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10 July 26th, 2010 “What If” AMC’s Jesse and Angie met OLTL’s Starr? Watch the video!


Today is Monday, which means the next webisode of the new, popular, and dynamic online soap character mash-up series, What If premieres.  In this ditty, All My Children’s Jesse and Angie Hubbard come out swinging ( at each other!) while stuck on an elevator with One Life to Live’s, Starr Manning.   And, when Angie and Jesse argue about a dry spell in the romance department, Starr reminds them what matters most in life.

Watch the video after the jump with soap stars, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Kristen Alderson in this week’s What If titled: “Why Did I Get Married?”

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  1. Myles Miller says:

    Way To Go, Starr. That’s my girl!

    Great “What If.”



  2. donna says:

    i enjoy the soaps very much


    donna replied

    all my children is my all time favorit


  3. semaj says:

    love angie and jesse together


  4. Carolyn Vogel says:

    There are actors & there are actors… Jessie & Angie are the best & Star is truly a star.. I enjoyed this very much of what if…


  5. LYDW says:

    I thought the what if was cute. I love both soaps. Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams have been favorite since I was a little girl.


  6. lilyfoxylady says:

    The only what if I had like until now was the Todd & Spinelli one and this one with Starr and Angie & hubby was good very realistic finally !!


  7. lilyfoxylady says:

    Star did awesome and brought some light into their marriage ha ha lol!! Love Starr !


  8. lilyfoxylady says:

    Kristin Alderson is great!!


  9. Renee says:

    I really loved this “what if”. I have always loved Angie and Jessie and Starr did a fantastic job with them. Awesome!!


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