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4 January 22nd, 2010 What happens when Crystal Chappell slides down a pole?

Don’s miss Monday’s episode of  The Bonnie Hunt Show when Days of our Lives and Venice superstar, Crystal Chappell is the special guest! Make sure to check the shows website for times in your area!  Bonnie Hunt tweeted Chappell’s legions of fans with this twitpic of Chappell with the caption: “Watch on Monday! Crystal goes down the firepole!”  

Crystal Chappell had her own tweet on the Hunt experience, “Thank u for making me feel so welcome and loving these fans! You’re true class! Big fan Bonnie!”

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  1. VeniceRiley says:

    Bonnie Hunt, and her entire show staff, were indeed true class. Crystal isn’t blowing empty smoke here! They paused and had all the fans from twitter, of whom they invited 10 to tweet for VIP tix, to come down and take pictures on the set. Total gas. Superfun times! You can see those twitpics, including one pro and one from Bonnie’s own phone, in the timeline of @bonniehuntshow …

    This? Is how social media is SUPPOSED to work. It’s not just a promo tool to get your message out. That is where some people and shows fail. It has to be … more interactive, and more special because you’re connected in some small way.

    That’s why and how this works. It’s what makes flashmobs work. And Ms. Chappell and, apparently, Ms. Hunt “get it.”


  2. TNjane says:

    Love Bonnie Hunt and she treats all guys equal and fair so she was not goo goo with Crystal. Crystal seemed scared of the pole which is high and I expect as tight as she had her legs around it, there will be pole burns. She did a good job but failed to meet or exceed the great Jennifer Beals who twirled around it like a pole dancer.


  3. jennifer says:



  4. Otalia69 says:

    thanks a million times over to Bonnie for inviting us…love your accommodations! thanks 4ever to Crystal for a wonderful interview and for answering our questions. both ladies funny & gracious to the end as their fans can be quite demanding! L*O*VE* you both! xo♥♥xo


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