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32 April 30th, 2013 What Did You Think Of Today’s Second Episode Of All My Children?

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

All My Children was HUGE success after yesterday’s premiere!

The soap opera who had its return since its  final ABC episode aired in September of 2011, landed in the number one slot on Hulu and on iTunes with its first all-new episode, illustrating the popularity of this iconic soap brand, and that there is no audience more loyal than the soap fans!

Today, AMC posted its second new episode which picks right up where the story left off!  And on AMC today, there is plenty of danger, sadness, romance in bloom, and the return of Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery, Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater, and Ray MacDonnell as Joe Martin!

We had our favorites in the episode which included Eden Riegel, and Cady McClain, who once again showed us what a dynamite actress she is.   As the story plays: Jesse is scared out of his mind with an MIA Cassandra, newbies Pete and Celia are major in story, as are Miranda and AJ, and more!

If you haven’t watched the latest episode on Hulu or iTunes today, you can check it out here after the jump! Let us know how you are catching the all-new episodes? Then, tell us what you thought of today’s episode, and if you are enjoying the new AMC!

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  1. Ricky Ortega says:

    Michael, this episode was just as good as the first! So suspenseful! Leaving me wanting more!!!!!


  2. Carole says:

    Getting better! Love you David!


  3. Edna Barefoot says:

    I am watching HULU. I liked today better than the 1st one. I think the 1st was to introduce us to the new cast members. I have to learn them there are so many. Today was easier. Got to figure out if Tad or JR is in the hospital bed & if JR then where is Tad? I love the way ads are run. Just enough time for a snack break or other things HA!HA! . I have to say on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 9.


  4. Lainee says:

    Superfantabulous! Cool beans! I am loving it! I agree with a comment I read earlier…only way it could be better is to bring back Erika (I grew up watching her…), Kendall, Tad (but I think Tad is the one in the hospital bed…or maybe Jamie)…but all in all I am enjoying it tremendously. Thanks Propect Park and Hulu!


  5. su0000 says:

    I am going to enjoy the soaps on-line more than I did on network tv simply because they are modern, and so real the life; not campy soapy …

    (and I get both soaps on my TV, so no problem ..


  6. Todd Bennett says:

    Very strange–watching on Hulu Plus and the sound is off by one second from the movement of their mouths. Same thing yesterday.


  7. Llanviewer717 says:

    Loved it. Definitely has me wanting more.


  8. Carol Bryan says:

    So glad to see AMC back! Thank you to the cast that came back, you have been sorely missed!


    Patrick replied

    of the two nu shows…. it’s definately OLTL that has me 100% intrigued…

    AMC with the soras’ simply needs to get us caught up in the story…

    and they-re off to the races.


    AJ replied

    OLTL returned virtually their entire cast, w/ the exception of Starr and John.

    Most of the cornerstones of AMC are gone: Eric, Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan, Tad. Most of the stories rotated around those characters, everyone that returned are secondary characters.. with the exception of Adam.

    During the ABC run, AMC was shifting to make Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee the headliners.. and PP got none of them. That’s what the show is missing, their leads.

  9. kim says:

    It was just ok for me!


  10. heidi says:

    Thught day two was great! Good balance of everything. Getting to know these characters again and the newbies. Happy to see that both AMC and OLTL are doing so well in terms of Hulu popularity! I have been using Hulu for years and love the anytime convenience.

    Michael… do you know if they are making the necessary number of views?


  11. Lew S says:

    I just love this!!! Great to have our shows back!


  12. Gregg says:

    AMC gets kudos for coming out swinging but they are battling several ABC lackluster years and bad casting. It feels like they are going to be more 21st century As the World Turns and I hope so. We need a modern day, familial drama with soapy overbearing mothers like Opal and lots of characters staring at framed photos of deceased family members. Good Luck. I’ll try to watch. I think McPherson could be a good fit for this reboot. My only quibble is that the opening song sounds too much like Wheeler’s Guiding Light reboot opening.


  13. DidjaNoit says:

    Honestly, I am having to get used to having the show back and available on demand! I almost forgot to watch it today, lol. But I am loving it. It was just as good today as yesterday, and I expect it will continue to get better as we find out what has happened over the past five years in soap time. I need to sign up for Hulu Plus, so I can watch via my Roku on the TV, but just seeing all my old friends from AMC is wonderful.


    Patrick replied


    it’s not too different…. to log on…. go to

    and here we go…

    i watched todays epi thru TV… was a much better view


  14. Kathy says:

    Enjoyed the show. A bit too much story is given to AJ and Miranda . Teenage stories are just not interesting to me. I hope younger people are watching and liking the young story lines so I am not enduring these stories for nothing. My husband is watching AMC now and actually told me to be quiet because David is talking. This is the man that thought I had lost my mind when I cried because ABC canceled the show. We watched AMC using the iPad, huluplus and a HDMI cable to view on our television. I sure hope AMC is here to stay for many more years.


    Patrick replied

    i think we can expect that AJ and Miranda will be featured quite a bit…

    yeah, it’s trying and a chore at times for the younger stories..

    doesn’t Miranda, remind you of Erica at that age? LOL… pouty… tigress… hot about town… sooner than you know…. Bianca has a handful.

    ditto on Dr. David Hayward… if in fact it’s Marissa…. his hardened evenmoreso “soul” is fodder for his epic talent.


  15. Rodd says:

    It was pretty solid. I think I’m going to like this show. :0)


  16. susan M. says:

    To me there are more young actors than the regulars that have been on for years.. I like the story with Jessie trying to surprise Angie with a surprise visit from her daughter Cassandra. Who is missing now! I like seeing Joe Martin,Dixie,Brook,Opal,adam. And who was Dixie visting in the hospital? I have an idea but I don’t want to give it away. This
    is what I am enjoying about AMC. I am just getting back to watching AMC. Haven’t watched it in quite a while.


  17. Joliefan Forever says:

    Absolutely Wonderful! I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next episode! Love that Jesse and Zack are going to work together!


  18. Katie says:

    LOVED IT :) i only watched AMC after Lindsay Hartley started, but quickly grew to love it (i’m an NBC soap fan). Really loving the new format. And the show production value is awesome! I admit, i also love that the eppis are only 30mins. Really hope they get a good following :)


  19. Brie says:

    My thoughts: Tad is dead. JR is in the coma. And can we have some more screen time with Pete! =) Wow that guy is ripped!


    Lainee replied

    I am hoping that it is Tad in the coma because it needs more life than it has right now…Tad and/or Erika right now would be superfantabulous but for now I am just enjoying Angie and Jessie, Brooke and Adam, Bianca…taking it one day at a time…


  20. B.J. says:

    Was that Adam and Brooke’s home that A.J. entered the living room removing his clothes? Is some young cast member going to have to remove their clothes at least once an episode… no matter where they are? That was the most ridiculous scene I’ve seen in a long time, on any soap.

    I freely admit I don’t like A.J., so that may add to my reaction to this, but I really can’t imagine who or why they came up with that scene. :(

    Still hoping it will improve each day and I’m glad it’s back.


    Kathy replied

    I agree…I wish AJ would keep his clothes on! The clothes coming off in the living room was nothing compared to the nudity in the bedroom! I have two sons and they would have taken there shirt off coming through the front door and dropped it somewhere on the way to the kitchen. However, I would have never allowed a girl to just go up to their bedroom. That whole nude AJ playing a guitar was just way too much.


    Lainee replied

    I am kind of worried that since it is now online and not on TV that it will be “anything goes.” I enjoyed it as daytime TV where it was “clean.” Taking it one day at a time until I decide I cannot take the language or the lack of clothing.

  21. Patrick says:

    I have to put it out their…. right quick…. AMC was so much better.

    when the whole show… as it were.. is ALL soras’ed… 5 years…

    you have to get the stories going….

    it wasn’t even so much about expectation. it was melding newbies with original and move forward….

    whew! it’s all good….

    HECK! for this new Venture… and supporting nuAMC – Prospect Park –

    I am watching the commerials….. thank you


  22. Chris says:

    I am glad AMC is back and OLTL. Oltl has an unfair advantage of really getting its main chnaracters/actors back and their big ones. AMC really had to go down the list and the top regular characgters/acgtors are not back and the two biggest probably Tad and Erica are no where to be seen. Well at least there are some allusions to Tad but not to Erica that is sad = surely AMC could have done a photo or something maybe done something to at least hint in the grave is Erica and not Marissa or even have Bianca on the phone soothing her that she lost her fourth straight oscar. They could even hint Erica was shot and killed and heck if they can get Susan Lucci free from Devious Maids and Deadly Affairs Erica can come back as explained by the unspoken prison riot that happened around the day of the shooting. There were many escapees including Jane and it was Jane who once again took Erica’s place. But for the love of AMC please do somethign to include Erica in this show some way, somehow the show just isn’t amc – I actually am kind of sad. Sure Angie and Jesse are starcrossed lovers as usual but even they are a bit of a cliche. Cara and her brother are lovely eye candy but not rich in characgter or history for AMC. I hope Celia isn’t the new raped Erica .


  23. James McDonald says:

    I apologize for saying Erica Kane was in a coma. I wasn’t paying attention at the moment eating my hamburger while watching online. Must be someone else in the hospital bed.
    I don’t believe they have said anything about Erica Kane yet.


  24. wil says:

    My AMC is back! I love the new kids. The show has the feel of the good old days; AMC has always been family centere. I feel your influence Ms. Nixon–Werk !!!


  25. darlene says:

    I’m already hooked!


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