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7 July 30th, 2013 Wednesday: Live Tweet Along With All My Children’s Brooke Newton!

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/MaxPhotos

Tomorrow July 31st, you can watch this week’s episodes of All My Children on Hulu, episodes #46 and #47 with Brooke Newton who plays bitch on wheels Colby Chandler, but who has shown great compassion for her long time friend Cassandra (Sal Stowers)! Will this bad girl continue to show a softer sidem or continuing her maneating ways?

Join in the party and the fun as Brooke will be up on Twitter live-tweeting at @brookenewton with the official show site of All My Children @allmychildren tomorrow at 5PMPST/8PMESt time!   You might just get a comment or interaction response from Brooke!

What have you thought of this week’s episodes of All My Children? Share your thoughts below and watch them again tomorrow with Brooke and AMC!

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    Really, Brooke is an excellent actress who plays her part well. Not sure if I want to see her go completely good, but showing her compassion at the right times is a pleasant change. Shows she is human after all. As far as AMC? It’s as good as it’s always been (if not better). The current storyline on sex trafficing is yet another we should all learn from. Sal is playing a part beyond belief and deserves an award for it. I think AMC will do just fine as it always has. I’m still a huge fan!


  2. su0000 says:

    I do not believe many OL and AMC fans tweet,,
    Most fans are older and they don’t know how to tweet..

    When/if the twitter gets bust then PP grabbed a younger audience..

    Brooke is doing a great job!! She is talented!! I see her going far ..


    Sandy replied

    You’re right, I don’t know how to tweet but I want to learn. I will not give up my soaps because I haven’t learned yet. Young and older audience- PP needs both. No worries.


    su0000 replied

    Some TV shows, when airing, can get 1000′s of tweets during a show because their audience are younger and know how to tweet and often use twitter..
    When our loved soap actors hold a tweeter session there are few tweets.
    sad :(

  3. Johnny says:

    I think Brooke Newton is doing a very good job in the role of Colby Chandler. I’m glad that she is portraying the character as being more than a manipulative flirt, as there should be many dimensions of Colby’s personality traits depicted. In a way I guess Colby takes after her mom, Liza, and in some ways after her grandmother, Miriam.
    BTW wasn’t the character of Miriam Chandler suppose to re-emerge by now?


  4. jas says:

    I think Brooke Newton is as good as the previous Colby’s. She is also extremely pretty and reminds me of the young Lana Turner. Anyone else notice that? Her compassion for Cassandra was, I thought, very real and I tho I don’t like the character they have turned Colby into, kudos to Ms. Newton for a fine acting job.


  5. jas says:

    forgot to mention that I think I know who is offering $10k for Pete. believe it will turn out to be Billy Clyde, who will then turn the date over to Pete so he can take Celia out. He looked very sly eavesdropping on Pete describing how much he cared for Celia and how she continues to reject him. sat there w/a wry smile. really think I’m right about this one.


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