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32 April 6th, 2013 “Welcome To The Nurses’ Ball” Available On iTunes! What Did You Think Of Part One Of GH’s Big Musical Event?


Yesterday’s episode of General Hospital finally kicked off the return of The Nurses’ Ball! And what an entrance with that showstopping opening number, where nurses’ Sabrina (Teresa Castillo,) Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Epiphany (Sonya Eddy,) sang and dance their hearts out!

In an extra bonus for GH fans, the opening number to the tune, “Welcome To The Nurses’ Ball” was not only a part of the GH 50th anniversary celebration, but it is now available for purchase to download on iTunes!

And what an episode day one of the Nurses’ Ball turned out to be!  From the fantastic opening number, to Lynn Herring’s loveable emcee Lucy Coe and her already myriad of costume changes) to Sabrina and Patrick (Jason Thompson) going to the ball together and sharing their first kiss, to Spinelli’s  (Bradford Anderson) rendition of “She Blinded Me With Science” sung to Ellie, to Anton Ivanov (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) dance routine, to the episode’s finale of Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) singing “All I Need” to Felicia (Kristina Wagner), the first part of the Nurses’ Ball, was touching, festive and wore a big heart on its sleeve for all General Hospital fans.

Watch the “Welcome To the Nurses Ball” opening number after the jump, and let us know what you thought of it? And, then tell us, what was your favorite moment from part one of The Nurses’ Ball?

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  1. Cathy says:

    Loved it n got my copy!


  2. Gerry says:

    To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the opening number. I found the lyrics too generic. While I didn’t think we needed a “General Hospi-tale” styled rap, I would have preferred something that really honored the show’s 50th anniversary. That said, I loved the episode overall. I found Ellie and Spinelli’s version of “She Blinded Me With Science” inspired. Sam’s dance number was great. I could have done without Mac and the dummy, but Frisco singing “All I Need” added a nice nod to the show’s history. The drama surrounding the show (Carly and Brenda’s food fight, Patrick finally kissing Sabrina, and the mystery person Lucy spotted in the dressing room) all left me dying to see Monday’s show.


  3. Mark says:

    Loved the first official day of the Nurse’s Ball. It’s always fun to see the actors perform outside their normal roles!! I was blown away at Bradford Anderson’s beautiful voice! OMG!
    Personally, I thought the first number was atrocious! Very high schoolish, appropriately ‘written’ by Molly.

    My only real surprise was that the whole hour was nothing but performances from beginning to end. One continuous musical performance after another. It’s not a criticism, it’s just what I thought the show was about.

    LOVE that Sabrina has finally become the swan she is, with help from Felix of all people, and Patrick has taken notice. They will make a great couple.

    Can’t wait for more.


  4. 10261991des says:

    Yay!!! Can not wait to see this..Plus hoping the 3 from OLTL is not going to drag anything else more out…With Robin it sure did…We want to stay on the air :) ))


  5. Alley says:

    I’ve read a lot of criticism on the message boards, but I, for one, loved the Nurses Ball episode. This used to be a GH staple and I thank FV/RC for bringing it back. You can’t please all the people all of the time, but this longtime GH fan was in heaven.

    Although I know Felicia should and probably will choose Mac, the All I Need moment was freaking amazing. And Sam and Anton’s dance was awesome as well. Love Lucy and her wardrobe, and I couldn’t help but bust out laughing when Brenda aimed that dinner roll right at Carly’s head. Alexis looked incredible and Maxie’s dress was gorgeous.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the ball.


  6. jp says:

    Loved it! Way to go General Hospital.


  7. jimh says:

    I didnt see Sabrina in the opening number? Sabrina seemed more mature after her makeover and in scenes with Patrick. Bradford Anderson(Spinneli) should have the staring role in the musical stage version of ‘The Little Shop Of Horrors’…i kept picturing him in the lead of ‘LSOH’ during his musical number with Ellie. I forgot JW sang…’All I Need!’ it felt strange hearing him sing to his realife ex kristina Wagner at first but it wasnt the first time two ex’s in the entertainment industry worked together including daytime…AWs Tom Eplin (Jake) and his ex Ellen Wheeler(Marley) performed on AW at the same time! Enjoying the nurses ball IMMENSELY!!!


    jimh replied

    The opening number shouldve spoofed GHs almost cancellation! We would see the doctors and nurses suddenly overrun by characters dressed like gangsters with a Fronsish type wealthy corporate leader threatening to take over the money loosing hospital, runned downhill by a heartless and ignorant cheif of staff named Dr. Guza Phelps, and replace it with a revolutionary new fitness center. But a Superhero with the initials FV and his trustful sidekick RC come to the rescue, throw out the gangsters, the Guza Phelps cheif of staff, and send that Fronish type businessman packing, then they return the hospital back to the doctors and nurses making the hospital vital again while the docs and nurses dance to the song ‘Celebration!’


  8. su0000 says:

    It was ‘all’ awesome!!
    I can hardly wait to see more of the Nurses Ball, Monday!!

    ABC/D and FV&RC and ALL the highly talented cast and the crew, did an great job on reviving the Nurses Ball…



  9. Debbie Harris says:

    I Loved the 1st day of the NursesBall episode from start to finish!! Cant wait for the next day if it!!


  10. Missy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed part one. But, I can’t wait for part two, as I can’t wait to see the finale with Rick Springfield and see if Robin returns from the dead……Part of me really wants her to come back, but the other part wants Patrick to move forward with Sabrina…..


  11. tarlyfan says:

    the show was awesome. Every single act was great, except the dummy duo.


  12. heidi says:

    I loved the show!!! Favorite part was when Patrick and Sabrina were together before the ball. I am surprised to say that I really liked the Jack Wagner performance and how well it fit with the storyline… Felicia was fabulous! I liked it all!!!


  13. BeckyZ says:

    I know I’ll be in the minority here that I was disappointed. Obvious lip synching at times. Spinelli/Ellie number was stupid; ditto the opening lyrics (even tho they were supposedly written by a 14 year old). All the hoopla overshadowed the build up to Patrick and Sabrina getting together. All that being said, I did enjoy the show. Hoping for better on Monday.


  14. utah says:

    I love the fact that the Nurses Ball is back. All of the acts are dear to me and i love to see everyone on the show having a great time. I just wish that GH would have changed their THEME MUSIC because the show ( after 50 years) needs a great opening and closing credits. The cast and crew deserve their names to be put on TV


  15. MK says:

    Didn’t care for the Opening number, it looked akward and unpolished compared to over openings in the past. I felt the the absence of Alan, Edward, Tony, Em, Amy, Audrey, and Robin. Loved Spinelli’s number. JW singing ;All you Need’, was great but it was originally sang to Frisco ex turned sister in law, Tania! Perhaps, Lady of my Heart would been a better choice. Of course, ‘All you need’ was a Top 10 Hit in 1984.


  16. Judy says:

    I thought the Nurses ball and red carpet was great! Can’t wait till Monday to see you Lucy see! Kinda hope it’s not Robyn because I love Patrick and Sabrina together!


    jim replied

    I think its Robin at Lucys door…but shes either brainwashed or Dr.Britt pulling a Faison/Duke and is disguised as Robin to keep Patrick and Sabrina apart. Im hoping its the latter if km isnt coming back full time. If it was the ‘real’ Robin why would she do that to Lucy instead of just rushing in to the NB to her family? I like Sabrina and at first didnt want her to do the makeover but now she seems more mature and grownup, and i too kinda like her with Patrick…the chemistry seems to be growing between them!


    Mary SF replied

    My guess is that it is Richard Simmons at her door and he is furious at Lucy, so he takes off with all her dresses and she has to go on stage in her underwear- because from what I gathered that is what happens at every ball- Lucy ends up in underwear.

  17. jimh says:

    ‘GH is about a hospital; we all have our favorite doctor and nurse! But when Guza/Phelps took over, Port Charles fell under a dark curse! Gangsters replaced our favorites, nothing now seemed the same! Gunplay replaced love and romance, driving us fans insane! Ratings started to fall, making us devoted fans wondering, if GH would even see its 50th at all! Then came in a new regime, who turned the show around, saving our soap from cancellation, and proving soap hater Brian Frons is a dafi clown! Now i dont miss one episode, i watch GH everday! I hope ABC is truly committed and that GH is here to stay! I know my song sounds real corny but thats just who i am! And for those who do not like it ‘Well, frankly, i dont give a damn!’ lol!!!


  18. Marnie Williams says:

    I miss Friday’s own but to what i just read i will not miss it on monday


  19. Rodd says:

    I really enjoyed it. As I watched it, I was struck by how organic the acts seemed to be. None of them (other than Kelly and Maksim’s dance number) seemed too professional and slick and that’s how it should have been. (Spinelli & Ellie’s number was pretty close, though.)These characters are nurses and doctors, PI’s and bar tenders. Only Frisco/Jack Wagner sang on the show and in real life. I thought the performances were great and understood where each tied into stories. Cannot wait for Monday’s show!


  20. ces says:

    Frisco singing to Felicia or Jack singing to Kristina made it for me!!! Loved this and the look on both their faces. Can’t wait to see Rick Springfield sing on Monday.. Patrick kissing Sabrina was sweet too.. Jason Thompson is damn hot!




    AND SHE IS SEXY!!!!!!






    Ces replied

    ME too!! Kelly Monaco is so gorgeous and deserves a storyline again. I miss Michael easton so much because they had awesome talent — hopefully whoever he plays, they will be 2gether! Maks is HOT! love them.


  22. jim says:

    Mary SF your guess that its a furious Richard Simmons at Lucys door and she ends up in her undies…again…does sound logical. What would be funny is if he locked her up in closet with something to eat…like a cooked duck! lol! Then he replaces her as emcee in one of her dresses! lol!


    Mary SF replied

    I can’t believe I got that right- or at least partly right LOL. I’m fairly new to the show, but I’m starting to get hang of how the writers think on this show. I liked your idea of Richard coming out in drag would have been a hoot- too bad it didn’t go that way. But did enjoy seeing all those hunky men in their skivvy’s — made my day.


    jim replied

    Now ill guess Britt is pregnant and will reveal her baby bump to Patrick by opening up that coat she is wearing so protectively. Somehow i feel she is carrying Dante and Lulus surrogate baby so she can claim its Patricks and by luck, for Britt, Maxie either got pregnant at that right moment or Britt was clever enough to get a sample of Spinnelies baby donor supply, and made certain Maxi was pregnant to pass that one off as the surrogates!

  23. susan M. says:

    I really don’t like the way Richard Simmons is avting toward’s Lucy! He got fired from the
    Nurses Ball . Holding Lucy captive in the dressing room for the Ball is mean & nasty! He
    is so mean! He is acting like a 2 year old because he didn’t get his way!


    susan M. replied

    Richard is acting like a pyschopath!


  24. Catherine says:

    I loved the show, have since I was in high school, and really love seeing all my old favorites back. I’m trying to figure out how it’ll all turn out though, will they finally end some of the old worn out relationships and let the characters move on, or will they make the same choices (and maybe they’ll be for the best). I think we all kind of want to see Luke and Laura together again, but I think there’s too much water under the bridge. I’d like to see Felicia finally with Mac, Anna back with her man, and I really like the love story developing between Dr. Drake and Sabrina as much as I loved Robin. Its time for these two. And as much as I like Spanelli’s red head, I miss the obvious chemistry with Maxie (I’m so so glad she’s back!). I’ll be watching however it turns out and I love the story with Luke and Laura finally tying up loose ends with Helena. that’s why I’m sort of hoping they can move on, besides I don’t think Genie’s coming back full time and that’s the issue with bringing back all the past characters. On a last note, does anyone else agree that there’s no way that Wagner was singing live, I listened to the old recording and its the same high pitch which just can’t be how he sounds in his 50′s (still looks good though!)


  25. DORIS HENDRZAK says:

    being a fan since the beginning of gh – i enjoyed this so much; seeing all the old ones come back,, and seeing new ones also. i really enjoyed Emma and Sabrina number. i just loved every bit of it, and hate to see it come to an end. Emma is so precious!!!! i hope gh never gets cancelled!!!!


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