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19 August 23rd, 2014 WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: GH’s Jason Thompson, Nancy Lee Grahn & Kelly Monaco Do The ALS Bucket Challenge!


Now this is pretty brilliant!  If you didn’t catch General Hospital star Jason Thompson’s (Patrick) ALS Bucket Challenge video yesterday, we have it posted right here at On-Air On-Soaps.

In the video, Jason (sans beard) walks out of the General Hospital studios into the parking lot where he tells the camera that he decided to make a donation to ALS and forego the “Bucket Challenge” part, because he always looks so good after a day at GH in hair and make-up!

Naturally, the set-up was a spoof, and just when you least expect it none other than Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) douses Thompson with a bucket!

But that’s not all folks! Then Nancy gets the bucket of aqua from high above where he on-screen daughter Kelly Monaco (Sam) is perched on top of a car raining the water down on La Grahn!  And then the hilarity continues from there!

Watch Jason, Nancy, and Kelly’s ALS Bucket Challenge after the jump!  Then let us know, if you thought it was one of the best soap star “ALS Bucket Challenge” videos?

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  1. connniemac says:

    how adorable is that! clever, clever, clever.


    Brandis replied

    I Loved that!


  2. lovesam1122 says:

    I have watched it several times, love NLG’s expression and her chasing KeMo down the parking lot. It was great fun and made me laugh


    KansasGuest replied

    Me, too. Also proves that Kelly Monaco’s wardrobe is 80% black in color. Goodness, does she ever wear anything else – even in the SoCal heat?


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Whats the point…lol


    su0000 replied

    to make themselves look stupid by doing stupid stuff..
    I can see 7yr olds having fun doing that….

    Ohh well, I’d never stop anyone from making a fool of themselves they are too much fun to watch haha..


  4. su0000 says:

    That is stupid .. (just write a check ..


  5. Bonnie Lee says:

    Now that was fun!


  6. Virginia says:

    It was cute, that’s why some of the actors are so dear to us. They don’t always have to be made up looking perfect , etc.


  7. jeremy says:

    Lol that was cool and funny :)


    cathy replied

    That was a good one I had a feeling something funny was about to happen to patrick.


  8. Sly says:

    The best one yet.


  9. Naomi says:

    Excellent guys!! Love to see people outta their element doing something towards a good cause.


  10. janet says:

    that was funny. First time in a while GH gave me a smile. Figures it would be the actors and not the characters. good job.


  11. Linda says:

    I loved this –3 of my favorite stars from my GH–great job! Keep running Kelly.


  12. Brandi Robertson says:

    That was funny. Nancy’s face was priceless Kelly got her good! And pooor Jason just walked right in to it


  13. Maureen Murray says:

    Hilarious! They are so funny together. Their facial expressions were great. I loved it!


  14. July says:

    I actually had to watch it again. I couldn’t stop laughing at the hair and makeup looking good line that I missed it. When I watched it again it was hysterical. One of the better ones.


  15. brenda says:

    This is the best one I’ve seen yet. Maurice Benard’s was pretty good too.


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