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8 January 3rd, 2012 Wayne Brady to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful!


The Bold and the Beautiful will welcome Let’s Make A Deal host Wayne Brady for a clever crossover on the Wednesday January 18th episode of the series.

In story, Pam, (played by Alley Mills) enlists Nick, (played by Jack Wagner) to join her as a contestant on the CBS game show.  And in doing so, she wants to get the attention of host, Wayne Brady, and so the duo don some interesting costumes! Then on the Friday January 20th episode of Let’s Make A Deal, Jack Wagner appears as himself.

Wayne Brady told CBS Soaps In Depth, “It was a great gift for us  having Jack Wagner appear as part of a prize for that day’s show. And a nice thing for B&B as well, to have both shows do this type of crossover.  Jack was great. The man is a stage vet, so there’s never any worry about him. He went out and did it like a pro.”

Make sure to catch both B&B and Let’s Make A Deal to see how this all plays out!

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  1. Heather says:

    What’s with all these soap killers trying to make up with soap opera fans?

    First, you’ve got Gordon Elliott asking All My Children fans to give The Chew a chance. After we’ve got The Talk inviting Michael E Knight and other AMC stars on their pathetic View-wannabe retarded show. Last month, we’ve got Dr.Jennifer Ashton blabbering about how nothing will ever replace One Life to Live. And now we’ve got this Guiding Light killer making an appareance on The Bold and The Beautiful.

    It looks to me that these bigwig network executives are starting to realize that they do need soap opera fans after alll for their new junks shows to succeed.


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    You got a point there Heather…. But that also means that you are watching these other shows to know all that.


    Iakovos replied

    I agree with you, Heather. The webs are ready to give the soaps the heave-ho yet want their stars to grace their flagging replacement programming in a rating ploy. Why did they not do some of that earlier this decade? Or give their soap talent some exposure in guest roles in primetime?


    Heather replied


    I don’t watch any of these crappy shows. I got all of theses informations here on Michael Fairman Soaps. I love Michael E Knight, but I wouldn’t be caught dead watching The Talk even if soap operas actors are appearing on it. I will never, and I mean NEVER, watch a show that replaces a soap opera (even if it’s a soap opera that I never watch such as As the World Turns).


    Steph replied

    I totally agree 100% with this!! Don’t the networks get it?? As a Guiding Light fan, I am insulted that Wayne Brady is going to appear on the Bold and the Beautiful!! The networks really think they can cancel our shows and then try to pimp these replacement shows to get us to watch those? No way!!


  2. barbara t says:

    I dont watch lets make a deal,I dont care who is going to be on it,And Im not watching the chew or the revolution,where did they come up with these stupid names ?Im going to find something else to do in the 2 hours I use to spent in pine valley and landview,and Its not going to be on the view the chew and that other show ,I want to relax and watch my soaps not hear a room full of women clapping over some stupid recipe or a flower pot in the middle of a kitchen table,I know how to cook so abc stop insulting me with your crap reality and talk shows.And heather I agree with you about dr. jennifer ashton,I dont think a headshrinker belongs on tv ,If I need a doctor ,Ill make an appointment to see one.apples and oranges my ass.


    Heather replied

    It would take a fool to believe one word of what Ashton said about One Life to Live. Aston doesn’t care a finger about OLTL. She’s just trying to cater OLTL fans to get them to watch her moronic show.


  3. Doe says:

    This should be hilarious. Wayne is great and so talented. Jack has been before many audiences when he was singing. Alley will be very interesting to watch. Can’t wait to see their costumes!…..


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