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12 June 19th, 2013 Wednesday’s All My Children: Is Dimitri Celia’s Guardian? Can Jessie Keep His Family Safe?


On Wednesday’s All My Children, although Cassandra returned home to the Hubbards and landed in the hospital to recover from her injuries from the sex-trafficking ring, she has a tough road ahead of her.   Dixie is set to be her counselor and Cassandra’s doctor seems to have some issues with Dixie, but is it really love at first sight? Meanwhile, Lea is continuing her investigation as to just how Cassandra ended up a the Hubbard doorsteps, while Jessie gets a very threatening and ominous call that could destroy his career and hurt the rest of the extended Hubbard clan! Will Jessie be able to keep his family safe?  Angie is very thankful to Dr. David Hayward for saving Cassandra. Will this duo finally grow closer and become more than friends?

Dimitri Marick (Michael Nader) is introduced to Celia who becomes the new intern of “Talk Tempo”!  But is Dimitri really the never-before-seen (that we know of) guardian of the young girl that has been talked about from day one on the relaunch of AMC?

JR keeps glaring at the steroids he took from AJ, is he intending on using them for himself to help his rehabilitation go faster?  Cara misses her little boy and seems to find some solace in hanging out with JR!   Opal is stunned when a relator propositions her to sell Cortlandt Manor. Initially she is adamant that she has no intentions of moving. However, when she learns Pete has rented his own place, she has a change of heart.  And wait till you see who the new owner of Cortlandt Manor is!

Watch today’s episode of All My Children after the jump! And then let us know what storylines are working for you? What are not? What was your favorite moment on today’s episode? Do you think Dimitri is Celia’s guardian? Weigh-in!

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  1. clh says:

    I was wondering if he would turn out to be her guardian. When he left the show he received a phone call shortly after Gillian died. I always thought it had to do with her. I don’t wonder if she was pregnant when she passed and he took the child “Celia” back home to take care of.


  2. Lisa M says:

    I think Dimitri is the Celia’s guardian because of the way he was looking at her.


  3. Paul8148 says:

    today episode was good, but I lost my cherrios when they show david and cobly making out in the previews.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    The Koslovs kidnapped the wrong young woman. Colby would fit right in with their business.


  4. Dee says:

    Ok, stylists..what’s with Lea’s 2″ false eyelashes. What cop/investigator would wear those?


    Alex replied

    And she “woke up” with full hair and makeup including smokey eye shadow. FBI issue, of course. ;-)


  5. su0000 says:

    I have no doubt that Dimitri Marick is Celia guardian/father..
    It is logical..


  6. susan M. says:

    Colby is a tart!


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    I agree susan m, I can come up with another word to call her but I wont LOL


  7. Johnny says:

    The chemistry between Zach and Lea is just not really there.
    She’s one cop who doesn’t have a clue.
    There is also marginal chemistry between Petey and Celia.
    This show really, honestly, sincerely needs some better scripts. Also, they
    need to bring back Michael E. Knight as Tad Martin and Susan Lucci as
    Erica Kane. On yesterday’s episode, Opal actually MENTIONED Erica Kane
    and that she had spoken to her, when she was greeting Dimitri. Let’s hope that’s
    a sign that Erica will return to Pine Valley.
    Without Erica Kane I think Pine Valley is more like Death Valley.


    Sandy replied

    Zach and Lea are not a match made-in-heaven. Not even close to what Zach and Kendall shared. I hope the writers will not make Zach the father of Lea’s baby-bump as she progresses over the next 9 months with her real pregnancy.


  8. Val says:

    I’m just praying David doesn’t get a STD and/or isn’t trapped by a baby by Colby! UGH to everything Colby and UGH to David taking her to bed after he delivered her AND had an affair with her mother! :(


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