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16 May 1st, 2013 What Did You Think Of Today’s Third Episode Of All My Children?


The drama continued on the third installment of the revival of All My Children on Hulu and iTunes today! And as the story picked up, we learned more of the back-story of the five years away from Pine Valley that affected so many of the veteran central characters the night JR fired the gunshot at the Chandler soiree’!

First and foremost, Dr. Evil, David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) made his way back to Pine Valley and headed straight for the hospital where he realized that it was Angie (Debbi Morgan) who helped him get out of jail early!  David then learned from Angie that Cara (Lindsay Hartley) had miscarried their child.  However, Cara didn’t want David to apparently ever know what happened to their baby!

Meanwhile, Cassandra (Sal Stowers) is being beaten by Vlad (Alfredo Diaz) and held against her will, and next we learned kind of, sort of, what happened to Kendall!  Zach (Thorsten Kaye) revealed his casino business and dealings had to do with problems in his relationship, and now it looks as if its caused trouble for Cassandra!

Pete (Rob Scott Wilson) and Celia (Jordan Lane Price) had a lot of airtime as fans as fans are learning this is one of the new young couples the show is pushing front and center!

Watch today’s episode of All My Children after the jump! Then, let us know what you thought of the back-story thus far of David and Cara and Zach and the Cassandra storyline?  Are you also liking Pete and Celia? Let us know!

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  1. Torrey says:

    AMC is firing on all cylinders!! So much better than it was before. Can’t wait for the next episode!!


    Kristy replied

    I absolutely agree!!


    GertieGal replied

    I have to agree…really enjoying AMC – it is soooo improved!

    Ava replied

    I completely agree! AMC is back and has truly nailed the look & feel of Pine Vallley! Pete and Celeia have the possibility if being the next Cliff and Nina or another great AMC supercouple. Great to see Zach back, the tortured hero. Adam & Brooke are the perfect Joe & Ruth for the best generation. The actress that plays Moranda reminds Mendoza much of a young Eden Reogel when she started on the show. Can’t rave enough about AMC – so glad it is back and well written/produced.


  2. Kristy says:

    I love the pace of AMC. It has the same feel of the televised show only shorter… Loving what we have so far :D Looking forward to seeing the next eppy!!


  3. Deb says:

    I’m just over-the-moon happy to have AMC back!!! I think the story lines are heating up very nicely and I agree that the pace is just right! ;~)


  4. su0000 says:

    OLTL is is really rockin it..
    Great stories and lovin the secrets and mystery, lost love, sexy, fresh, exciting hangers everyday, best of both worlds, good and bad, on OLTL..

    ((and the Russians, very bad men. :) I’m ,likin them ..

    AMC is rockin too.. Many things are keeping me on the edge and amazed at the new..

    Both soaps are running nose to nose..

    ((I watch both, I am enjoying the change-up between them..


  5. Tori says:

    I am in love with the show more then ever. I am hoping we are not going to deal with a rape storyline right now,I think that would be to dark. I turned away when that monster pervert removed his belt.


  6. Kathy says:

    It just keeps getting better! Still needs more Martins.


  7. Brett says:

    Love it!


  8. kim says:

    AMC is a lot better than OLTL at the moment but that could change. Both are entertaining but i dont feel addicted just yet. Will watch about a dozen episodes before ill see if ill stick around. My friend Jim remains in hospital and hasnt seen them yet. My husband likes Rama and OLTL! But we both hope it gets better like it was on abc! Kelli doing best job as Dani so far…almost emmy worthy!


  9. Beth says:

    I don’t buy the explanation as to why Kendall and Zach aren’t together, not after all they’ve gone through as a couple. Otherwise, the show is very good.


  10. sandie says:

    Hoping Tad comes back,, then all will be well with the world! !!!


  11. BB says:

    So happy to be able to watch AMC and OLTL again! Great to see so many old faces (Francesca James! Joe McDonnell!) If/when they bring Tad back, my soap-watching life will be complete, lol. Loving both shows, the stories are promising, the pace is great and I look forward to watching for many more years!


  12. Johnny says:

    To me, and please don’t gang up on me, it feels like a show called “Some of My Children” instead of “All My Children”. After watching this show for, hate to admit it, over thirty years, I miss seeing Tad Martin, I do miss Erica Kane, and I miss Krystal but I realize that time has gone by, new characters have moved in, have to give them a chance. It’s ever so slightly difficult to get some real storylines moving with 25 minute episodes – I am not complaining, I love the show and the characters and I can accept the introduction of new people in town, some of it just feels a little distant to me like, here’s Adam and here’s Brooke but they don’t seem to have much to say or do so here’s Petey and obviously they are pushing him at us like crazy as he obviously will be pursuing new cute gal Celia – here’s Dr. Joe just for ol’ times sake – so far, the most intrique that I can see is who is Dixie visiting in the hospital, is it her son J.R. who may have been injured by his own gun (?) or is it Tad ~ they keep showing his photo so there must be some inside word that Michael Knight will eventually join the cast – and I hope he does, they need him and they really DO need more familiar faces – please, I love the show, have given it the highest rating on HULU PLUS, these are just observations and feelings.


    carol replied

    Johnny, I totally agree if the show were longer, maybe we could see our favorite TOP characters back. I am enjoying the pleasure of seeing Dr. Joe Martin, Adam and Brooke, Vilan David, sweet Dixie, beautiful Angie, and my favorite hilarious Opal (for starters). Kudos to these actors to be faithful to AMC and making it a HUGE Hit on Hulu (My gratitude for pulling it all together). Lets show our support by watching AMC to keep up its continuing this success! I would say “Eat your heart out ABC” and personally, when AMC went off, I tuned out. I have not watched any of those replacement shows = not even a glimpse as I am a true soap addict!
    I did get involved with Days and General Hospital,unfortunately, they come on at the same time in Tucson. Thankyou for making a semi-retired woman happy once again.


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