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3 January 19th, 2012 What happens when Cameron Mathison shows up in Wisteria Lane? Bree Van de Kamp Knows!


Desperate Housewives‘  Bree Van de Kamp lets her hair down and lands former All My Children heartthrob, Cameron Mathison in her bed in this Sunday’s new episode. has the exclusive video preview of the bedroom antics of Mathison, who plays hot-guy Greg, and Marcia Cross’s Bree,  the Wisteria Lane good girl who has picked up Greg in the wee hours of the morning at a bar.  Then, she unceremoniously kicks him out of her bed at 4 a.m. before Mrs. McCluskey can spot him. “It was lovely,” she says, “having sex with you.”  Greg likes Bree… and wants to see her again. “You’re just going to kick me out?” he asks, which is when Bree pulls the ultimate Bree move!

Watch the clip, and then let us know what you think of the set-up and if you will be tuning into this Sunday’s January 22nd episode titled, “What’s the Good of Being Good?”

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  1. david says:

    Desperate Housewives has been canceled and most people don’t care. After OLTL, I do not and will not watch ABC. I don’t care who shows up naked and has sex with one or all of the idiot housewives. I will not be trained or manipulated to support ABCD’s garbage.


    Suzi replied

    True, it has been cancelled, but I think that is one of the better decisions of ABC programming. It is a fun, frothy show for a Sunday night before the work week starts, but I never watch reruns and I never bother setting the recorder anymore. I am emotionally ready for DH to end. It has run its course well, and there is no point in moving the finish line.
    There is only one soap-like show where I do enjoy seeing recorded reruns, and it airs on abc family: Pretty Little Liars.


    El replied

    Rather hypocritical to not want a soap to end but to say that a show like DH should come to an end.

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