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12 May 29th, 2013 Wednesday’s All My Children: Jesse & Zach Close In On Finding Cassandra!


On today’s fast paced jam-packed episode of All My Children on Hulu and iTunes there is plenty of action and storylines to go around!

Billy Clyde Tuggle (once again played brilliantly by Matthew Cowles) does his own type of undercover work in regards to the sex-traffickers.  Is he truly helping Jesse find Cassandra (Sal Stowers)? Or, is he setting out to double-cross him? Meanwhile, Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Lea (Paula Garces) come across some heartbreaking evidence of what has happened to Cassandra which Jesse happens upon in a touching moment by Daytime Emmy winner, Darnell Williams as Jessie Hubbard.

Elsewhere, you can tell that AJ (Eric Nelsen) is finding it tough going with his dad, JR (Ryan Bittle) and the high school bad boys.  Will he succumb and start shooting up anabolic steroids?  And, Celia (Jordan Lane Price) is continually haunted by visions which are extremely disturbing to her, while Pete (Rob Scott Wilson) gets the shock of his life, when David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) publicly announces his new medical breakthrough and alliance with Cortlandt electronics!  That piece of news sends Pete in to a tirade!

Watch today’s All My Children after the jump! Then, let us know what you thought of i, and what is your favorite story currently being played out on the canvas?

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  1. Lin says:

    I am totally loving AMC. It is fabulous. Not so much for OLTL which has too much emphasis on the very young, too much coarse language, objectifying people’s bodies etc. Dani says women choose the man with the best body, etc. I love the show and will continue watching. I love the scenes with Bo and Nora, Viki and Clint, David, etc. I’m hoping with the new writers it gets better. I will remain a dedicated fan, but hopes it will get better.


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    I agree with you LIn, I love OLTL the most, but to much time is spent on the young and at Shelter, I will continue to watch and hope the new writers change everything and let us spend more time With Vicki and Clint, Bo and Nora And David and Dorian, Todd, Natilie, and maybe bring Roxi back. AMC is great.


    Lin replied

    I totally agree. I hope the PTB read Michael’s column. I’m with OLTL all the way, but am checking my email during a lot during scenes at Shelter or young peoople drinking, etc. Totally agreed.

  2. Beth says:

    I am not a fan of AMC’s sex trafficking storyline. Even if it has my faves in it like Jesse and Zach, this story is hard to watch and I want them to find Cassie and end it ASAP. I also wish the kids wouldn’t curse as much. I love AMC and I want it to succeed but it has a way to go with the writing. Maybe the new head writers will do better.


    Sandy replied

    I too do not like the cursing with the young kids. It is a turn-off with me along with the sex scenes that occurred in the beginning of the start-ups. I wish more of the veteran actors would return- waiting for Greenlee and Kendall. Is there any hope for them returning?


  3. SteveS says:

    I’m loving the new AMC, but I agree that the Cassandra story needs to end soon. I really like how they’re continuing the Chandler family legacy of screwed-up parenting with JR/AJ and AJ & Miranda are the best young couple on this show in several years. I also love watching David scheme and I thought it was brilliant how he set up Opal & Pete to either accept his deal or look like they’re breaking their word after his press conference. And I’m intrigued by Celia’s backstory; I just hope the change in writers and shorter airtime doesn’t mean it gets stretched out too long.


  4. Tori says:

    I am uncomfortable with the sex trafficking storyline but it is an important issue going in the world. I have no issue with the salty language being use, I feel it gives the shows a realism that is refreshing. kara is being a fool with J.R. and she will get what she deserves down the line. She knows full well if she falls in love with him it would destroy David and cause him to do something horrible.


  5. Johnny says:

    I’m sorry but they need to end the sex trafficking storyline already – let Cassandra be found, we need to know who the heck Cassandra is to really, really care about her. Those two actors with their atrocious “Russian” accents, please — write them out quickly. My cat could do a better Russian accent.
    This is the second (or third) actress to play Cassandra and she is doing a good job but we need to get to know her on a more everyday basis. The writers had her kidnapped and tied up and most of us were trying to remember who she was -
    I can see why they are going with new writers, the show is good but needs improvement for sure. I will be watching the Wed. episode tonight, I do enjoy AMC (OLTL, well, it also needs some work) and I hope both shows succeed.


  6. Scott says:

    I never cared much about Cassandra but now even though we haven’t gotten to know her in more “normal siuations”,I DO care.


  7. janet says:

    AMC is pretty good right now. This from someone who had shut the show off. I also do not like the sex trafficking story, End it. Love Jesse though have since he ran away with jenny. Billy Clyde has returned. The man is certifiable. But funny. he is a pimp. but If I remember when he first came on he wasn’t much better than these Russians. remember Donna, and the stores. I like the show so far.I like Miranda and AJ.I missed the part where he returned, how exactly did they explain that? Shouldn’t he be in jail. David oh well I guess you need a villain.


    Johnny replied

    Dr. David Hayward served five years in Prison for the attempted murder of J.R. Chandler. J.R. was in a coma for five years. I think the “five year” jump has been a “hurdle” for the show (pun intended). When they struggled over the gun, the gun went off and Marissa was accidently shot. I did not care for the way they explained the shooting, it was very non-dramatic and not clearly depicted. I think they did the best that they could, with the actors that they could secure. The fact that certain “key” and “core” characters are absent in my opinion hurts the show. ALL MY CHILDREN does not have the dramatic pace or feel to it that it had when it was on abc-tv, it just doesn’t, but I think they are doing the best that they can. It almost fills more like a “spin off” of ALL MY CHILDREN. Well, I will continue to watch the shows on-line but I have to say that I miss Tad Martin, Erica Kane, Jake Martin, Krystal Carey, and other characters as well. The new actor playing J.R. Chandler is doing the best with what is given to him however I did prefer the more manipulative J.R. as played by Jacob Young. These comments are just my own overview of the show, I am aware that others here do not necessarily agree with me.


  8. Sandy says:

    Love watching Zach, Angie, Jessie, and David. Wish Cassandra would come home; she is playing a super part in her role of being a victim.


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