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40 May 22nd, 2013 WATCH Younger Actress Daytime Emmy Nominated Performances! – Who Should Win?


Continuing the extremely gratifying ability for fans to check out the nominated reels and performances that were submitted to the blue-ribbon panel for contention in the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, has posted today the The Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series category submissions.

Check out the selected episodes below and work of nominees: Kristen Alderson and Lindsey Morgan of General Hospital, Hunter Haley King of The Young and the Restless and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood of The Bold and the Beautiful!

After you have reviewed, let us know who you would pick as the winner! The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on June 16th only on HLN direct from The Beverly Hilton Hotel  in Beverly Hills, California!


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  1. RICKIE says:

    Judging the clips alone (I have no affinity to any of these actresses or shows), I would have to say Kristen Alderson (GH). Hunter Haley King’s reel is really more about Michelle Stafford’s performance; Lindsey Morgan is surprisingly good, yet pales to Alderson; and Jacqueline Macinnes Wood displays the widest range of emotion, yet her performance is overshadowed by a badly overwritten scene.


    RUBY C. replied

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy B&B for the winner. Still mad they don’t have Sharon case for best actress. That MCE who plays Chelsea and Avery Y&R better NOT win. They really are boring


    Michael replied


    I agree, Hunter’s reel is more about Michelle Stafford as Phyllis than it is about Hunter as Summer. She made a colossal mistake picking those scenes for her Emmy reel. So, with that said, I don’t see Hunter winning at all. I think she’s the one with a very, very long shot to win. As for Jacque Wood, I only got through maybe 3-4 minutes and I didn’t care for her reel at all. While someone said that she showed the most range, it was a blase scene for me. I saw it on TV and even I didn’t think it was Emmy worthy material then and I still don’t now. I didn’t even bother watching Lindsey Morgan’s reel as I don’t know her all that well. With all of that said and having watched Kristen Alderson’s reel, Kristen is very much in the driver’s seat to win the Emmy. The one who could possibly beat her would be Jacque Wood.


  2. jimh says:



  3. Gillian says:

    Jacqueline MacInness Wood.


  4. Paul8148 says:

    I think it close between Wood and Alderson, with Morgan possible spoiling. King gets outshined to much by Michelle in her reel and does not standout.


  5. Nikki says:

    Even after watching the reels, I’m not sure why Lindsey Morgan or Hunter King were nominated, however Jacqueline Woods and Kristen Alderson are incredibly talented actresses and both their reels are extraordinary. But, I have been a fan of Kristen Alderson longer, I grew up watching her and being dumbfounded over the many years she was overlooked for these awards and as such, I have to root for her this year. :)


  6. Caitie says:

    My vote goes to Jacqueline Macinnes Wood for the wide range of emotion she portrays in these scenes.


    Robert replied

    Wide range??? Are we watching the same clips? The dialouge alone was a snooze fest and her delivery was slightly monotone and sorry boring. The background makes her look like she is delievery an outstanding performance, but she was just ok.


    Caitie replied

    Hmm – I’m not really sure why you chose my comment for response when others mentioned range as well. However, I will add to/amend my original comment with the following (also mentioned in other comments): I preferred Jacqueline’s acting in these reels because it was subtle and felt real and effortless … and, for me, was the one I felt most deeply. Sometimes, the greatest depth of feeling comes in quiet, nuanced scenes like these.

    Now I would place Kristen’s reel second … but her performance did not create the depth of emotional reaction for me that Jacqueline’s did. But, of course, we all react differently – as we should.

  7. Michael says:

    Kristen Alderson.


  8. Dan says:

    Kristen Alderson’s reel was far and away the best. She’s been long overdue for some recognition of her work, and I think she’ll get it this year.

    Lindsey Morgan’s reel was also very good. I was critical of her nomination when the names were announced, but now I can see why she made it this far.

    The other two were also good in their own way, although I’m admittedly not familiar with either of their work. I would say this should be a GH category on Emmy night.


  9. B&B Fan says:

    Kristen Alderson


  10. mmc says:

    all good actesses…but i vote for JMW of B&B….


  11. mary surdynski says:

    I thnk the winner should be Kristen Alderson she is awesome


  12. Barry says:

    Kristen Alderson is the WORST actress, how Valentini managed to buy her a nomination is beyond me.


    Robert replied

    Disagree 100% Barry!


  13. Joel says:



  14. MEG says:



  15. Robert says:



  16. memphisbelle says:

    I loved the clip from B&B (Liam and Steffy) Jacqueline M Wood was mesmerizing. Hunter Haley King (Y&R’s Summer) was played to perfection – both Jacqueline and Hunter ran the gamut of emotions in their clips. Kristin Alderson has one range and her mouth twisting drove me crazy. Lindsey Morgan is a great actor but she should have chosen a reel that displayed a wider range of emotions. It was all one-note.


  17. Jan says:

    Kristen Alderson!!!!


  18. STILLtheone says:

    Oh my goodness! Go Jacqueline Macinnes Wood!


  19. Cubsfan3 says:

    Definitely, Kristen Aldersen. She’s wonderful.


  20. Ale says:

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood should win, she’s an amazing actress!!


  21. Tricia says:

    I’m loving Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood EMMY reel, its a TRUE WINNER. The array of emotions she displays effortlessly is outstanding. He performances are never forced and I hope she wins a well deserved EMMY this year.


  22. Brittney says:

    I’m liking Jacqueling Mac Innes Wood in that reel and I’m hoping she win that EMMY for YOUNG ACTRESS this year. The actress did a wonderful job delivering an outstanding performance. GO JMW!!!!


  23. bubbles_gyal says:

    Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood has really done a remarkable job delivering such a wide range of emotions. I had to watch that reel two more times. She definitely has what it takes to win that EMMY this year.


  24. Nikki Winton says:

    Love Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s reel. Lots of close-up where we can see all her subtle changes of expression. Her eyes are so expressive. So talented, she deserves to win!


  25. Shawn 29 says:

    Jacqueline Macinnes Wood all the way!! She is an awesome actress. Very talented and an outstanding performance. She is a leading lady to me.


  26. Patrick says:

    Kristen Alderson – Cole and Hopes’ dying scenes are forever etched in my memory banks… Starrs’ performance was gangbusters’. Period. what a way to make an entrance. thereafter… it took me awhile… to get in to her and Michael.

    Lindsey Morgan – it wasn’t till Trey’s death did she start delivering… if this was her acting debut – and with big shoe’s to fill… ie: recast… i have to agree with Rickie… she surprised me… as well. you know.. now that she’s gone… if this is an acknowledgement.. on how tough this business is… then take this Lindsey and go from and learn….you all deserve a shot.

    Jacqueline McCinnes Wood – who hasn’t been in that position… before? having to say goodbye – for better or worse – take your losses and gain ??? freeing – all for the best – literally… “chasing” each other. it showed some maturity? the bob hope angle was a lil’ cheesy… considering how young they are… if B&B still has this fan barrage of tiredness… over this trio… writing is half the battle… and I thought she – Jacqueline – showed some growth.

    Hunter Haley King – woah… the tight skirt and stockings were screaming, harlot? mixed bag of emotions… isn’t she emotionally charged…. ?!?! where are you going Summer? talk about needing to be steered by either her Mother or Father… and it looks like Phyllis is seeing her likeness? a child who loves both her parents.. it’s not all magic kingdom.

    i actually don’t have a real preference… but… since.. I watch GH… I have to give this to Starr… Kristen Alderson… it would seem like she’s a child star.. who’s been acting.. just as long as them all… so… kudos to her for achieving this much… and continuing on with her career. her emmy reel… was timeless… classic… heart rendering… I’ll cry everytime I see this.


    p.s… I watched yesturdays GH epi… ie: Tracy slapping Luke… “if I wait till the rest of my life, till my last breath”… I’ll wait for my true Love”.

    wow! watching Joe Scully, Jr… with Kristina… I can’t help but know… that was GH’s loss… as he could have been Tracy’s knight and shining armor.


  27. mo says:

    Jacqui Mac of B&B!


  28. tru says:

    My vote goes to Jacqueline Macinnes Wood


  29. BonnieJ says:

    I do not get these reels they are so long. I do not want B&B but was intrigued by Jacqueline’s reel it seemed so real. Also the only one without screaming! But overall these seemed like a snooze fest for all of them.


  30. nessmes50 says:

    This award is definitely looking great 4 Kristen Alderson.This part she played was fantastic,her emotions were real,and I cried along with her..Kristen I am praying u win this award, bcause after all these yrs.playing Starr Manning, u deserve it…Good Luck 2 u..


  31. janet says:

    Kristen Alderson gave by far the most moving performance. Hunter ‘s mouth moves weirdly so I had trouble watching her scenes . The other two OK. But I can see from watching these, why some people win. If you only judged by what they submitted, I agree. I have had trouble in the past when some names had been called Now I see why.


  32. heidi says:

    For me it’s only between two KA and JMW. When I was watching B&B… SF and JMW were my faves. I got so very tired of the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle to the point of disgust that as much as I like her and think she will be acting for a long time and is such a beauty… I was not looking forward to watching it again… but she was good! I think she may have had better last year… but maybe not all in one episode.

    KA did well and based on the reel she will most likely win. KA tends to overact sometimes… but these were nicely done. GH is my fave and I would love to see her win for my show and for her work.

    Congratulations to both KA and JMW and I will be happy if either wins!!!


    Nikki replied

    I feel the exact same way, Heidi. I am pulling slightly more for Kristen, but I think Jacqui is also incredible. As long as it is one of those two lovely ladies bringing home the gold, I’ll be happy.


  33. cr says:

    Kristien alderson hands down or Jacqueline macinnes wood, the other two do not have a prayer.


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