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12 June 5th, 2013 Wednesday’s All My Chiildren: Pete and Celia Have Their Own Troubles! The Hunt For Cassandra!


On Wednesday’s episode of All My Children on Hulu and iTunes: Opal gets a surprise visitor, but she’s not thrilled to see who is on her doorstep. While in New York with Pete, Celia’s visions grow more intense. Just as Pete tries to uncover what is wrong, his attention is swayed to a televised press conference that could change Cortlandt Electronics forever. After feeling like an outsider with classmates at Jane’s Addiction, Miranda finds comfort in a new friend. Jesse, Zach and Lea chase a lead they have in finding Cassandra. But is it too late?

Are you digging Pete and Celia?  The sex-trafficking storyline?   Miranda’s teenage angst?  Let us know your thoughts and watch today’s AMC after the jump!

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  1. Beth says:

    I am very much NOT digging the sex trafficking storyline. I need it to end ASAP. I know the acting is top notch but that’s not a good enough reason to tell a story that disgusts me. I also think Pete is getting too much airtime. I don’t buy that he’s this business mogul. I wish AMC would stop introducing new faces to the show. We know Colby Chandler although she’s been played by many different actresses over the years, but I’d prefer if they brought back recognizable faces playing recognizable characters. I keep hoping and wishing. I’m not giving up on AMC but it sure needs to improve.


    Johnny replied

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head, Beth – it really, sincerely needs to improve and there is too much, Waaay too much time on Petey or “Pete” – the actor portraying him is not strong enough acting wise to keep us that interested – it’s understandable that they needed a new J.R. Chandler since Jacob Young wasn’t available, but the show seems a shadowy shell of what it used to be. They need stronger writers and they need to retrieve some familiar faces and by that I don’t mean drudging up Billy Clyde from 90 years ago. I don’t mean to dwell on the negative, but the show really does need improvement.


  2. jimh says:

    Stopped watching…didnt mind sex trafficing storyline but it seemed to drag too long!


  3. gino soriano says:

    i have lost intrest in all my children. 2 days a week. not good enough. prospect park will cancell one life to live and all my children soon. mark my words. days of our lives is the soap i like right now. good storylines kristen brady will sunny. yes they can act and lots of good drama. even if susan lucci does come back to all my children the soap will die again. poor writing. the actors are making peanuts in money. they are desperate for work. bravo michael knight who played tad martin. he knows the soap wont last. why bother coming back. good for you michael


  4. AJ says:

    Thank GOD for Colby! Colby’s arrival is exactly what this show needs.. somebody that’s going to create CONFLICT! Everyone’s is so damn nice to each other, it’s sickening.. with the exception of the sex-trafficers, they aren’t nice to the girls. Colby getting in there, causing some trouble.. stirring JR up, trying to take Chandler from Brooke, and coming in between Celia and Petey is gonna create for more intriguing storylines in the future. AMC could of had something with JR, if they had him take the steroids to heal faster.. would been nice to see him screw up and be a drug addict and try to hide it.


  5. Johnny says:

    Am I “digging” Pete and Celia? I don’t know, somehow, I thought there would be more to the new ALL MY CHILDREN than this. I love reliable stand by’s Angie and Jesse as played by Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams but the storyline with Cassandra needs to come to a close. The people of Pine Valley don’t seem inter-connected, the absence of key core characters is badly missed – the resurfacing of Billy Clyde seemed unnecessary to me – if the shows were shown on a daily basis, there might be a chance for us to grasp a sense of continuity but right now the episodes seem disjointed and vague in a strange manner.


  6. c l h says:

    Are you digging Pete and Celia? Love them individually, just have to see as far as the couple thing goes.

    The sex-trafficking storyline? Not a bad story because all my favorites are involved. Just wish they would find Cassandra already so we can see her deal with the fall out.

    Miranda’s teenage angst? I’m in my fifties and have watched soaps for over 45 of those years. I have never really been able to get attached to teen story-lines, but I have to say I am loving Miranda and AJ. Just shows what happens when you actually get teens that can act in the roles. Good casting job!!


  7. heidi says:

    Pete and Celia are the best thing on the show! I can’t stand the sex trafficking story line and will be happy when it ends. AJ and Miranda are a bit much. I am getting very close to giving up on AMC and OLTL… waiting for them to get good.


  8. stomies says:

    I’m not feeling Pete and Celia, the lack of chemistry is way to obvious, it seems Pete and AJ (who needs to bring it down a notch with the over acting) are not very believable (IMO) when it comes to romancing the girls. I also think the casting of JR is so very very wrong, he looks about the same age as Dixie.


    Johnny replied

    I know, that part of it is ridiculous beyond words, the actress who plays Dixie is in her very early 40′s and the current actor (who’s ever so slightly boring by the way) playing J.R. Chandler is in his late 30′s – if anything they look more like sister and brother. You are also 100% correct that the young actor playing AJ over-acts every chance he gets, which is pretty much all the time. I also agree that the chemistry between Celia and Petey just isn’t there –
    maybe Petey should hit on AJ…well at least it would be interesting LoL.


  9. Penny Friday says:

    I agree with the odd casting of JR who looks the same age as Dixie (his mother).
    I have also said on another blog that he looks like Cliff Warner (could have brought him in as Cliff and Nina’s son; which would make him Opal step grandson,
    Would have really liked to see Jacob Young bring JR back (but take it down a notch and not be so arrogant and beligerent to everyone. I thought his cockiness could step back a little.
    Anxious to see Brooke get more air time with Tempo….
    Where is Adam; why is he not around; when is he coming back?
    What happened to Michael Nader (Dimitri Marick)? He was supposed to have been on Monday’s show. Be cool if he came back; then Edmund Gray came back.
    Would love to see the “old Trevor Dillon” come back. I know he was killed….but he could still be brought back! He was awesome.


  10. Tim Dillon says:

    As heart wrenching as it is to watch, Cass’s story is definitely the most interesting. I love that it is giving a handful of the vets interesting story as well.

    The bratty Miranda storyline would be more interesting if it wasn’t for this watered down version of Bianca. I understand the whole Mona=Bianca & Erica=Kendall thing, but Bianca hasn’t been such a doormat in several years. She put Erica in her place many, many times. If the idea is that she is still mourning Marissa too deeply, they need to snap her out of it quick. It’s a huge waste not giving Eden Riegel more to do than be a punching bag for Miranda. TPTB must have something in store for Jane. I’m guessing she’s a future love interest for Binks.

    A.J. and Miranda are only likeable about half of the time. I don’t really want to watch the love story of two whiny, spoiled rotten, rich kids.

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing Winifred. I really hope PP will do what AMC never did and give her her own story.


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