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29 October 26th, 2017 Wes Ramsey Joins General Hospital!

Photo: WRamseyInstagram

More intriguing casting news this week from General Hospital! 

Wes Ramsey has been cast in the newly created role of Peter August.

Ramsey, who is known to soap audiences for his role as Sam on Guiding Light, as well as Days of our Lives and on the digital drama series, Venice, will begin appearing on the ABC soap in a key November sweeps storyline.

Look for Ramsey to show up on the November 14th episode.

As fans have witnessed over the last several months on social media, Wes is currently dating GH’s Laura Wright (Carly).  Will Carly and Peter cross paths in story?

The talented actor took to his Twitter feed after TV Line exclusively revealed the casting news today stating: “An exciting new chapter!!!”, and “So thrilled to finally be able to share this!!! Port Charles is a dream come true!!! #grateful

So, what do you think of Wes joining GH? What type of character will he play, and who do you think he will be linked with in story? Comment below.

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  1. Jimh says:

    Who cares anymore…come on GH…where is Empthany? Alice?..Lucas , Brad and Felix…why get rid of Dylan and Hayden?..lets see more of Laura and Kevin…’loved it when laura had a gun and taunted Valentin!!!…well, at least its GL and not a former OLTL actor-lol


    rose replied

    Jimh…I have come to the conclusion it is GH in name only.


    Max Daddee replied

    Well said, Jimh. GH should have a revolving door out front. Sadly for the good ones they unwisely let go and for the new ones that dock for a while. It’s ridiculous.


  2. Tomas Torquemada says:

    I won’t pretend to claim I watched every epi of GL but I couldn’t remember him. There’s a reason. Both wiki and IMDB have him at less than ten episodes. Blink much?

    I wish every actor well. So I’ll do the same hear. But it’s not the return of Tom Pelphrey, is it?


    blake replied

    I wish Tom Pelphrey was on a soap again. He’s too talented and handsome not to be.


    Lou Piikes replied

    Sam was Olivia Spencer’s brother. I think he was on GL for more than ten episodes.


    Jovin replied

    No. He played Olivia’s brother for almost 2 years and returned for guest spots too. This is going back 17 years, mind you. I like him as an actor. I had NO idea whatsoever that he was dating Wright!! Viewers have spoken…..they do not like short term stunt casting that goes nowhere. Why not look at the canvas, and see some holes that need filled, and THEN bring in some of these bigger name actors? For instance, Lucky is gone. This actor is in that age range. Lucky is a character viewers WANT to see, and is a character that CAN be successfully recast. Same with Nikolas.


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    IMDB is wrong (as it often is, unfortunately, in regard to soaps–and it wasn’t that way in the early days, so I don’t know what happened). WR played Sam, Olivia’s younger brother, for about two years, on contract, circa 2000. It was when Claire Labine was the head writer. Sam was part of the teen set at the time and involved in a triangle with Marah and Tony. After GL, he did some independent movies but then sort of disappeared (or maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the right sources of information), other than Crystal Chappell’s web soap Venice.

    He’s one of the better actors to have passed through GL’s revolving doors through the years. For me, it’s actually better than the return of Pelphrey, who never made that much of an impression on me, but I acknowledge I’m very much in the minority on that. (I just never saw whatever it was that made people rave about him, not on GL, and not in his brief time on ATWT at the end, either, though nobody deserves to be judged by ATWT’s last couple of years.)

    (On that note: anybody know what Mr. Pelphrey has been up to? I did expect to see him on nighttime TV or in movies based on how strongly people reacted to him, but he too seems to have disappeared.)

    I wish Ramsey were on a more interesting show than GH is to me right now, but I’m glad he’s getting work and is back in daytime, and there’s always the possibility GH will get new headwriters (though I guess it’s always going to be the Sonny and Carly Hour, regardless of headwriter/executive producer, as ABC seems to be sold on that concept).

    I thought Laura Wright was married, but maybe I misunderstood that, or maybe she was and isn’t any longer.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Ack, the kids. Never pay much attention.

    Thanks for the memory jog.

    Jovin replied

    Laura was married for many many years. I believe she divorced in 15 or 16. Regarding your comment of them being “sold on the concept”….I totally agree, and isn’t it sad? I am loving the show actually right now, even though it has actually come full circle back to the Guza/Phelps vision of the Sonny/Carly/Brain Damaged Murderer Jason. I don’t get it. Fans have LOUDLY proclaimed their dislike and disdain for that version of GH. Message boards are there for people to read, and you can’t tell me that the powers that be don’t read them, so WHY is the show steadfastly marching to the same drum? Will Sonny EVER pay for a crime? Any crime? Will Jason ever get his moment to be furious at Sonny? Sonny ruined his life as he knew it!

    sonniorsolita replied

    Wes Ramsey was a contract player for several years on GL and on way, way more than 10 episodes. Wiki and IMDB are flat-out wrong. He played good guy Sam, an aspiring journalist who worked at the local newspaper with Holly. He was the younger brother of Olivia (Crystal Chappell) and tried unsuccessfully to keep her on the straight and narrow. He was in a love triangle with Marah (Reva’s daughter) and bad-boy Tony (Jordi Vilasuso). Marah, of course, went for the bad boy and broke his heart. He’s a fine actor, very likable and watchable.


  3. k/kay says:

    I tell you old Frankie runs actors thru their like I was a kid again at a cattle auction !!!!


    JK replied



  4. su0000 says:

    Never seen or heard of the guy..
    but! he has a great body so I’m fine with him..

    I like new characters.. they always bring secrets and new stories and change things up.

    the recent characters added seem to be short stay..


    Matrice Carmack replied

    noooo Sonny and Carly must stay together. this guy will ruin things!!


    Celia replied

    Hey, su,
    Never heard of him either…I looked him up. What a hunk!! He looks sooo young!!
    There’s a picture of him with LW. I thought he was her son. HaHa……not that much age difference; but, he does not look his age. Very youthful appearance; comparatively speaking, that is.


  5. aria says:

    maybe he will car pool to work w/ laura, he’s a cutie, welcome to GH.


  6. blake says:

    I had no idea Wes Ramsey was dating Laura Wright. Interesting since they were on Guiding Light together like 15 years ago (geez!) when his character Sam was interested in her character Cassie’s niece Marah.


  7. Suzie rm says:

    Another new character? Don’t care. Where are the lovely Laura and Kevin? Where are Bobbie, Mac, Scotty, Felicia, Lucy, Monica, Brad, lucas, Molly, TJ????
    Characters disappear for weeks or months at a time.


    brian replied

    people tend to do that in real life as well…….


  8. Satan says:

    I read a rumor elsewhere that they might be bringing this guy on as a Nikolas recast, in an attempt to redeem Val the Bastard from being a murderer.

    Considering Claudette – the other person Val was said to have murdered – is also rumored to be returning, this would be consistent.

    Perhaps both of them were stashed in the Russian clinic, since we know Val has some influence there…… and even if this guy is not a Nikolas recast (I don’t think they should bother with the character until Tyler is available) he might be involved with the clinic anyway, since the story there is probably far from over.


  9. Rhonda says:

    He’s gorgeous, sexy and talented but GH already has too many men. We have two Jasons and only one Sam. Lizzy is with Franco and so one of those three men will be the odd one out.
    Amy’s brother is coming to the canvas, Tamara Braun is coming back as Oscar’s mum and Brie Williamson is coming back as Claudette.


  10. Timmm says:

    “General Whosepital?”


    Patrick replied

    whoo whoo

    thank you


  11. Maca says:

    He was ok on gl but the writing was dumb at that point. Where is tom pelphrey? He was so good on gl!!


  12. Matrice Carmack says:

    nooooo dont bring him in to messs Carly and Sonny up.
    oit for it


  13. Sue M. says:

    Don’t need any new faces on GH!!! We have good actors on now and do not need newbies…


  14. Rodd says:

    I loved him on GL and everything else I have seen him in! I hope he isn’t going to be a wedge for Sonny and Carly. I wouldn’t mind him being a Nicolas recast, since I think that character is sorely needed in PC, but I also liked Nick Suble (sp?) when he finished out Nic’s story line. Hope Wes’ character is on for more than a month and isn’t involved with the Russian clinic.

    That being said, I have the feeling that GH is the show where out-of-work actors apply for bit-parts just so they qualify for their cards and insurance. They made such a big stink about the girl who played Jenna on AW being on and I think it was an Under 5 part for one day. Jimmy DePaiva’s role has developed slowly, the way a new role should.

    Again, I miss the MIA characters like Epiphany, Felix, Lucas, Brad, Max, Milo, and Alice. I’d rather see story for them than newbies. Some day, I hope TPTB listen!


  15. Rebecca1 says:

    I’m thinking he may be Oscar’s father…Tamara Braun probably his mom…both will come in contact with Sonny and Carly.


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