – still – to this day… both beautifully delivering a vital storyline… that is wonderful to watch and share.

    i’m elated, ecstatic, and grateful that NBC/Sony/DAYs chooses to share a gay story… it’s romantic – loving – caring… all the elements of what we know to be unlike ourselves…

    simply put… we all have the same emotions.

    Freddie Smith is the foundation and solid force alongside Chandler…. they both agreed and heard about “all” that extra baggage… drama… being Sammi’s son.. and then some.

    I revel and marvel whenever we get to see Sonny’s parents… Justin and Adrienne are the epitome of parents any child deserves.


  14. janet says:

    Chandler Hans down. This is from someone who has shut the show off , but this guy plays Will from the heart. My heart went out to him and his pain. D.Hall did a great job in these clips also.


  15. heidi says:

    For me it is only between CM and FS. Both were very good performances! Chandler’s had so much more depth and range and sheer heartbreak. Freddie’s was quiet and almost effortless… but filed with restarined emotion. I would be happy with either winning though…. I think Chandler deserves it if it is not a tie! I miss the relationship between Will and Marlena and wish they had more of those great scenes with the two of them.

    All of them should be proud of their performances and their nominations! There are some great talents coming! Best of luck to all!!!


  16. Leanne says:

    I want Freddie and Chandler to tie!!!


  17. cr says:

    Chandler Massey has the strongest reel and Max Ehrlich is a spoiler. Days should take younger actor again


  18. 4everdays says:

    FS-enough said


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