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9 May 22nd, 2013 Wednesday’s All My Children: Celia Nightmares! Billy Clyde Tuggle! AJ Juicing?


Wednesday’s episode of All My Children on Hulu and iTunes was jam-packed once again with many plot points and stories propelling the show forward.  Let’s take a quick look and what you have seen today, or might check out later today!

If you have not seen the episode SPOILER ALERT below:

Celia has a very ominous childhood nightmare while in bed in with Pete.  What does that mean? Will Celia and Pete finally grow closer though?

Meanwhile, AJ is given steroids by a fellow student to inject to help him improve his arm strength to land the starting pitcher spot on the Pine Valley High School baseball team. Will AJ begin juicing to get ahead?

Cara and JR seem to grow closer! Will they become more than just therapist doctor and patient?  Billy Clyde Tuggle continues his charade, but who side is he really on? Will he help Jessie and Angie find Cassandra? Or, is he out for number one? What will happen when Dixie Martin sees him again, after he tried to rape and kill her years ago? Vlad and Yuri learn Cassandra was a bad choice, and that is putting it mildly when they kidnapped her and made her part of their sex trafficking ring!

Watch today’s episode of All My Children below! Then let us know what you thought of it!

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  1. su0000 says:

    AJ (perhaps) using steroids/juicing is touching on something all parents should be aware of, many are not aware that it is done within the younger age group and not just by professorial athletics .. and the others as AJ who many be thinking of juicing, as to the outcome/consequence of do it ..
    … Agnes is back to doing what she does best, making the public aware!


  2. Johnny says:

    Well, he may try using Steroids, but we will never know at the rate the shows are being shown I will be too old to care -


    Troy Turner replied

    quit complaining. Complainers like you are PARTIALLY responsible for the cutbacks anyway


    Johnny replied

    Just how the Hell do you figure that? I’ve watched every new episode – maybe it’s people like YOU who are partially responsible – don’t f— with
    me okay -

    Troy Turner replied


    All I heard from fans for 2+ years is that they would accept AMC/OLTL in whatever format given just as long as they were back. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case now, does it? While there are legitimate reasons for PP’s cutback decisions, the bottom line still remains that if people watched 4 days a week–they’d still be on that schedule-and yes, the complainers are responsible for that. Some fans need to decide RIGHT NOW whether they truly want these shows to survive, or whether all this is just talk. I know which side I’m on, do you?

    Johnny replied

    All right Troy, you’re entitled to your opinion. I’ve watched all the shows (even One Life, which I’m not crazy about) to support the reboots. I watched each show, each day, I didn’t “save them up” for one day, so I don’t know what PP means by their statement. Yes, I truly want the shows to survive, but really any one can see, there are problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed writers soon.

    Kayla replied

    BINGO!!! Agens Nixon did change writers for BOTH shows. Unfortunately those storylines will be maybe 5 + weeks down the road!!

  3. Troy Turner says:

    AMC is BRINGING it. Sex trafficking, steroids. Agnes would be proud


  4. Wil says:

    I’m loving AMC! Thank you Agnes. The show hasn’t been this good in years!


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