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16 April 14th, 2011 WGA East issues statement to ABC to reconsider dropping OLTL & AMC

Another exclusive today from who has been on top of the cancellation today of One Life to Live and All My Children by ABC Daytime President, Brian Frons.  Now comes word from the Writers Guild of America East they want ABC to reconsider their position which renders many talented scribes out of a job!

WGAE stated, “The WGAE is deeply disappointed by ABC’s announcement that both All My Children and One Life to Live will cease production. These groundbreaking shows have provided entertainment and enlightenment to millions of viewers, and have provided good employment to dozens of talented, dedicated writers. We urge the company to reconsider.”

Yes!  OLTL and AMC have been groundbreaking for decades! Let’s never forget all the good these two shows have done to raise the social consciousness of the daytime viewing audience.

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  1. George says:

    OLTL has at least one writer who has no talent, and even worse has no respect for loyal fans and viewers opinions and faithful following. She screwed up the LURE storyline in the worst possible manner on ATWT, She deserves to be out of job. That’s the price you pay for breaking the hearts of millions of fans with your stupid plots and story-telling. I hope such writers never find any work and their careers are doomed forever.


    David replied

    Her LURE storyline was so underdeveloped, but the one thing that came from it was that Van had the best performances. Also too bad she focused on Janet and other medioacre characters which wasted away the remaining time ATWT had.

    Hoepfully, OLTL can be saved. Very doubtful about such a resurrecton but let’s dare to dream the impossible! In the meantime, let’s write in demanding to keep our show and vent our dis/approval of any and all storylines!


  2. Bina says:

    I totally agree, so very sad about the lost of 2 of the most watched shows on daytime.


  3. Kim says:

    This cannot be real. These are 40+ year traditions, and they MUST NOT BE LET GO. It’s a travesty. Goodbye to ABC from cancellation on.


  4. Lauren says:

    I am 21 years old, I have watched all three ABC soaps since as far back as I can remember. Some of my fondest memories are watching these shows with my entire family. To this day all of my family calls each other up almost everyday to gossip about the drama on the soaps. I remember when Starr was 4 or 5 on the show and was able to watch her grow up into a wonderful actress on tv. OLTL is well known for getting their stories from real life situations like teens having babies, and bullying are just to name a few. They have taught their millions of viewers many valuable lessons, and it is a sad shame that this will come to an end. I am not ready to see this show go, so I hope everyone does everything in their powers to fight for our Soaps! If we can prove to ABC that we can get their ratings up then mayne they will reconsider. Call the comment lines, email, write letters, anything will help. Let’s fight to save our soaps!


    Vikki replied

    I think the fight is over, we just have to accept and appreciate that Prospect Park is taking them over


    Susan M. replied

    KEEP FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!NEVER GIVE UP. Brian Frons of daytime/disney for abc is stepping down in Jan. 2012……….

  5. jo reed says:

    why would take off two great show,s for cooking and talk show,s that every stsaion has.i,m 60 yeaer,s old and watch,ed these show,s since i was 13.i look,ed forward to these show,s everyday,but if you take these two show,s off i see no reason to watch your station any more you will lose many viewer,s because of this.brian fron, use to know what the people wants but he must lost his mind to do this these showe,s will be sorrly miss,ed not only by me but by many and many faithful vierers of wich i ,m no longer one a very sad viewer


  6. Christina says:

    This is soo depressing!!!! OLTL can be replace which is why i wont watch the show that’s in that time slot or even watch ABC for that matter. Once OLTL is off the air im finished with soaps..!!!=[ Brian Frons ruined daytime!! Congrats for being the worst president of daytime!!!!


  7. elaine says:

    i hate this decision they are putting a lot of people out of work and we have enough home imprtovement/talk shows/weight loss shows on cable. if they want to boost there viewers theyshould get rid of crap like the view and put on a good game show


  8. christina roby says:

    I urge top executives responsible for their hasty dismissal of these two shows to reconsider.Such bad decissions will only back fire as people will not watch these new shows.or at least do not.cancel both of them.such a lack of wisdom and vision executives should be ousted from their positions for doing this,inevitably mark my words this action will not gain them ratings with replacements.I won’t be watching ABC and neither will hundreds of others I know.some “enlightened person should see this and pick these shows up.they wouldn’t regret it..


  9. Theresa Harris says:

    I’m in complet shoke. I grew up with these shows, and still watch them ever day. I fell as if I’m lossing a huge part of my family all at onr time.


    Theresa Harris replied

    I’m in shock. I grew up with these shows. I fell like I’m lossing a huge part of my family all at one time. Is there any way to keep amc and oltl onair via soap net? anything to keep them on air should br considerd.


  10. maria p says:

    I grew up with these soaps. I was devastated about the news. The characters are like extended family. please save our soaps!


  11. P Pollard says:

    They are closing down soapnet in January and GH is set to go in September 2012 so frons is basically trying to kill the genre of soaps. He started with Port Charles. He killed it and if he wanted the younger viewers then he should have kept PC what with the vampire craze. What younger viewers? We baby boomers outnumber the younger generation plus soaps are multigenerational handed down from one generation to the next. I watched with my mother and now with my grown children. What about all the charity work that these stars do? And all the publications? Clearly abc does NOT know how to market their goldmine. I hear frons fancies his own show. Gagggg! Plus all this research he says he has done…I have asked many many many people from all over the world….no one they know was ever polled…what reserach…I want to see it and the sources! Thanks for listening!!!


  12. Valerie says:

    I have been watching AMC since it started. It became a part of me, watching it all this time. Fantasy plus reality is a great escape from all the issues we all deal with today. What do we need with another talk or food show. To me they are a dime a dozen, don’t watch any of them and will not watch them in AMC place. I just think about the day time soaps how they influenced the night time soaps, dallas etc. and now all of the shows on primetime continue just like a soap. mayee they should consider making it a weekly show. I will miss AMC so much. Please reconsider canceling it. I guess I won’t watch ABC anymore.


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